TrustRadius Experienced Insights of Quickbase !!We use Quick Base to offer effective solutions to our client for their processes implementation and automation to add efficiencies to the business to improve productivity. Also, we use it for our in-house implementation to give solutions/tools to operations and other groups.,Analytics and Dashboard- it’s one of the must have areas which takes good enough time and effort but with Quick Base, it’s absolutely amazing to have it quickly by some configurations. Workflow- setting up role-based workflow is a major need for most of processes automation and QB is simply awesome to make it happen. Notifications, reminders, and subscriptions- it’s a great feature which QB offers with great simplicity. For an application with low/medium user base (count of users) QB is cost-effective solution reducing time to market by its RAD capabilities.,Quick Base licensing model - Per user license cost of QB is fine but for clients having bug user base overall licensing cost is too high. Quick Base should reduce the licensing cost for such needs. Quick Base should also think about offering a flexible licensing model where per user license cost of low usage or occasional users should be extremely low. As all application users are always user application that frequently and need to access occasionally e.g. once a month etc. I know based on total users on instance QB offering little better per user license cost but that discount is quite minor. This way we can bring the attention of customers need an application for the big user base. EVOI with SSO exception - Quick Base provides an option to add everyone on internet access for any application which makes it open for everyone having URL of application to access the application on internet without chewing licences for each user. It's good but many time we have a need of an exception on EVOI to allow everyone but authorized users of an organization getting authenticated by SSO. This feature can help QB to bring the attention of multiple clients who need to use it for their employee as EVOI. Notifications/reminders on an Adhoc schedule - QB offer great features of notification/reminders but as of now it's either trigger based on some event or with the schedule its dependent on the value of the application data field parameter value. But any time we have a need to send email on the frequency of daily (with/without weekend), weekly, monthly or on a particular date/time etc. That is something missing from QB. Themes & Animation for improved UI - Although QB offers a standardized UI and it's quite good. But if we need to change the entire look and feel with quick options like themes etc. it's not possible. Also providing animated controls like a carousel, shutter up/down out of the box within an application will improve the user experience. I know it can be done on an HTML code page but I think making it available like standard out of box component will add to RAD capabilities improving the user experience.,8,I agree Quick Base is a perfect solution for building, deploying, and maintaining custom business applications faster and easier. My organization realized huge benefits in terms of FTEs reduction, cost/time saving, improving productivity and adding efficiencies. Also, we have offered Quick Base to customers where the time ask was to achieve above-mentioned criteria and our proposal and actual implementation did complete justice to gain customer satisfaction.,MS SharePoint, KiSSFLOW and JIRA Service Desk,It's fairly easy for non-technical citizen developers to build an application. We have seen team members without any development experience, doing wonders with Quick Base. It needs an understanding of QB configurations for which training/videos are available with Quick Base university. Using its API in code pages need little experience of handling it and can make better by introducing intellisense for users assistance.,Building and deploying business applications faster Improving our ability to drive insights from our data Improving collaboration across one or more teams Solving a specific business challenge Building and deploying an application (or multiple applications) that meets our exact needs,Yes, it's absolutely easy. Many times I've worked on enhancing the existing Quick Base application to another level and doing that was really interesting as Quick Base offers most of it out of the box to manage this task.,,200,Talent Acquisition, Development, Learning/Scheduling Processes Implementation and automation Support and Case Management,We build Quickbase Integration with outside solution without any 3rd party vendor. e.g. Getting feed from outside system to an sFTP and syncing it with Quickbase on schedule basis thru APIs and .Net. And taking the updates back from QB to outside system with the same way. Added a chatbot on Quickbase responding to users query. Also made the bot available outside responding to users who don't have QB access. Auto creating a case in QB based on email received in Outlook without any configuration or vendor. It's done through an integration build using .Net and APIs,Adding Artificial Intelligence with QuickBase to bring valuable insights forecasting/predictions Adding Chatbot capability within QuickBase as out of the box feature Making QB solutions available to huge count of users or at enterprise level, if licensing cost reduces.,10,Improved Customer Satisfaction by reducing time to market that