TrustRadius Base from my perspective.We use Quick Base (QB) primarily to compile regional information in which we use this data to help manage business opportunities. We also use QB with RPA to help us systematically show the status of each sales rep, when they're available or unavailable, this helps us best serve our customers in a timely manner.,Low Code developments API Calls Webhooks,ODBC Connection Query against data connections (i.e. once a table is built and connections are joined to other tables, the ability to query against those results manually, like SQL),10,We have achieved this on a micro level being able to help small pocketed groups by providing a portal to have access to specific needs and information. Because we are local and not IT driven we've been able to conceptualize new needs, design an App, maintain the App, and provide service to an App much faster than if QB was maintained by IT. We are agile where IT has limited resources to be as agile.,,For a simple design, QB is amazing, it can literally be as easy as drag and drop. When keeping Apps on a basic level a person with no or little technical experience can develop a working functional App, Quickly, that suits their needs.,Building and deploying business applications faster Improving collaboration across one or more teams Solving a specific business challenge Building and deploying an application (or multiple applications) that meets our exact needs,We constantly always update "Tweak" our apps. In our environment, the landscape changes all the time, with new alignments, customer server agreements, trends, products, educational developments and training. in our Climate we are always shifting, and QB allows us the agility and functionality to shift rapidly with in culture and environment. Because QB is very dynamic, it allows us to make these updates quickly and on the fly, and almost always these updates go as expected.,870,3,Regional Data informaton Inbound Requests Rep Availability,Works with with RPA Via ODBC connection makes life easier adding data in. Data Integration into business operations.,Automated Information Requests Working with Alexa App for Requests Integrate data requests to SAP,5,Initially we had a high ROI in that we were able to build and deploy quickly.,Automation Anywhere, JitBit Help Desk,No,Existing Relationship with the Vendor,We would had wanted to get some more specific training on the backend development of the Apps rather than the frontend (GUI) interface.,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was minimal,End User buy-in Department managers understanding of QB,8,7,No,We had a question about Automation and Webhooks at EMPOWER17, and was able to get immediate help at the tech bar.,Table to table relationships Dashboard design Using buttons,No backend data querying Not built in ODBC connection Automation still needs more tweaking,Yes, but I don't use it,6Beginner app builder reviewWe use it for many reasons in my department from image release and tracking to Alumni engagement in our many networking event around the country.,I am just starting out and so far it has met all our our many needs.,Don't know if it have Geo Tracking yet or not but that is something that I foresee us needing in the future for tracking engagement.,10,This is a process that I am working on since I have only been using Quick Base for about 2 months.,Microsoft Access,This is fairly simple and only requires learning formulas in order to write them.,Building and deploying business applications faster,I have never done that and always created from scratch,25,,Recruiting student practicum experiences and tracking Keeping Alumni up to date and tracking involvement at events Poster creation paperwork and data collection,Once I was introduced to the program and went to the conference, I started brainstorming about other functions that it could be used for. It was originally used from our Alumni Association database but I have implemented QuickBase into many of my functions at work.,I'm sure there are ways in the future that QuickBase can help that I haven't even though of yet. I have only been working with QuickBase for a couple of months and have thought of at least 8 different areas that QuickBase can help.,10,It has been a great aid to accomplish goal and made it a lot more streamlined and automated. I don't see any negatives in it so far.,Microsoft Access,Yes,Product Features Product Usability,I just wish that I would have heard about Quick Base sooner,Don't know,I was not part of the implementation process.,10,10,I can not recall,Creating the tables. creating triggers,Sometimes the formulas,Yes,10Quickbase for Manufacturing Structural SteelQuickbase is being used by the entire organization. We use it to track all current inventory, to create new orders, follow the orders, check them in, get them to the jobs that require the material, view the process of the job and all related tasks, make sure it's ready to be shipped out, and track it to it's destination.,Everyone has the access to the same information at the same time All edits made can be instantly viewed and reflected on It has great control over users access and permissions Great ability to use different applications for different needs in the company Customizable with layout as desired and adding personal code and scripts,Some times, it is difficult to search through some tables and applications Grid edit needs to be used in a slightly more integrated way with APIs Speed is a great concern for us, and when Quickbase is slow or the database is dragging along, we're hurting.,8,We have been able to make great use of the applications. It has aided us to view the jobs we do and maintain great track of them.,Airtable,There is hardly any difficulty at all, thanks to some great templates that anybody can use. They also come with examples sometimes, so that you can see how the application is intended to work. There