One Solution That Rules Them All
July 26, 2018

One Solution That Rules Them All

David Faustina | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with SendinBlue

Call it happenstance or call it predestined, either way, I am one happy user of SendinBlue and it was all because of a simple Google search and an initial free plan that was beyond generous. SendinBlue has stood up the test of deliverability and continuity. The onboarding, even for a free plan, was simple yet effective. The initial import of contacts and subsequent email campaign was placed on a hold while SendinBlue verified with me how I obtained the contacts and if I had permission to send to these addresses. It was a simple questionnaire and quick phone call and the list was approved and my account marked as safe to send. The process was quick and they scored major points with me in the way they protect their sending IP. This level of scrutiny signaled one important point to make: your emails will end up in the inbox, not in a junk folder. This can equate to increases in sales and thus revenue. Other email marketing programs with less scrutiny will also deliver to fewer inboxes. For brand protection and promotion, there is not a single better solution, in my opinion, than SIB. We use it for our email campaigns and have placed clients with SIB.
  • List migration and verification: high level of scrutiny on your email list import before your first campaign launch. See this as a benefit to your deliverability as junk senders will be eliminated.
  • Templates and Builder: very clean and easy to use builder allowing even a novice to produce great looking emails. Not a lot of fluff and useless elements, only the stuff you need to get information and effective CTA prompts to your valued customers/clients.
  • SMS and SMTP: all under one program allowing for the integration of email marketing and text marketing without having to sync multiple programs.
  • Excellent Support: without a doubt they are the leader in support and you are made to feel like a top customer no matter the volume of emails.
  • Pricing: well, take a look and you will be hard pressed to find a better deal for the quality and volume.
  • Template updates: I would like to see them rotate or add a few template options for seasonal celebrations. For some of my users, they work off of templates and it would be nice to get a few new options from time to time. But this is not a big deal or deal breaker. They offer enough standard.
  • Video tutorials: not a huge thing, but for visual learners, a few video tutorials would be helpful when onboarding new users.
  • Deliverability: SIB protects their sending IP and this shows with the rate of delivery. Junk senders are cautioned, this is not the solution for you.
  • Simplicity: Cut the time it takes to get professional email campaigns out to your audience. Less time = less labor expense.
  • All in one solution allows you to capture and maintain both SMTP and SMS under one program and this has made segmentation and campaigning less annoying and tedious.
SIB offers a simple interface that helps you create great emails that get into the right inbox, every time. If you want a flashy interface that is only that, seek another provider. If you want a serious and top-notch email marketing program, SIB delivers in a big way. I have come to trust this provider and applaud them for developing a solid, secure and sturdy solution that gets our CTA out to those who buy. Give it a try and I am confident you will thank yourself for making such a wise choice in the selection of your email marketing program.
If you want a solution that gets your messages into the inbox, then this solution is for you. Whether you send 100 or 100,000 emails a month, the pricing is competitive and the service is outstanding. For my nonprofit clients, they can be assured that the data remains secure with SendinBlue and they are fully GDPR compliant. And yes, this actually matters even for US-based companies.

Sendinblue Feature Ratings

WYSIWYG email editor
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Evaluating SendinBlue and Competitors

Yes - MailChimp was being used primarily for our automation and campaigning. The pricing started to become an issue as the send numbers went higher. We found SIB to be easy to implement with clients and their no-nonsense approach and quick response time made the decision easy to make the switch.
  • Price
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  • Third-party Reviews
Initially, it was the "all under one roof and simple pricing" that made the trial and testing decision one we made. After that, it was the deliverability and security that made the switch an absolute.
We would have implemented the SIB platform long ago and never looked back. I have since tested three other platforms to ensure I am using the best and each time I am lured away by some flashy system or overhyped sales pitch, I come back to SIB feeling guilty for having even thought about switching. No flash and no hype, just solid and secure for SIB.