Sauce Labs Ninja Users
Binoy Shah | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 10, 2018

Sauce Labs Ninja Users

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Overall Satisfaction with Sauce Labs

QA team and development team are using Sauce Labs according to their needs. The development team is using sauce lab to trigger some expresso lab tests. QA team is using Sauce Labs for daily automation test cases execution on different platforms like mobile (android and ios) and web. Every day, CI pipeline triggers the execution on a Sauce Labs server with 15 parallel connections. QA team is using sauce connect to check how the application is behaving when it gets launched in the different country. Sauce Labs has a great range of emulators which is many times used to do some manual testing also.
  • The biggest strength of Sauce Labs is very easy to configure.
  • Supports parallel execution on different devices and os combination.
  • Very good reporting which includes video, technical logs, charts, graphs which helps automation engineers to debug the failures in execution.
  • Increase the range of real devices for testing with less cost.
  • Support for high definition video playing on emulators.
  • Many time performance of the execution is really slow, especially when connected with Sauce Connect.
  • Increase the number of software release cycles
  • Improve quality by increasing browser/OS/device coverage
Every day new devices are coming on the market. And as a competitive market, we want to test our app on every combination of devices and os. Also, with a fast output of automation results, we can increase the confidence in product release and that is also on time to our customers for their happy experience with the product.
Sauce Labs is using https protocol to protect their servers. And I am using sauce lab since last 2 years. I haven't heard anything about a security breach in Sauce Labs. I totally trust saucelab when it comes to data security. Anyway, Sauce Labs is following ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and ISO/IEC 27002:2013 security compliances. So no need to worry here.
Customer experience is the biggest challenge nowadays with the rapid change of technology in os and devices. We need to keep taking care of this, with testing all combination of os and browsers and platforms, so that end user will have a great experience while using a product for which they might have paid a healthy amount. Saucelab is helping here, with a great range of os, browsers, and devices.
Minimise hardware cost
Minimise maintenance cost
Different range of OS
Different range of mobile platforms
Different range of web browsers
Rich reporting structure
History-based analyses

All these come under one solution, which I take years to build and in the time of fast rapid development world, now it's a wise decision to go for a paid solution, with great customer support services. Sauce Labs 100%
Sauce Labs is easier to configure, also it has a great documentation which helps a non-technical user in a great way. Sauce Labs is pretty good in performance compared to BrowserStack. And with a variety of support for different automation tools, makes a Sauce Labs 100% a first choice for the organisation to go for their daily automation execution tool.
All the organizations, which wants to test their app on a different set of os, mobile platforms, web platforms and that also from different countries and if they are looking for a one place solution, then Sauce Labs is available for them.