might be some need for IT aid when the solution requires programming languages, but Quickbase can be run quite smoothly with little to no programming knowledge.,Improving our ability to drive insights from our data Improving collaboration across one or more teams Solving a specific business challenge Building and deploying an application (or multiple applications) that meets our exact needs,We have an application that is designed to track changes in Quickbase, Audit Trail. When we first implemented it, we could not believe how quick we got it going and how great it's functioned until now. It's been doing great and gives us great insight into the jobs that we perform and that happen.,95,3,We use it to track our raw material from when we order to when it leaves the company It hosts all of my backupos and the custom code that we have made for a few of these applications We're able to prioritize the jbs that we have on hand by the status that we can make in a field for each record,API calls to use scanning in the workshop The ability to create a full page to work on information that we needed that was incorporated to the records,By incorporating the information from external apps and using it more and more in Quickbase,9,It has been able to maintain all of our information in a centralized format and easily accessible webpage If Quickbase is ever down or has an issue, we cannot work. If Quickbase goes offline, we cannot work completely.,Chrome Remote Desktop, Cisco ASA, Apple iCloud,No,Product Features Product Usability Third-party Reviews,Try it out first. We jumped in and trusted the program, and this worked out greatly for us,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was minimal,Making sure that we had access to the internet throughout our entire company Making sure that everyone could log in correctly,10,Self-taught,It was pretty simple to learn the overall, but to get more and more of the specifics, I had to get more in depth with it and create testing pages and tables. In the end, I learned a lot, but it would have definitely helped to have gotten more help from someone with a ton of knowledge on the system.,9,Make sure to take advantage of the URL pages that you can create to aid the page. You can make these pages and API calls to get the information that you need without having to necessarily use the exact form type of the Jobs page.,Yes - we have customized the interface extensively,Yes - we have added extensive custom code,We like to change the colors of the pages to match our company colors. We've also used a ton of API calls to do tracking of changes to jobs. Lastly, we like to have many of our documents shown in a custom coded page with information being pulled from Quickbase itself.,Yes,10,No,We lost a ton of information one time, so we had to reach out to support to get the most recent back up of the app. Support was able to respond quickly, and in less than 2 hours, we had a copy up and running and we were ready to go.,Customizing the fields that are needed for the tables that we require Creating specific reports that we need and being able to filter it down to exactly what we need,The formulas are sometimes difficult Not being able to catch the form rules of grid edits,Yes,9,9,9,7,Our Timeclock information, for tracking our time Quickbooks, for passing on some information,None at the moment,File import/export API (e.g. SOAP or REST),9,Make sure that you continue to hold our hand through the integration, as I can see that having issues with this could lead to very unhappy customers.,9,9,Fair, monthly payments that were offered at a discount that suited the team.,Patience and clearly speaking out what it is that you need.,No,Faster load time Better reports More concise Report building,Grid Edit triggering Form Rules. This is really killing us.,No,NoMy quickbase experienceAt People's Bank nc, we purchased quickbase as a way to mange our many ongoing projects, but we quickly figured out that the software is very flexible and found other uses for it. The apps are built by myself and can be used by anybody.,It's very easy for the end user to learn how to use the software. It's very easy to learn how to create custom apps and quickbase offers plenty of training. It's very flexible, almost any app can be built for any purpose.,I wish it had better HTML integration for more customization options. Quickbase can do just about anything, but you might have to upgrade your plan or buy extra plugins for it. More advanced app building can be difficult to diagnose problems.,9,Quickbase custom apps are quick and easy to get developed and pushed out. Some apps can be made and ready to use with in a few hours or a few weeks for the more complicated apps.,,Quickbase is easy enough for a non technical person to develop simple apps and reports, but I've found it easier to develop the core functionality of the app myself and allow the non technical user to have the ability to make changes and fine tune the small stuff like field names and reports.,Improving collaboration across one or more teams,Quickbase apps are easy to update, I do have one app that Ive built that requires constant update requests from the department that i built the app for. If it's a visual or naming update, the department have the ability and know how to do it, but for functionality updates I usually update the app for the department.,30,3,Project management Audit tracking Task tracking,By using this software as a way to help our audit department to keep track of tasks that need to be done. surveys,By further expanding tracking and task management to our other departments.,10,Its made project management a lot easier. were more organized and keep up better with deadlines now that we have a place to organize them.,Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server,No,Product Features Product Usability,nothing,Don't know,No,Change management was minimal,setting up