Future-proof IT operations platform that is always looking forward.
Updated May 04, 2020

Future-proof IT operations platform that is always looking forward.

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Overall Satisfaction with ScienceLogic SL1

We are using ScienceLogic SL1 in a multi-tenant environment with our central database in the AWS Gov Cloud. The benefits of the ScienceLogic SL1 platform for us and our customers is the ability to provide access to our customers and their technical staff to use beyond just a monitoring solution but as an operations management platform as well providing insights into the operating environment.


  • The ability to mix collection methods makes ScienceLogic SL1 particularly flexible.
  • Built-in device-specific dashboards provide a one-stop place to see everything associated with a monitored device. It's good to see the new UI has continued this with the device investigator.
  • API access to pull from or push to the SL1 platform is a powerful aspect of the integration capabilities of ScienceLogic SL1.
  • Easily adding new data points makes it easy to expand the scope of the collected data and the importance of the ScienceLogic SL1 platform in the enterprise.


  • Reporting: The reporting mechanism is too complex for the average user. An easier method to query the underlying data would be very beneficial.
  • UI inconsistencies. The new UI appears to resolve that.
  • Documentation: while there is a vast amount of documentation, examples that are applicable to the real world would go a long way towards the adoption of more features of the platform.
  • Due to the integrated nature of the SL1 Platform, we can provide more feature functionality out of the box than other similar products. This directly impacts ROI.
Yes - SMARTs was a dated and limited solution. The integrated and extensible capability of ScienceLogic was the driving reason behind SL1 adoption. It was also part of a new ECO System of fewer tools and more integration developed by the architecture organization.
Yes. The ability to bring in multiple components of the IT or business service provides a holistic view of what's actually happening. Based on that, we can quickly get to the root of many problems that may be occurring in the environment. We are now beginning to look at the components of applications that can include Server/OS, Network, processes running, and other points of collection. That is a powerful aspect of the platform that will be extremely beneficial going forward.
Yes, ScienceLogic SL1 is at the heart of many of the proposals and potential contracts pending with in my company. It is so important to our company that a new dedicated team is being formed to provide support for the sales organization for demo and POV/POC activities. ScienceLogic SL1 is a key piece of that initiative.
We have explored the capability of integrating with multiple complementary platforms to provide a consolidated view of the environments we are supporting. This is a particular strength of ScienceLogic SL1 that we will be exploiting more in the coming months/years. The challenge is to make the platforms being integrated understand that these are complementary integrations that make both platforms more important in the enterprise.
  • Unfortunately, due to the nature of the business model we are operating under, innovation has not been a priority. That is changing.
  • One of the areas of innovation which we want to pursue is integrating with Splunk to provide data to Splunk for analysis as well as a single pane of glass approach to user access to Splunk through the ScienceLogic SL1 UI
  • Using the ability to add custom fields to help identify devices that are not represented in the CMDB and close the gap on the completeness of the CMDB
ScienceLogic SL1 is the only platform that provides a complete solution beyond monitoring and alerting. The cost to deploy is much lower than all of the products listed. While each of them have their strengths over some aspect of SL1, ScienceLogic SL1 brings all of the capabilities together in one place and is extensible enough to improve in those areas or integrate to take advantage of the strength of the other product. ScienceLogic SL1 is an operations management platform which places it ahead of the pack for any decision maker in my opinion. I say that someone who had not heard of ScienceLogic prior to this implementation who quickly became a believer in the platform going forward.
Outside of the reporting complexities, I don't have any areas that I would say are less appropriate for ScienceLogic SL1. I think that enhancing the ticketing mechanism to a more robust ITSM standard. As is now, the adoption of an enterprise-scale will be hard to do. I think it's close. Most users would use an integrated tool rather than an external tool such as ServiceNow.


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