UserTesting is my gold standard
June 14, 2022

UserTesting is my gold standard

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Overall Satisfaction with UserTesting

We use UserTesting for, I would estimate, 90% of the user experience research we do globally. Without UserTesting, I think we would struggle to gather and act on any insights at all. I recommend UserTesting because of the speed at which I can deliver insights to my teams. Not everyone in an organization understands how user research can help them and with UserTesting, I can 'sell' research to them by delivering feedback on a product from customers, usually on the same day. For my internal customers who know little to nothing about research and whose only experience with feedback might be from polls or a customer service desk, this is revolutionary. It makes me look good, builds trust and credibility, and it allows me to continue to work with that client on more complex problems down the road.
  • Delivers participants, often in the same day
  • Delivers participants who meet my criteria
  • Delivers audio and video of a session (can't live without that)
  • Is flexible enough in allowing me to setup a test in many different ways
  • Let me go back farther than past 10 tests when I exclude participants; just let me choose which tests I want to exclude from or make it specific to my folder(s), not the whole org
  • Would like to see more quant type metrics
  • Make it easier to manage my templates; don't want them mixed up with the whole org's
  • The ability to do meaningful research at all; couldn't be done without UserTesting
  • The ability to incorporate customer feedback; couldn't be done without UserTesting
  • Helping our organization understand our customer's POV and communicate in a language that is meaningful to customers, and not to our own stakeholders
I rarely have had to contact support but when I do, they're able to solve my issue immediately. I recently had to contact support because of a strange glitch and the rep suggested that if it happened again, that I remain on the line with the participant while contacting support so that support could try to salvage my session. I don't know why I hadn't thought of that myself but I'll definitely do that in the future.
I've been using UserTesting for years so if you'd like I'd be able to use it in my sleep but I often find myself not knowing where to look for things. For example, when I create a test, it automatically gets saved into my default folder, even if I'm already in a sub folder. My brain just assumes it will get created in the folder that I'm in so I keep having to remember to navigate to the default folder, find the test, find the menu, and move the test. It's a pain. It's also SO difficult to test my own test. Can you please fix that? Also, I wish there was an easier way to edit all the audiences in my test at once, rather than having to edit them individually.
Getting feedback with UserTesting has become a standard way of doing business now that it's difficult to piece apart from the various ways in which we benefit. I have some clients who won't make any decisions without first getting feedback so, for those clients, I'm logged into UserTesting all day long and running studies.
For me, UserTesting is the standard to beat so if other products don't offer the same then, to my mind, they fail. What I get from UserTesting that other products can't seem to match is: 1) speed of recruitment - UserTesting can always find participants, even when my criteria might be challenging, 2) audio and video - if I'm doing qual research, I have to hear what I person says; I wouldn't do research any other way, 3) not restricting me to concurrent studies.

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In my experience, UserTesting is most successful when you have a working prototype ... although that speaks more to the participants, maybe, than it does to the platform. It just makes it easier on the participants when you can have over a few screens that work with links and users can navigate so that they don't have to image or guess. However, with that said, I almost never have a working prototype and often need to use static screens and I have to ask users to guess where a link will take them and that's also very successful. Sometimes, I even use UserTesting to ask customers questions without showing anything at all. I do that rarely but when I need a quick answer, I know UserTesting can deliver.

Evaluating UserTesting and Competitors

  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Product Reputation
  • Prior Experience with the Product
At another organization I worked at, we trialled UserZoom in parallel with UserTesting. We thought we might do better with different features and we thought we might save money. A few researchers tried UserZoom but the lack of audio was a turn off. The interface for unmoderated participants was not acceptable. We didn't save money.
I would use UserTesting as my standard and outline all the features it offers in great detail. We didn't do that before; not well, anyway. I would then compare that to competitors and I wouldn't bother with paying to use a competitor until I could be sure that it offered something beyond what UserTesting offers.