active directory was the most difficult, but thats becasue our AD system hasnt been kept up with.,10,No,10,No,With helping set up and provide documentation for active directory access.,creating tables Creating relationships for those tables Creating reports,making complex relationships can get a little confusing,Yes, but I don't use it,10So much little timeWe use QuickBase for project management and project accounting.,Revenue recognition Project profitability Project percent completion Project management,Currency translation Duplication of data entry,8,We have, but are still improving the applications.,Microsoft Access,Our apps were built by outside consultants but are maintained internally by finance and operations staff not IT,Improving our ability to drive insights from our data Solving a specific business challenge,Not done yet,100,1,Time keeping Task completion Project management,Nothing innovative yet,Dashboards for teams Resource allocation Profitability reporting,10,More accurate data Easier to consolidate,Concur Expense, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions,Not Sure,Price Product Features,Was not here when it was implemented,Don't know,Don't know,10,10,No,While trying to build a report, I accidentally broke the link to detail items. Support restored a prior copy, compared it to the broken instance, and repaired it before anyone else had noticed.,Building forms Building reports Linking related data Building dashboards,None,10Quick Base is Key in Company Communication and Data ReviewQuick Base is currently being used by multiple departments in the company for different use cases, from tracking marketing activities and budget, sales opportunities, and our main CMS. Quick Base allows us to customize the system to our culture and processes and is fast and easy to update when new processes are in place.,Easy to build fields and forms for a customized user experience, based on their role. Ability to create conditions to streamline and automate complex processes. There are so many options to create reports, which is useful to only share the information a group needs to view, instead of having them sift through a huge report.,Additional functionality in the Dynamic Form Rules to include the ability to create an action or condition based on if a date falls into a quarter or year, instead of an actual date. Ability to colorize/highlight Sections and/or individual fields to correspond with internal processes or to call out a field even more that is required. We hide tables to simplify the navigation, however, we still need access to reports based on that table. Would be helpful if there was a master report section that accessed all reports available to that role, even if a table is hidden.,9,With Quick Base, we are able to change fields and form layouts on the fly. This is beneficial in streamlining workflows to how our team is using Quick Base today. With this flexibility, we can change it again months or years from now and not lose any data due to those updates. We also have an archival history for customers we've had for years or marketing events, which helps us create better sales processes or decision on our marketing spend.,,It is easy to set up an app for non-technical developers, as long as you have a strong App Diagram of how your app will be structured. I feel where app builders run into issues is when this vision is not clear, so they have to go back and rework table-to-table relationships or need to recreate or change a field type to get the data output required.,Building and deploying business applications faster Improving our ability to drive insights from our data Improving collaboration across one or more teams Solving a specific business challenge Building and deploying an application (or multiple applications) that meets our exact needs,We are continually updating one of apps to streamline and simplify the process for our teams to input information, and also update what information is now needed. Working in an ever evolving industry, Quick Base makes it easy to make those changes, and not lose historical data. On the Marketing side, we've changed how we report expenses so it will line up with our finance departments tracking. This has been huge in verifying spend and ensuring it is coded correctly in both departments.,70,4,Tracking sales and customer information Project and budget management for Marketing Tracking certifications Creation of dashboards for visibility into data across the realm,Create P/L reports for the Finance department to review at anytime Connect Sales and Marketing apps for cross-relationship reporting Track documentation requests to execution,Integration with 3rd party platforms that other departments use to streamline data flow and communication Build our own project management system that is tailored to our processes, instead of using a 3rd party application Create a customer portal,8,It has simplified reporting to only the data needed for certain roles Ability to search historical data to help in future decision making,HubSpot,Yes,Price Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation Vendor Reputation Positive Sales Experience with the Vendor,Unknown, as I am not involved in that process.,Implemented in-house,Learning curve Not having a clear plan before building Not enough user testing,8,9,Every time I submit a support ticket and when I was at Empower last year. At Empower, I had a few moments between sessions and asked if they had any openings. They didn't, but one of the reps overheard my question and offered to help me until his next appointment arrived. We quickly when through my questions and he set up a test app with the functionality I was inquiring about, so I could reference when I was back in the office. It was very helpful and truly appreciated!,Adding fields Creating table-to-table relationship or cross-relationships Creating reports,Dynamic Form Rules: Unable to