Ruminate about Luminate
Updated May 22, 2018

Ruminate about Luminate

Philip Nawrocki | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Modules Used

  • Luminate Online
  • Luminate TeamRaiser

Overall Satisfaction with Luminate

We use Luminate for all our foundation fundraising. From donation forms to TeamRaiser to eCommerce, we are using Luminate across our foundation and the hospital we support. Luminate makes it easy for us to accept donations and is starting to accept more payment methods. We just implemented PayPal in the last year and will be implementing Apple Pay and Visa Checkout this year. We use the eCommerce module to handle all of our event registrations and ticket purchases. We use TeamRaiser for our 5Ks and peer-to-peer always up fundraising events. Additionally, we use the Email module extensively. It is easy to setup an e-mail to send, note, we hand-code 95% of our e-mails. The statistics you get are the main ones that you would need to make decisions going forward. It is easy to setup an A/B test or a 10/10/80 test.
  • The donation forms are easy to set up to start collecting donations instantly.
  • Getting an e-mail out the door is fairly straightforward.
  • The TeamRaiser module is great for fundraising for big events with multiple registration levels and allowing participants to fundraise on your behalf.
  • Constituent management is fairly easy.
  • Reporting needs some work, this is being worked on in their new BETA program.
  • The eCommerce module needs some work. It would be great to have more ability to customize parts of it without having to rewrite the code.
  • The Events module could use some improvements as well.
  • The Personal Fundraising module needs a lot of work. It really cannot work as needed right now. We started using TeamRaiser to handle this, but it could be great.
Before I was hired here, Benefactor was used. The decision was made to change from that because it could not handle our needs. Luminate had the most options and was a leader in the fundraising field. It has definitely helped us grow our fundraising and has all the modules in one spot. This saves us from having to have disparate systems and getting all the data into one database. In using Luminate and RE, we only have to worry about two systems working together instead of five.
Luminate is great to get your fundraising off the ground and running. A customer would easily be able to start taking donations and sending e-mails. It might take a minute to understand all the TeamRaiser options, but once a little more knowledge is learned, it is a great tool for constituents to fundraise on your behalf.

Using Luminate

30 - Marketing, IS, event managers, different departments of the hospital depending on if they are sending e-mails
5 - You need a technical background to do the heavy lifting. For the CMS you need basic computer skills
  • Email
  • TeamRaiser
  • Donation Forms
  • Event websites
  • We use API donation forms and surveys that gives us total control of page layouts.
  • We have turned the eCommerce piece into a ticketed events operation.
  • We have customized TeamRaiser to meet our needs
  • Advocacy. This is growing in today’s day and age and we will most likely add this module.
  • Events. I added this module about two years ago, but it wasn’t robust enough to do what we needed. We updated how Luminate talks to Raiders Edge and we can now manipulate the Events module
  • To do what we need. This will happen in the fall of 2018.
There isn’t much else out there that gives you a full donor picture.
  • We definitely make money, but the fees and contract costs are getting higher every year.

Evaluating Luminate and Competitors

  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Existing Relationship with the Vendor
We didn’t have an online fundraising software at the time. This was the most recommended one when we first implemented it.
There isn’t a lot of competition as Blackbaud buys any competition. So it’s hard to evaluate or even have the opportunity to evaluate other options.

Luminate Support

I get conflicting information more than I get correct information. This isn't just me, but my colleagues as well. I have had many open cases just closed for what seems like no other reason them Blackbaud doesn't want to fix them.

Also, there are many bugs we have found and supports answer to many of them is that “this is a known bug but there are no plans to implement a fix” so we are just stuck with a broken system. Or we have to come up with a workaround on our own.
Kept well informed
Immediate help available
Quick Initial Response
Poor followup
Problems left unsolved
Support doesn't seem to care
Not Sure - I think support is included in our contract
Yes - Sometimes yes, but more often than not, it is not fixed.
The one time was when I was implementing PayPal as a payment method. Of course I was dealing with someone not from he support team. The rep was very helpful and responsive. She helped me work through my questions and it has been working great since implementation. The different teams of Blackbaud all operate differently with some being better than others.

Using Luminate

I can easily use the product. There are soooo many quick wins they could implement that would make users happy.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Sending an email
  • Creating an out-of-the-box donation form.
  • Setting up an eCommerce store
  • Setting up TeamRaiser
No - They don’t have their adm piece mobile friendly. They have some modules that are mobile friendly after you publish them. Pagebuilder pages, donation forms, parts of eCommerce e piece. But it has a long way to go.