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Review: "UserTesting gives the qualitative feedback you need to understand your data."
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September 19, 2017

Review: "UserTesting gives the qualitative feedback you need to understand your data."

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Overall Satisfaction with UserTesting

We use UserTesting for adding to our quantitative research with qualitative feedback from customers and people who may use our tool around the world. We test out new user flows and landing pages, and ask users to review in depth how they might navigate and explore and use the features we're proposing to them.
  • Incredibly fast turn around. There are so many qualified testers out there that if you post a test in the evening, you'll wake up to 5 quality reviews from users who fit your exact demographic.
  • The UI for creating the tests is easy and copying existing tests is easy.
  • Watching and taking notes on the tests is great.
  • The flow for creating tests with the drop boxes can be confusing.
  • Grouping and putting tests into folders isn't made possible.
  • It gives us great additional insights to back up the data we get from our database. Understand why people do things or think them is really important.
  • It has a direct impact on our conversion, which as a direct impact on our revenue. We use UserTesting to improve our homepage for conversion, and a small positive change from UserTesting feedback can lead to huge revenue growth down the line.
We have only run in-person focus groups, these are the only alternatives to UserTesting that I am aware of. And they're not as good, if you're sitting over someone's shoulder watching them, they aren't likely to act as they would on their own.
If you have a workflow in your mobile app or desktop, UserTesting is an excellent way to see how potential users understand and navigate your service.