create the conditions and actions needed, or the logic is different than what you thought to make it happen Ability to manage reports by user (i.e. review reports - public and private - created by a former employee to verify it is still needed) Creating complex formulas to get desired data,Yes,8QuickBase is doing great but has huge improvement opportunityIt is used across departments. It solves distributed a data collection problem.,Archive documents. Real-time analytics. Data collection.,More API on the front end and backend. More control on data connection and link table feature Need modern bootstrap mobile interface. More user-friendly form rule editing interface, more control on form rule, like copy rules to another form. More flexible data type/schema, which allows using any kind of fields in filter or joins. Auto increasing index field which duplicates records but editable. Editable duplicate built-in fields to allow better recovery function. Customized pages which allow a non-login visit[or] to collect data.,9,I think our organization has achieved this benefit. It is faster to build and kind of easy to maintain. Upon request of our users, most applications are more complex than default features and functions. Therefore supporting and maintaining them is no longer that easy. Hope QuickBase will provide more tools for more advanced developers.,Salesforce,It is really easy to build, but not that easy to build it right. For a large organization, functional and powerful applications require cross department design collaboration.,Building and deploying business applications faster Improving collaboration across one or more teams Solving a specific business challenge Building and deploying an application (or multiple applications) that meets our exact needs,It is not hard to implement. However, it is a little hard to keep track of changes. Since lots of control are done by text field and formula field, due to a lack of work flow control in QuickBase, it is not easy to keep pace of changing demand when changing control fields.,,,data collection work flow control real-time analytics,work flow control notification setup customized interface,use as documentary manage master data build data pipeline among departments,8,It glues people together with very low cost data management becomes another challenge due to limit on quickbase train people use modern browser is a key,Alteryx Analytics, Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server,No,Price Product Features Product Usability,Platform improvements plan and response to customers' voice.,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was a major issue with the implementation,Culture challenge Migration cost Training users to use proper device and browser.,8,Self-taught,Yes it is easy to learn. Just takes some practice and learn from mistakes. I would recommend learn online first then jump to the hole yourself later. This can save you a lot of time. I started when there was no training material available.,7,Allow user to add customized variables to users,Yes - we have customized the interface extensively,Yes - we have added extensive custom code,I uses JQuery, VueJS,Bootstrap in QB. Applied Image Onload Technic to forms and pages. They help solve a lot of business problems.,No,8,No,I have my data accidentally deleted and QB helped recovered very very quickly within the same afternoon.,build a table and a form make report manager user,form rule, it becomes monster when you want to do something complex, very hard to use customized page, using CDN is the only way, very hard to load local supporting libs control the UI. Homepage and forms are hard to control since there is no API nor function provided.,Yes,9,7,7,7,Alteryx Tableau,Salesforce,File import/export Single Signon API (e.g. SOAP or REST) Javascript widgets ETL tools,7,I don't know how can we make it easier but maybe QB can provide more tools?,8,8,NA,If you are going to work with vendor, you better know what you want , just do not know how to do it.,No,Usually it doesn't show value that quick until the next iteration of the app is developed.,UI API More tools Control on SAVE button,No,NoQuick Base ReviewMulti-department usage, helps track ordering, contracts, accounts, service levels, field services.,Ease of app build and customization Managing users Add-ons,Mobile More app add-ons,9,Yes but not where it should be, need to be more digital,Microsoft Dynamics 365 (formerly Microsoft Dynamics CRM) and ServiceNow,It's fairly easy but cross table connection could be easier,Building and deploying business applications faster Improving our ability to drive insights from our data Improving collaboration across one or more teams Solving a specific business challenge Building and deploying an application (or multiple applications) that meets our exact needs,Updating records, formulas, rules, users, etc are easy,130,4,Field service Accounting HR,To be utilized,Mobile CRM Update old apps,9,NA,Microsoft Dynamics 365 (formerly Microsoft Dynamics CRM),Not Sure,Price Product Features Product Usability,Not available,Implemented in-house,Yes,Change management was a big part of the implementation and was well-handled,Change Data collection Table reference,7,Self-taught,At the time it was not the easiest, pre 8 years ago,No,7,Yes,When someone deleted an app, support was able to retrieve and repurpose,Forms Reports,Cross table,Yes, but I don't use it,7Lots of Apps/empowered usersOur organization is using many different applications developed in QuickBase. My specific group is developing project management and scheduling tools to manage our capital projects. Our company as a whole is trying to consolidate spreadsheets, improve processes and improve communication across departments.,Quickly allow someone to build a proof of concept to help determine a process flow. This helps showcase to users and management the abilities of Quickbase and how much more