too with a product with a great user experience. Huge Cost Saving by FTEs reduction and Improved productivity Added efficiencies The client asking for QuickBase but having a huge user base, due to licensing cost we have to offer another alternative solution.,MS SharePoint, Microsoft Azure,Yes,Price Product Features Product Usability Vendor Reputation Positive Sales Experience with the Vendor,I found GDPR is an important criterion in terms of security and by this time we have all required details from QB in terms of data privacy. And during evaluation, I would like to put this as an important parameter with thorough analysis.,Yes,8,Yes,We were having an ESO upgrade and we came to know about the impact of it on Quickbase quite late and raised a request to QB for support. Just next day to that request and that was weekend, we have some of QB support executive in a meeting with the team doing ESO upgrade. We verified QB and found an issue which was resolved in few hours with the help of support agent and helped to handle this issue in a short turn around requiring on-demand assistance during the weekend on a short notice.,Reporting and Analytics Home Pages/Dashboard Setup Roles/Permission based workflow setup Notifications, Reminders, and Subscription,Integrations without using paid 3rd party vendors e.g. Building integrations with.Net to communicate between QB and outside the system The relationship, Proxy Field. Impact of removing existing relation is an area where a new user has major confusion. Custom API code should have Intellisense where ever applicable Web Hooks Count limit is a problem/challenge,Yes,8,8,9,10Quickbase for Manufacturing Structural SteelQuickbase is being used by the entire organization. We use it to track all current inventory, to create new orders, follow the orders, check them in, get them to the jobs that require the material, view the process of the job and all related tasks, make sure it's ready to be shipped out, and track it to it's destination.,Everyone has the access to the same information at the same time All edits made can be instantly viewed and reflected on It has great control over users access and permissions Great ability to use different applications for different needs in the company Customizable with layout as desired and adding personal code and scripts,Some times, it is difficult to search through some tables and applications Grid edit needs to be used in a slightly more integrated way with APIs Speed is a great concern for us, and when Quickbase is slow or the database is dragging along, we're hurting.,8,We have been able to make great use of the applications. It has aided us to view the jobs we do and maintain great track of them.,Airtable,There is hardly any difficulty at all, thanks to some great templates that anybody can use. They also come with examples sometimes, so that you can see how the application is intended to work. There might be some need for IT aid when the solution requires programming languages, but Quickbase can be run quite smoothly with little to no programming knowledge.,Improving our ability to drive insights from our data Improving collaboration across one or more teams Solving a specific business challenge Building and deploying an application (or multiple applications) that meets our exact needs,We have an application that is designed to track changes in Quickbase, Audit Trail. When we first implemented it, we could not believe how quick we got it going and how great it's functioned until now. It's been doing great and gives us great insight into the jobs that we perform and that happen.,95,3,We use it to track our raw material from when we order to when it leaves the company It hosts all of my backupos and the custom code that we have made for a few of these applications We're able to prioritize the jbs that we have on hand by the status that we can make in a field for each record,API calls to use scanning in the workshop The ability to create a full page to work on information that we needed that was incorporated to the records,By incorporating the information from external apps and using it more and more in Quickbase,9,It has been able to maintain all of our information in a centralized format and easily accessible webpage If Quickbase is ever down or has an issue, we cannot work. If Quickbase goes offline, we cannot work completely.,Chrome Remote Desktop, Cisco ASA, Apple iCloud,No,Product Features Product Usability Third-party Reviews,Try it out first. We jumped in and trusted the program, and this worked out greatly for us,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was minimal,Making sure that we had access to the internet throughout our entire company Making sure that everyone could log in correctly,10,Self-taught,It was pretty simple to learn the overall, but to get more and more of the specifics, I had to get more in depth with it and create testing pages and tables. In the end, I learned a lot, but it would have definitely helped to have gotten more help from someone with a ton of knowledge on the system.,9,Make sure to take advantage of the URL pages that you can create to aid the page. You can make these pages and API calls to get the information that you need without having to necessarily use the exact form type of the Jobs page.,Yes - we have customized the interface extensively,Yes - we have added extensive custom code,We like to change the colors of the pages to match our company colors. We've also