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Review: "Intuit's QuickBase is a GREAT tool for any business!"

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We switched from an in house Access database to the cloud-based QuickBase to track Professional Services engagements and as a project management tool. This cloud-based platform allowed better collaboration, nice visual reporting features, and grew with our business. Easy enough to use by business users with little assistance required from IT. Fantastic tool.

Overall Satisfaction with QuickBase

Overall QuickBase Rating : 10 of 10

QuickBase Average: 8.4

QuickBase Pros

  • Flexible reporting: easy to create reports that allow you to visualize the data in a number of formats on-the-fly
  • Data-entry: most reports can easily flip into 'Grid Edit' mode which allows for quick data entry from your view of the data
  • Application simplicity: it was straightforward to create an application and its underlying data. This required application expertise, but could be done by business users without heavy involvement from IT. This was a big perk for our organization.
  • Built-in email/alert engine: we used Quickbase to trigger notifications to certain users when data was added, changed, or deleted. This was fantastic to manage workflow.

QuickBase Cons

Quickbase has an API; however it does require expertise to link 3rd party applications via this API. We liked the Quickbase interface so much, we built several integrations to marry the data in the QB platform for analysis.

ROI on QuickBase purchase

  • Faster turn around time for reporting
  • More efficient and effective data entry
  • Improved collaboration
  • Happier customers

Likelihood to Renew QuickBase : 10 of 10

QuickBase Average: 7.7
Great platform.  Highly recommend.

Using QuickBase

QuickBase Users and Roles

500 - Sales, business development, consulting services, project management, and support functions.

QuickBase Support Headcount Required

2 - We have a few IT staff that support the application.  Support can also be provided directly by the business owners.

Key QuickBase Use Cases

  • Sales activity
  • Post-sale project management
  • Issue tracking
  • Backlog management

Evaluating QuickBase and Competitors

Products Replaced by QuickBase

Intuit Quickbase was used in my business to track Professional Services engagements as a project management tool.  It replaced an archaic Access database that had been managed in house.
 - To have a cloud-based platform that allowed better collaboration, nice visual reporting features, and had the flexibility to quickly change and scale as our business did.

QuickBase Implementation

QuickBase Implementation Rating and Lessons : 8 of 10

QuickBase Average: 8.0
Define application governance from the start.  Only provide key users with the ability to create applications so that they don't get out-of-hand.

QuickBase Implementation Details / Implementation Partner

Implemented in-house

QuickBase Training

Methods Used for QuickBase Training

Online training

QuickBase Online Training Rating : 10 of 10

QuickBase Average: 10.0
The online training was adequate.  Intuit does a nice job of creating blog posts on training topics also.

Configuring QuickBase

Additional QuickBase Customization

We pulled in 3rd party data through the API.

QuickBase Support

Overall Support Rating for QuickBase : 7 of 10

QuickBase Average: 8.5
Most support was handled via online resources.  No live support staff was available.  This is an area that Intuit could improve.  Response was good online, but sometimes it is nice to speak with support staff directly.

Using QuickBase

QuickBase Usability Rating : 10 of 10

QuickBase Average: 10.0
The interface is intuitive.  You can even sign-up for a 30 day demo directly from the website to test drive it.

QuickBase Reliability

QuickBase Availability Rating : 10 of 10

QuickBase Average: 10.0
I gave it a 10, but it should be a 9.99.  They do a nice job of keeping the application running.  The application can drag a bit when you have thousands of users accessing the application concurrently.  We experienced this with large scale implementations.

QuickBase Performance Rating : 9 of 10

QuickBase Average: 9.0
Generally, Quickbase performed well.

Integrating QuickBase

Systems Integrated with QuickBase

Exported data from these ERP systems and integrated it to Quickbase via the API using Perl scripts.
This review was published on October 18, 2013

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