powerful it is versus traditional access of Excel. Flexible to allow for on the fly modifications. So often an application is built knowing how to cover 80% of the process and as the exceptions become visible, it's easy to incorporate fixes in the system. Quick report building and sharing. Access and other programs take a ton of time to do what can be done in seconds in QuickBase. Quickbase support is very prompt and knowledgeable.,Gantt charts and their predecessor fields. Building scheduling apps is limited with their Gantt and predecessor fields. The form builder is rather cumbersome. I'd love to see a relationship diagram or a visualization in the Dynamic Form Rules because I can get lost in how many I've built and where there might be overlap. Many to Many relationships are rather difficult to create.,10,Yes, we're empowering business process owners to develop their own applications to consolidate spreadsheets/processes.,,Most of our citizen developers have a pretty easy time building apps. When they want some advanced level stuff, then they ask for help from our more experienced users. We also use a third party Quickbase consultant MCF for things that require complicated solutions.,Building and deploying business applications faster Improving our ability to drive insights from our data Improving collaboration across one or more teams Solving a specific business challenge Building and deploying an application (or multiple applications) that meets our exact needs,I update and maintain applications frequently. It's typically easy to do but I find my skills are in need of sharpening. This is especially true with the introduction of WebHooks and the partnership with Workato.,275,7,Collecting construction scheduling data into one central location Reporting spending forecasts Collaboration between departments,We have a landscaping group that is using a new solution through Quick Base that enables them to track work tickets by location and issue vendors specific scopes of work. Those vendors can then submit proof they've completed the job and submit invoices. Previously this group was using a database built for them back in 1999! It's a gigantic improvement. We are giving different departments small applications as a starting point so they can gain confidence in building small solutions that have been major pain points for them. Afterwards we work with them to coordinate a more strategic plan to address their process and system needs leveraging their newly found enthusiasm and business side expertise. We're getting people to stop trying to recreate old, bad processes to maintain familiarity and to start trying to trim or reinvent actual need from the system.,We are going to start using Quick Base to project our labor requirements to allow us to start resource load our projects. We're going to start helping each department forecast work that comes from neighboring departments by getting alerts and reporting from the schedules each group creates. This will help us proactively work together to accomplish projects rather than be blindsided when we have new job requests with no planning time.,10,Reduced research, reporting and organizing time. Provided better, accurate and timely information to decision makers.,IBM Maximo, Oracle PeopleSoft HCM, Oracle Training,Yes,Price Product Features Product Usability Prior Experience with the Product,I wouldn't.,Implemented in-house,Yes,Change management was minimal,Users simply refusing to use the system. Mind you, these are 25+ year union folks that work in the field and never wanted to work on the computer to begin with. If it's not in their union contract, they won't do it. Most are close to retirement. That's a near impossible scenario to overcome.,8,No,10,Yes,It'd be easier for me to explain I get great service every time. The exceptional part is that every time I walk away from having a trouble ticket I'm amazed at how fast and accurate their help is. This isn't just years of Comcast of lowering the bar for my expectations for support, I'm truly amazed at how good their support staff are!,Report building Table to Table relationship building Roles and permissions,Self inflicted problems like having too many roles and then trying to manage the permissions afterwards.,Yes,10QuickBase is the tool to get your work streamlined!Quick Base is helping us improve business processes, replace spreadsheets, track assets more completely, add workflows and communication in our IT and Shared Services departments as well as our business units. Quick Base is expanding at our company, as more and more users are in the apps, they have more ideas they would like to have built, this could be additional functionality in existing apps or new apps to replace and enhance manual processes or spreadsheets. Growth is also being seen with existing apps by providing additional visibility into apps for more groups. This growth in Quick Base provides additional opportunities for our employees to grow and work on different tasks. We are currently working on implementing a more comprehensive Citizen Development program to get our business units more involved,Availability to integrate with other systems Roles, permissions and security are easily manageable Dashboard are customizable,Better reporting More enhanced UI,10,Yes, we have implemented several business applications to track different types of project management, tracking assets, and tracking safety incidents. Some of our apps in production have been implemented to production if a day or two! Rapid Application Development at its best!,Microsoft Access,I do not have a programming background or education and I can develop in Quick Base. We have a team of people that can help with integrations, table structure and code pages when needed. Some apps do not require any of this to be complete and implemented. If I can develop an app many others can too! That is one of the many reasons we are