used a ton of API calls to do tracking of changes to jobs. Lastly, we like to have many of our documents shown in a custom coded page with information being pulled from Quickbase itself.,Yes,10,No,We lost a ton of information one time, so we had to reach out to support to get the most recent back up of the app. Support was able to respond quickly, and in less than 2 hours, we had a copy up and running and we were ready to go.,Customizing the fields that are needed for the tables that we require Creating specific reports that we need and being able to filter it down to exactly what we need,The formulas are sometimes difficult Not being able to catch the form rules of grid edits,Yes,9,9,9,7,Our Timeclock information, for tracking our time Quickbooks, for passing on some information,None at the moment,File import/export API (e.g. SOAP or REST),9,Make sure that you continue to hold our hand through the integration, as I can see that having issues with this could lead to very unhappy customers.,9,9,Fair, monthly payments that were offered at a discount that suited the team.,Patience and clearly speaking out what it is that you need.,No,Faster load time Better reports More concise Report building,Grid Edit triggering Form Rules. This is really killing us.,No,NoQuickBase is doing great but has huge improvement opportunityIt is used across departments. It solves distributed a data collection problem.,Archive documents. Real-time analytics. Data collection.,More API on the front end and backend. More control on data connection and link table feature Need modern bootstrap mobile interface. More user-friendly form rule editing interface, more control on form rule, like copy rules to another form. More flexible data type/schema, which allows using any kind of fields in filter or joins. Auto increasing index field which duplicates records but editable. Editable duplicate built-in fields to allow better recovery function. Customized pages which allow a non-login visit[or] to collect data.,9,I think our organization has achieved this benefit. It is faster to build and kind of easy to maintain. Upon request of our users, most applications are more complex than default features and functions. Therefore supporting and maintaining them is no longer that easy. Hope QuickBase will provide more tools for more advanced developers.,Salesforce,It is really easy to build, but not that easy to build it right. For a large organization, functional and powerful applications require cross department design collaboration.,Building and deploying business applications faster Improving collaboration across one or more teams Solving a specific business challenge Building and deploying an application (or multiple applications) that meets our exact needs,It is not hard to implement. However, it is a little hard to keep track of changes. Since lots of control are done by text field and formula field, due to a lack of work flow control in QuickBase, it is not easy to keep pace of changing demand when changing control fields.,,,data collection work flow control real-time analytics,work flow control notification setup customized interface,use as documentary manage master data build data pipeline among departments,8,It glues people together with very low cost data management becomes another challenge due to limit on quickbase train people use modern browser is a key,Alteryx Analytics, Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server,No,Price Product Features Product Usability,Platform improvements plan and response to customers' voice.,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was a major issue with the implementation,Culture challenge Migration cost Training users to use proper device and browser.,8,Self-taught,Yes it is easy to learn. Just takes some practice and learn from mistakes. I would recommend learn online first then jump to the hole yourself later. This can save you a lot of time. I started when there was no training material available.,7,Allow user to add customized variables to users,Yes - we have customized the interface extensively,Yes - we have added extensive custom code,I uses JQuery, VueJS,Bootstrap in QB. Applied Image Onload Technic to forms and pages. They help solve a lot of business problems.,No,8,No,I have my data accidentally deleted and QB helped recovered very very quickly within the same afternoon.,build a table and a form make report manager user,form rule, it becomes monster when you want to do something complex, very hard to use customized page, using CDN is the only way, very hard to load local supporting libs control the UI. Homepage and forms are hard to control since there is no API nor function provided.,Yes,9,7,7,7,Alteryx Tableau,Salesforce,File import/export Single Signon API (e.g. SOAP or REST) Javascript widgets ETL tools,7,I don't know how can we make it easier but maybe QB can provide more tools?,8,8,NA,If you are going to work with vendor, you better know what you want , just do not know how to do it.,No,Usually it doesn't show value that quick until the next iteration of the app is developed.,UI API More tools Control on SAVE button,No,NoWhy QuickBase works for us.Quickbase is being used in various ways across the company. It is most often used to streamline MS Access, spreadsheet or manual processes.,Quickbase provides an easy to use interface to build custom applications without a lot of programming experience. Quickbase has strong native integration capabilities that can