LogicMonitor is an extensive tool that is a breeze to implement, use, and maintain.
December 11, 2020

LogicMonitor is an extensive tool that is a breeze to implement, use, and maintain.

Andrew Rigby | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with LogicMonitor

It was deployed by the IT Infrastructure department and is now being expanded to application support teams and other specialized groups. We have deployed it extensively to monitor physical and virtual servers, critical workstations, production services, all network equipment, and some security appliances so far. We are now implementing it to monitor application servers and services, databases, and webservices for uptime and performance. I've also been able to leverage it to give me thorough visibility into my SDWAN performance.
  • Alert rules
  • Performance monitoring
  • Escalation chains
  • Netflow monitoring
  • API integrations such as Meraki
  • Network mapping
  • Provides valuable alerts in a timely fashion
  • Helps compare data points for quick troubleshooting
  • Ease of implementation saved us PS cost and FTE
LogicMonitor was much easier to deploy than other tools we've used in the past. Its interface is intuitive which saves us time and cost on training. It is also much easier to maintain than other tools. The scheduled scans with their range of configuration items help automate the regular discovery of new or changed systems.
We haven't required much support as the tool has met all our needs so far but when there is a question or issue it is resolved promptly. We have a great account management team and support compliments that well. No matter who I reach out to I seem to get timely and valuable responses/solutions.
We are largely on-prem but dispersed across 20+ corporate sites and 3 different major industries. We have a blend of several manufacturers: Cisco, Meraki, Palo Alto, Aurba, Arista, Ubiquiti, APC, Eaton, VMWare, Windows Server, SQL, Oracle, Opera, InfoGenesis, RTP, HP, Dell, Lenovo, and many others. So far we are monitoring about 1200 devices and plan to add several hundred more in the next 6 months. Our locations are spread mostly across the intermountain west but also reach toward the midwest.
LogicMonitor's design was the easiest to implement and use that I have found so far. Spinning up the main environment in the cloud was super easy and the deployment of collectors was fast. Maintaining the collectors and the database is made very simple by LM's intuitive interface and pre-configured suite of features. On-prem tools seem to cause us more headaches than they are worth meaning we don't have the time to get all their value. LogicMonitor is allowing us to grow and refine this deployment as we have time all while it keeps running at the level where we left off.
We are working to replace a few different monitoring and alerting tools to save us OpEx and time. We are a lean IT shop so every hour spent keeping tools up and running and talking to each other keeps us from actually making progress toward and larger goals. LogicMonitor has allowed us to meet our baseline needs quickly which makes it easy to then start leveraging the advanced features like automation.
I recommend LogicMonitor for ease of implementation and the simplicity to maintain the tool and database. Since the console is hosted in the cloud it was straightforward to stand up and add collectors inside our network. It doesn't have all possible features developed at this point but if you are looking for a good tool with a great team behind it to grow with your monitoring needs LogicMonitor is a solid option that is easy to use.

Using LogicMonitor

30 - IT Infrastructure Operations
IT Security
Oil Refinery Applications Operations and support
Oil Refinery Data Systems Controls Operations
Ski Resort IT Operations and support
Hotel Systems and Technology Support
2 - Need a basic understanding of your Enterprise Infrastructure. If you know how your systems work it will be easy to make Logic Monitor work well in your environment and provide almost immediate value. Understanding of network routing and security, server infrastructure, DNS, and email flow will help ensure that you can maximize the value gleaned and easily support the system.
  • Network Routing and Switching monitoring and alerting
  • SDWAN monitoring and alerting
  • Server monitoring and alerting
  • SDWAN mesh monitoring via the websites feature
  • VPN mesh monitoring
  • API integration to Meraki infrastructure
  • Database performance monitoring
  • POS application server monitoring
  • Network circuit performance monitoring
This product has met virtually all of our needs. It was easy to implement and has been simple to support. Customization has been intuitive with many options available. They keep adding features and expanding available options. The future of LogicMonitor looks even better than it is today which is very promising. The management and support teams at LogicMonitor are always helpful

Evaluating LogicMonitor and Competitors

Yes - WhatsUp Gold, SolarWinds NDM, and Cacti.
We had the same results, more or less, out of all the on-prem tools that we've used in the past. They were cumbersome to implement, a nightmare to maintain, and often not reliable enough to just be there and working when we needed them. The LogicMonitor team dragged us along during implementation. We are a small team with very little free time, and in spite of us not being very available the deployment was smooth and fast. In addition, the ongoing maintenance has required minimal time which means we can continually spend time growing how to use and tune the system to best meet our needs.
  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
Usability was the most significant. The system needed to be easy to deploy, maintain and use otherwise we wouldn't have time for it and wouldn't use it. LogicMonitor passed all of those tests with flying colors and has proven to be a solid choice considering the small size of our operational teams.
No. We went in knowing that the tool had to make our lives easier almost immediately, made that clear to the LogicMonitor team, and asked them to do the bulk of the implementation work (which wasn't much anyway). That is the reality of how our team operates and if the tool couldn't meet those needs I wouldn't want it.

LogicMonitor Implementation

The Implementation team kept us on track even when we didn't have time. They made up for our lack of focus at times and boiled everything down to simple tasks which enabled a quick deployment and an easy transition to regularly using the tool. They also kept us in a post-implementation for a while after which ensured we have multiple support options after go-live
Change management was minimal - With how easy LogicMonitor was to install we never hit change management thresholds. We only had to deploy a few servers and spend time on a few integration points for SSO and Meraki Networks. Beyond that, the configuration has remained contained to LogicMonitor itself and we work on it as we have time and need.
  • Early integrations with Meraki networks
  • Network discovery customizations
  • Structural organization inside the tool

LogicMonitor Support

Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
I would say that LogicMonitor proactively provides exceptional support by providing a high-quality product from the start and proactively resolving issues and adding features such that by the time I might have an issue it has already been addressed for me. I have required less support from LogicMonitor than for any other tool that I operate regularly. When I do need to contact support they are prompt and helpful.

Using LogicMonitor

Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Adding systems to be monitored
  • Creating alert rules and escalation chains
  • Managing users and permissions
  • Managing some systems via API integration
  • The initial design structure needs to be understood
Everything about the tool has been easy and straightforward from implementation to discovery scans, adding users, setting permissions, creating alerts and escalations, accessing devices and their gathered information, and maintaining the database of systems being monitored. The UI is intuitive and simple to learn. The features and use of them are well thought out. The capabilities are complex such that you can highly customize the system if you would like to.