working to expand our Citizen Developers, they know their data and they are the best people to determine more things they need done with their data! Our apps are very diverse and some take a short time to develop a couple of weeks and others take longer to implement due to integrations etc.,Building and deploying business applications faster Improving our ability to drive insights from our data Improving collaboration across one or more teams Solving a specific business challenge Building and deploying an application (or multiple applications) that meets our exact needs,We are regularly revisiting our apps with the Product Owner to provide additional functionality. Updating the apps are easy, as easy as the original development time. The visuals provided in Quick Base like the Relationship diagram and the table relationships provide a great place for a developer to start to understand an app. This is helpful for a developer to update an existing app.,200,3,project management tracking - inventory assets, incidents sharing and transparency of information,the possibilities are endless, each time we talk with new potential users they have an abundance of ideas where they would like to use QuickBase the integrations and code pages has provided solutions that we might have otherwise not been as successful the vendor add-ons and expertise availability is fantastic,improved project management Quality Control Asset Scheduling,10,Elimination of multiple points for data entry is the first impact that we have realized. This time saver is measurable and quite impactfull, it provides opportunity for people to spend their time on more valuable tasks. Business process is something we are continually striving to streamline and improve and quite possibly eliminate is valuable to the business. Some things are not as easily measurable because of the additional functionality which we did not have prior to QuickBase.,Pivotal Tracker,Yes,Price Product Features Product Usability,I was not directly involved in the selection process, sorry cannot answer this one.,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was a big part of the implementation and was well-handled,a short development window a go live date that had no flixibility,10,Yes,10,No,Earlier this year we had an issue with our single sign on and our users could not access our QuickBase account. It was resolved quickly and efficiently to get our users back in and recording revenue.,Building dashboards Building tables Linking tables,Summary reports are difficult for me,Yes, but I don't use it,10Why QuickBase works for us.Quickbase is being used in various ways across the company. It is most often used to streamline MS Access, spreadsheet or manual processes.,Quickbase provides an easy to use interface to build custom applications without a lot of programming experience. Quickbase has strong native integration capabilities that can allow a developer to use an excel source and replace it with a QB app in just a few minutes. Quickbase has an excellent comprehensive API layer that allows for quick and easy integrations with other systems.,Quickbase could really use some improvement in allowing users to easily and simply customize the UI to better meet their needs. I would love to see alternate keys be available for building foreign key relationships on tables as well as multi-column key values.,9,Yes we have seen this happen, typically to build a custom application from scratch we would see a 2 to 3 man full time IT developer team work for at least a few months in order to deliver the tool to production. With Quickbase we often see an app go live in just a few weeks with 1 or 2 non-IT citizen developers working on it.,Salesforce App Cloud,We use our citizen developers for almost all of our applications and they are able to handle 80% - 90% of all requirements without involving IT. None of our citizen developers have a formal IT background and are usually able to deliver an app or new feature set to production in 4 to 6 weeks.,Building and deploying business applications faster Improving our ability to drive insights from our data,Recently we found an issue with one of our apps that help us maintain our inventory counts. There was a problem with the FIFO logic we had implemented through a custom code page. We were able to get the page updated, delete the bad counts in grid edit view and recreate them correctly. The whole process took less than a couple of hours.,300,5,Project Management Operations Management Ability to integrate seamlessly with other systems.,Self Service Development for business units leading to very decreased development time Lots of small one-off spreadsheet replacement applications that cumulatively save a ton of time,Equipment Tracking,9,It has enabled us to scale by making manual project management tasks automated and programmatic,DocuSign,No,Price Product Features Product Usability,I don't think I would have changed a thing,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was a minor issue with the implementation,Inexperience Data Integration,9,Self-taught,Yes I think some light formal training would have been beneficial,8,We need to be able to define alternate foreign keys,No - we have not done any customization to the interface,Yes - we have added extensive custom code,Table size limits need to be eliminated,8,We had an internal security cert expire, it was our fault but support got it implemented for us within minutes and we were back up and running.,Quick Table Creation Form Creation Report Creation,Limited table relationship options Table size constraints,Yes,9,7,10,9,SQL Server Salesforce Tableau,None,File import/export Single Signon API (e.g. SOAP or REST) ETL tools,9,Increase the API call limits,10,10,Right now we are billed per user with a significant discount off list over a one year term.,Be honest, communicate your growth potential and be willing to partner with them and