allow a developer to use an excel source and replace it with a QB app in just a few minutes. Quickbase has an excellent comprehensive API layer that allows for quick and easy integrations with other systems.,Quickbase could really use some improvement in allowing users to easily and simply customize the UI to better meet their needs. I would love to see alternate keys be available for building foreign key relationships on tables as well as multi-column key values.,9,Yes we have seen this happen, typically to build a custom application from scratch we would see a 2 to 3 man full time IT developer team work for at least a few months in order to deliver the tool to production. With Quickbase we often see an app go live in just a few weeks with 1 or 2 non-IT citizen developers working on it.,Salesforce App Cloud,We use our citizen developers for almost all of our applications and they are able to handle 80% - 90% of all requirements without involving IT. None of our citizen developers have a formal IT background and are usually able to deliver an app or new feature set to production in 4 to 6 weeks.,Building and deploying business applications faster Improving our ability to drive insights from our data,Recently we found an issue with one of our apps that help us maintain our inventory counts. There was a problem with the FIFO logic we had implemented through a custom code page. We were able to get the page updated, delete the bad counts in grid edit view and recreate them correctly. The whole process took less than a couple of hours.,300,5,Project Management Operations Management Ability to integrate seamlessly with other systems.,Self Service Development for business units leading to very decreased development time Lots of small one-off spreadsheet replacement applications that cumulatively save a ton of time,Equipment Tracking,9,It has enabled us to scale by making manual project management tasks automated and programmatic,DocuSign,No,Price Product Features Product Usability,I don't think I would have changed a thing,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was a minor issue with the implementation,Inexperience Data Integration,9,Self-taught,Yes I think some light formal training would have been beneficial,8,We need to be able to define alternate foreign keys,No - we have not done any customization to the interface,Yes - we have added extensive custom code,Table size limits need to be eliminated,8,We had an internal security cert expire, it was our fault but support got it implemented for us within minutes and we were back up and running.,Quick Table Creation Form Creation Report Creation,Limited table relationship options Table size constraints,Yes,9,7,10,9,SQL Server Salesforce Tableau,None,File import/export Single Signon API (e.g. SOAP or REST) ETL tools,9,Increase the API call limits,10,10,Right now we are billed per user with a significant discount off list over a one year term.,Be honest, communicate your growth potential and be willing to partner with them and provide marketable feedback.,Yes,Changes to menus Default collapsed menus,additional user interface tools,Yes,NoPlain and FancyQuickBase is being used to track our new business process.,You don't need to be a programmer or IT person to work with QuickBase. Online documentation is readily available. The Empower annual gatherings are great to network, see what others are doing with QuickBase and especially see what is over the horizon.,A simple request I've made for several years and still nothing has been done. When a report is run have the ability to move from page to page at the top of the report. Currently it only appears at the bottom of a report which requires a user to scroll to the bottom of a report to move forward or backward or select a specific page of the report.,10,Yes, 1 application has saved an estimated 3-4 staff.,,As a citizen developer who also has trained several other citizen developers, QuickBase is so logical that no IT help is required.,Building and deploying business applications faster Improving our ability to drive insights from our data Improving collaboration across one or more teams Solving a specific business challenge Building and deploying an application (or multiple applications) that meets our exact needs,All our applications are constantly being updated. As users see what QuickBase can and does do for them they ask "can QuickBase do this or that?" and the answer I find is YES.,750,2,Tracking daily progress of pension services providing accurate daily status reports Importing information from other in house systems on a daily basis Centralized real time information,Each Quick Base application has saved business teams 2-3 people Replacement of slow, inefficient systems such as Accent.,We are always looking to use Quick Base to solve existing tracking information and data,10,Teams and Management now have real time information,BizNet Excel Suite,Yes,Price Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation Analyst Reports Third-party Reviews,No Quick Base continues to exceed expectations,Implemented in-house,No,User acceptance,10,Self-taught,Training is really up to the individual and their own comfort level.,10,Never say Quick Base can't do something. I have yet to find Quick Base could not solve the needs I have,No - we have not done any customization to the interface,No - we have not done any custom code,None at this time,No,10,No,Yes,Creating forms for User entry of data Importing