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User Review: "Optimizely is at the top of the list"
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January 12, 2018

User Review: "Optimizely is at the top of the list"

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Overall Satisfaction with Optimizely

I previously used Optimizely to conduct A/B tests for our conversion landing pages. We needed to increase conversions and Optimizely has a number of features that allowed us to determine what worked best. I also used Optimizely on our main website to test out certain scenarios regarding our customer service activities.
  • Optimizely offers a number of great features that other testing services do not.
  • Optimizely allows us to test within certain timeframes and in specific timezones.
  • One of the cooler features Optimizely offers is its multivariate testing. It automates multiple tests at one time.
  • My biggest con is that the service is much more expensive than its competitors.
  • There are too many tiers to the services. The basic tier, which is still pricey only gets you simple A/B tests and not all the bells and whistles.
  • It did not allow me to extend the account to other managers in my department.
  • For my landing pages I am seeing a 6x increase in conversion rate.
  • For ease of use, Optimizely made things happen much quicker and allowed me to manage it and not an agency.
  • Optimizely did provide some cost savings with regard to agency expenses and once the ROI began to increase the service cost was less of a concern.
Optimizely is an all-in once service compared to the others I tested. Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) is very solid and probably a close second as far as I'm concerned. Their servicing was a little lacking which made it hard to ramp up the testing. Unbounce is very user-friendly however doesn't allow for an experienced coder to customize test as well.
For what it does Optimizely is very good. Although I did have to splurge and pay for the larger package to get all of the bells and whistles I was looking for, I was able to expand my testing scenarios. Looking at the landscape of all other testing services Optimizely is at the top.

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