provide marketable feedback.,Yes,Changes to menus Default collapsed menus,additional user interface tools,Yes,NoPlain and FancyQuickBase is being used to track our new business process.,You don't need to be a programmer or IT person to work with QuickBase. Online documentation is readily available. The Empower annual gatherings are great to network, see what others are doing with QuickBase and especially see what is over the horizon.,A simple request I've made for several years and still nothing has been done. When a report is run have the ability to move from page to page at the top of the report. Currently it only appears at the bottom of a report which requires a user to scroll to the bottom of a report to move forward or backward or select a specific page of the report.,10,Yes, 1 application has saved an estimated 3-4 staff.,,As a citizen developer who also has trained several other citizen developers, QuickBase is so logical that no IT help is required.,Building and deploying business applications faster Improving our ability to drive insights from our data Improving collaboration across one or more teams Solving a specific business challenge Building and deploying an application (or multiple applications) that meets our exact needs,All our applications are constantly being updated. As users see what QuickBase can and does do for them they ask "can QuickBase do this or that?" and the answer I find is YES.,750,2,Tracking daily progress of pension services providing accurate daily status reports Importing information from other in house systems on a daily basis Centralized real time information,Each Quick Base application has saved business teams 2-3 people Replacement of slow, inefficient systems such as Accent.,We are always looking to use Quick Base to solve existing tracking information and data,10,Teams and Management now have real time information,BizNet Excel Suite,Yes,Price Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation Analyst Reports Third-party Reviews,No Quick Base continues to exceed expectations,Implemented in-house,No,User acceptance,10,Self-taught,Training is really up to the individual and their own comfort level.,10,Never say Quick Base can't do something. I have yet to find Quick Base could not solve the needs I have,No - we have not done any customization to the interface,No - we have not done any custom code,None at this time,No,10,No,Yes,Creating forms for User entry of data Importing data from other systems to update on a daily basis Reports, Reports, Reports need I say more Formulas Automated emails and subscriptions,When running a large report I find it cumbersome to move from page to page as the paging is only at the bottom of the screen. Please move the choice also to the top of the report.,Yes,10,10,10,10,No not at this time although we do import data from other legacy systems,None at this time,File import/export,10,Never give up,10,10,Billable licensing amount,No,No,Pending,Super User access,No,NoQuickBase quickly gives you a base to build your foundation for your project or department.We use QuickBase as a repository for documents and as a way to create forms, reporting, and metrics for our Learning/Training Department that serves our greater IT org, Customer Technologies. We have yet to delve as deep as we can into its potential uses, but at present it has addressed our problem with where to store documents and files, as well as, a way to manage and organize our current restructuring of our department's policies, procedures, and development.,It is very easy to create apps specific to our needs. It is a great way to manage and store documentation on many levels. It gives us a one stop location where we can organize our entire restructuring effort.,I would like to be able to upload and store larger video files and Captivate files without having to zip them. In our Learning/Training Department we have a need to share files so that we can have multiple sets of eyes on things as we design and develop learning elements. An easier or more intuitive method to share larger files would be great. It may be because I am still relatively new to QuickBase, but it is not the easiest to navigate when trying to add new users, edit functionality of an app, etc.,10,We have achieved this benefit to a certain extent, but have not yet realized the full potential of the product. I anticipate that as our restructure effort moves forward we will have ample opportunity to test this and realize even more benefit from using the product. From what we have seen of it up to this point it has been indispensable for us as a means to organize our restructuring.,,It can be difficult for non-technical developers to navigate through the creation of applications, however, with that being said, QuickBase help is very efficient and accessible when trying to build something from scratch. Their customer support is top notch and responds quickly to every inquiry for assistance that I have made so far.,Building and deploying business applications faster Improving our ability to drive insights from our data Improving collaboration across one or more teams Building and deploying an application (or multiple applications) that meets our exact needs,I have only updated a QuickBase-developed application twice so far, but both times it was very easy and painless. The product is designed very well and is relatively smooth and effortless to maintain and update. I have no complaints and can only say that the more I use it the more I see its benefit to us both now and in the future.,7,4,A repository to aid in the restructuring of our department and programs. A tool to create measurement and reporting tools during and after the restructuring effort. A way to manage access for documents and files for anonymous users throughout our larger organization.,Sharing Captivate files as we development and design learning elements for our org. Giving us one place to