A platform you never knew you needed!
Updated August 04, 2021

A platform you never knew you needed!

Georges Khairallah | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Quickbase

Quickbase is one of the central applications used at our company to handle multiple aspects of our company's operations. We use it for asset tracking, user management, user provisioning, user onboarding, billing, reporting, partner portal, and going forward, every other business workflow that we need to add, will likely end up being tracked within Quickbase.

Further, we also use the Quickbase API to link with our infrastructure to automate user provisioning and maintenance, while removing as much human error as possible from the process.
  • Creating extremely useful reports is tremendously easy in Quick base. This makes it very simple for us to keep on top of any sort of statistics, reports, and other items that help with our growth.
  • It is an extremely easy platform to create complex relationships on, without the need of knowing in-depth database development.
  • It has a nice interface which is consistently improving. It allows almost infinite flexibility. It's almost as if you can dream it, you can probably achieve it.
  • I have said this in previous reviews and will say it again here about Quickbase. Though reporting is good, it is not brandable in a detailed fashion, nor is the display customizable. This requires the use of 3rd party developers to make those things available. It is not a show stopper, but it certainly would make everything more streamlined and self-contained
  • Pricing is quite steep. On multiple occasions, I've been wanting to refer small clients to Quick base, but haven't been able to, due to the high priced entry point plan which is out of the reach of most small businesses. The good news is that Quickbase does tend to negotiate better pricing to accommodate business need.
  • The Sandbox feature could use some improvement.
  • Quickbase forms could use an overhaul with better UI and organization.
  • Dynamic form rules are fantastic, but can get a bit unruly when having a lot of them.

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We have been using Quickbase since day 1, and we have been incrementally developing it and making it increasingly connected to our infrastructure and automation. It simultaneously connects our internal company's inventory/database/assets with our operational infrastructure and servers, and is used to onboard users and provide real-time reporting on our user status, as well as provide our partners and affiliate a real-time view of their status. We can achieve a full circle of information and reporting.

As we develop Quickbase, we are also using APIs to automate certain processes which have been limited to being performed by our engineers manually.
We only tried FileMaker Pro before Quickbase, and it was quite hard to achieve what we needed. It took a few days to figure out how to create a couple relationships in FileMaker Pro, where we were able to develop almost our whole application in the same amount of time in Quickbase.
  • Building and deploying business applications faster
  • Improving our ability to drive insights from our data
  • Solving a specific business challenge
  • Building and deploying an application (or multiple applications) that meets our exact needs
We have extremely specific processes and combination of activities that needs to happen within our business process.
It would've been extremely difficult to maintain this level of constant change in processes if we didn't have Quickbase.

Having a development cycle with an actual developer every time we have a change within our business process, could increase from 1 or 2 days with Quickbase to a couple months with other traditional development platforms.

Quickbase has really made our quick growth much more possible and has allowed us to not to have to worry about the technicalities of tracking our processes, and instead, concentrate on growing our business.
It is quite easy to build in Quickbase. All database concepts are translated into layman's terms within the Quickbase application. You certainly need to have a basic knowledge of how databases work, but at a very basic level. What is the most important is to know what is your end goal, and what you want to get out of your Quickbase application.

It is very useful to read some documentation first, and attend some of the Quickbase University classes, as it is important to design the application correctly. This is something that will be pretty hard to change if no planning was done prior to beginning the development.
Our Quickbase application is actually being constantly maintained due to our constantly changing business processes and workflows. Being able to to do this overnight allows us to not run into barriers to grow the business due to a difficulty in reflecting the business process within our business tools.

For instance, in 2018, we had a product that was designed to be priced by package, and as we were discussing our 2018 pricing, we realized that this particular product needed to have more granularity to allow multiple pricing configurations altogether.

With Quickbase, and over 2 days, we were able to expand that pricing of the product, from a flat pricing model into a multi-tiered pricing, trackable by client, and reportable in the same way the old method was implemented, only with much more detail and flexibility.

As a result we were able to present our new pricing plans and make available our new offering without the stress of having to worry about how to keep track of the new model, had a Quickbase mechanism not exist for it.
Well Suited for:
  • Quickbase is great for a company that is drowning in Excel files and has to dig through tons of folders to find what they need.
  • Quickbase is great for anyone who wants better control over their data and reporting:
Example: We were recently audited by Microsoft for our licensing, and we were able to close our audit case, one hour after receiving the initial email due to the extremely detailed report that we were able to immediately provide them.

Less Appropriate for:
  • A company that doesn't really have a business process that is well known, which would make it hard to implement a Quickbase application for their needs
  • A company that doesn't have the budget to spend a minimum of $500 / month for the Quickbase platform.

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Quickbase Support

The support team is always responsive, and is very knowledgeable. I rarely have to re-explain a problem. Most of the time a solution is presented or escalated as needed.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
I just have the main support that comes with the application, and it has proved to be sufficient for our needs.
Yes - Yes. Bugs are acknowledged, and I am notified with a follow up when the bug is fixed.
Honestly, I have received exceptional support at every interaction with their team.