Microsoft Teams for Teams is A++
Updated February 25, 2020

Microsoft Teams for Teams is A++

Hilary Hobbs | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Microsoft Teams

Teams if being used across our entire organization, which is over 200 people. It is perfect for being able to quickly get ahold of anyone in any department. HR can also send a company-wide chat if something urgent needs to be addressed but doesn't need to be formal enough for an email. It also helps to know if someone you need to talk to is in a meeting or away from their desk. If I need to get ahold of my manager (who is in a completely different building) I can check teams to see if she is in a meeting or away from her desk by looking at her status. It saves a ton of time and relieves a lot of the stress of trying to communicate efficiently.
  • The ability to have a private chat with one person or a group message with everyone in your department.
  • All of our important documents are held in the 'wiki' portion of teams, which allows things to be easily accessed and all in one place.
  • I like that you can use GIFs right in the messenger. It adds a little fun to your usual chats.
  • Teams will randomly close for no particular reason throughout the day on my computer. It's a bit of an annoyance.
  • The activity portion confuses me time to time on which chat it is notifying me since I have private chats with the same people in group chats. Causes a little confusion.
  • It took me a while to realize that there is a sidebar for the wiki portion. I was only seeing one file when I knew there was more but couldn't find them.
  • Teams is a huge time-saver for the company. Less time wandering around trying to find someone to ask a simple question.
  • My department has grown closer since using teams. Our group chat is used not only for informational purposes but also for fun or interesting websites or GIFs.
  • One thing I get a little annoyed with is the fact that anyone can see if I'm away from my computer at all times. I don't need everyone to know my every move.
We used Adium in the past for our direct department and HipChat company-wide. I didn't mind HipChat so much, but it didn't have nearly as many features as Teams offers. Adium was a big pain in my butt because it is used for not just the company, but everything else you are connected to. I don't like having people from my personal life on a chat on my computer. Teams has definitely been the best fit for us.
Companies with a large population should seriously consider using Microsoft Teams to communicate, especially if you are already using Microsoft programs like Outlook and their calendar. It all connects together inside of teams. So if you have a meeting on your calendar, Teams will automatically place your status as red (which is 'in a meeting). If you have a very small company and/or don't already utilize Microsoft programs, Teams may not be best suited for your needs.