data from other systems to update on a daily basis Reports, Reports, Reports need I say more Formulas Automated emails and subscriptions,When running a large report I find it cumbersome to move from page to page as the paging is only at the bottom of the screen. Please move the choice also to the top of the report.,Yes,10,10,10,10,No not at this time although we do import data from other legacy systems,None at this time,File import/export,10,Never give up,10,10,Billable licensing amount,No,No,Pending,Super User access,No,NoGreat online tools and reporting for both basic and advanced usersIt is primarily used as a CRM tool for hosting lists of target physicians/pharmacies and calls on them. Other teams use our own software for similar things, but Quickbase handles the backend/database side of it.,Ease of reporting Quick to deploy and make changes Great for handling advanced applications as well as simple ones,Some functions for formulas do not work very well, such as detecting null values for any required fields The data import/export links are only on the home page of each table, when they should be available on every page under More Customizing the home page of a table should customize that report, instead of the default report for the table,8,We have definitely been able to build and deploy our applications quickly with Quickbase. A typical app for us can be set up in about two hours, opposed to several more that we've seen with other similar services and any changes are instantly available to all users.,MySQL,Designing the database can be a bit tricky for certain functions, but a non-technical user can certainly make basic applications, which will suit most purposes.,Building and deploying business applications faster Improving our ability to drive insights from our data Solving a specific business challenge Building and deploying an application (or multiple applications) that meets our exact needs,We have new questions, stats, and other datapoints being added several times a year and it is always easy to add them in Quickbase apps. It's usually simply adding a new field and report that uses it (or adding to an existing report). Adding new options for existing fields is even easier and can be set up dynamically, which is great.,Reporting Creating and updating applications Adding new fields/datapoints,Importing data could use some improvement with identifying the appropriate fields There aren't many options for reformatting dates (IE: showing a date as Feb 15 2017 isn't supported) Exporting data loses any customized header names from reports It is difficult to identify if a record is currently being created or edited,Yes, but I don't use it,8,10,9,8Intuit's QuickBase is a GREAT tool for any business!Flexible reporting: easy to create reports that allow you to visualize the data in a number of formats on-the-fly Data-entry: most reports can easily flip into 'Grid Edit' mode which allows for quick data entry from your view of the data Application simplicity: it was straightforward to create an application and its underlying data. This required application expertise, but could be done by business users without heavy involvement from IT. This was a big perk for our organization. Built-in email/alert engine: we used Quickbase to trigger notifications to certain users when data was added, changed, or deleted. This was fantastic to manage workflow.,Quickbase has an API; however it does require expertise to link 3rd party applications via this API. We liked the Quickbase interface so much, we built several integrations to marry the data in the QB platform for analysis.,Faster turn around time for reporting More efficient and effective data entry Improved collaboration Happier customers,10,10,500,2,Sales activity Post-sale project management Issue tracking Backlog management,,,Implemented in-house,8,Online training,10,We pulled in 3rd party data through the API.,7,10,10,9,PeopleSoft Student Information System
Quick Base
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Quick Base
490 Ratings
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Some of our tables that hold over a million records are starting to perform poorly, with some summaries taking over 20 seconds to load. This may be an indication that it is best to archive old data when reaching large volumes like this.
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About Quick Base

Quick Base aims to empower businesses to quickly turn ideas into applications that make them more efficient, informed, and productive. The vendor’s value proposition is that by using Quick Base, anyone — regardless of technical background — can quickly create business apps they can use and share with others.
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Has featureLow-code platform for rapid application development
Has featureAdvanced user management
Has featureFast, flexible, unlimited reports
Has featureAPIs
Has featureNotifications, reminders, and subscriptions
Has featureCustom password policies
Has featureCase-based support
Has featureUnlimited customizable roles
Has featureSAML or LDAP integration
Has featureEasy point-and-click customization
Has featureBuilt-in workflows such as reminders, subscriptions, and notifications
Has featureCode-free integrations with other leading cloud apps
Has featureFast, flexible reporting
Has featureAdvanced user management and unlimited roles and permissions

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