direct students in our new hire classes to find files, documents and other information needed before, during, and after class. Created an app that will help us manage and navigate through the entire restructuring effort.,Sharing documentation across departments. Tracking or measurement of corporate initiatives. Creation of applications that would help manage projects.,10,It has allowed us to achieve our objectives earlier than we expected. It has given us the tools we needed to organize. It has made it possible for us to be more productive in our efforts.,No,Price Product Features Product Usability Third-party Reviews,Because I was not involved in that process it is hard for me to say. Using other products we have evaluated for other uses as a benchmark, I would say that we would test the functionality and compare it to other products so that an informed decision can be made. Again, having not been involved initially, I am assuming that this was the process in choosing QuickBase over another product.,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was a big part of the implementation and was well-handled,We encountered no major issues during our implementation.,10,10,No,I was trying to create an app and could not figure out exactly how to do it. Not only did QuickBase support answer my questions in a timely manner, they also provided me with extra information to make my app even more useful in the day to day management of my project.,Creating applications Managing applications Editing existing applications,Creating intricate applications,Yes, but I don't use it,10Intuit's QuickBase is a GREAT tool for any business!Flexible reporting: easy to create reports that allow you to visualize the data in a number of formats on-the-fly Data-entry: most reports can easily flip into 'Grid Edit' mode which allows for quick data entry from your view of the data Application simplicity: it was straightforward to create an application and its underlying data. This required application expertise, but could be done by business users without heavy involvement from IT. This was a big perk for our organization. Built-in email/alert engine: we used Quickbase to trigger notifications to certain users when data was added, changed, or deleted. This was fantastic to manage workflow.,Quickbase has an API; however it does require expertise to link 3rd party applications via this API. We liked the Quickbase interface so much, we built several integrations to marry the data in the QB platform for analysis.,Faster turn around time for reporting More efficient and effective data entry Improved collaboration Happier customers,10,10,500,2,Sales activity Post-sale project management Issue tracking Backlog management,,,Implemented in-house,8,Online training,10,We pulled in 3rd party data through the API.,7,10,10,9,PeopleSoft Student Information System
Quick Base
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Quick Base
490 Ratings
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Score 7.9 out of 101

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Score 9 out of 10
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I was not directly involved with the initial account implementation, only a bystander. For the app I directly implemented for my department only, I wish I had know to create an app diagram first. I don't remember if that was suggested. I think that would be a great help tip tool when a new app is created, to have a page with a check list of what is needed or how to get started. If you are a regular app builder, then you can bypass it or have the ability to turn it off in the app settings.
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Score 10 out of 10
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The reason I'm not satisfied fully was not Quick Base's fault, but an internal problem. We were under funded, under staffed and users were allowed to avoid the system if they wanted. The amazing success that anyone used it should be looked at as Quick Base's strength.
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Score 9 out of 10
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Our first implementation was a challenge. After 3 years with the product now implementations are a breeze and we have used a couple 3rd party resources for add-ons and custom dev.
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Score 10 out of 10
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Not really. The implementation was smooth. The most challenging part of implementing is getting people on board to see its usefulness and endeavor to use it on a regular basis.
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About Quick Base

Quick Base aims to empower businesses to quickly turn ideas into applications that make them more efficient, informed, and productive. The vendor’s value proposition is that by using Quick Base, anyone — regardless of technical background — can quickly create business apps they can use and share with others.
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Quick Base Features

Has featureLow-code platform for rapid application development
Has featureAdvanced user management
Has featureFast, flexible, unlimited reports
Has featureAPIs
Has featureNotifications, reminders, and subscriptions
Has featureCustom password policies
Has featureCase-based support
Has featureUnlimited customizable roles
Has featureSAML or LDAP integration
Has featureEasy point-and-click customization
Has featureBuilt-in workflows such as reminders, subscriptions, and notifications
Has featureCode-free integrations with other leading cloud apps
Has featureFast, flexible reporting
Has featureAdvanced user management and unlimited roles and permissions

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EnterpriseCustomThey'll work with you to customize a plan to your unique requirements

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