Webex App, Nice to Connect on the Fly and You Do Not Have the Laptop Open
Updated October 21, 2022

Webex App, Nice to Connect on the Fly and You Do Not Have the Laptop Open

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Overall Satisfaction with Webex App

Stay connected while not in front of the pc and still connect to calls while traveling or cannot open the laptop. It's recommended to install the Webex app always on your mobile phone, log in with your account and let it always [be] updated unless you update it just before connecting to an urgent call.
  • Be connected to call in movement
  • Lighter than desktop app
  • Give you a 2nd opportunity to connect in case of technical problem on your pc/laptop
  • [Be even] lighter
  • Try to be updated when it's needed really
  • Offer more retro-compatibility with old mobile phones
  • 50% of increase productivity on the fly
  • 15% of loss call less respect only having desktop app
  • Happier customer
The Webex App is used by big companies. Based on my past working experience, companies such as Stefanini, Nokia, IBM are using Webex so many clients of those companies are using them too... apart of that, many employees from those multinational are frequently traveling and so they need to attend calls while in movement, maybe without the laptop or just traveling by car and not able to open the laptop.
Well, usually when using this app there's an indicator that gives you the level of health it has. There are cases in which the app is not working because of some strange DNS issues and in that case, no support can help you or notify you in advance, anyway maybe it's something [that's not] predictable and manageable in advance.

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Quite easy to install and use, [the] interface is very simple and straightforward, not complicated... I think it's easier to use than [a] desktop app. Sometimes it seems to [be] quite limited or at least it appears to be like that, I mean maybe some functionalities are like in different spots but difficult to find out.
It's good to connect in movement or when for example your laptop is having some technical issue... Anyway, I've mates that use it more than the desktop app, because they like to move while talking and be free to move around and check other things or you know, just drinking a coffee in the kitchen while listening to long calls...

Webex App Feature Ratings

Mobile Access
Integrates with Gmail and Google Hangouts
Integrates with Outlook

Cisco Hybrid Work

  • Working from anywhere (e.g., coffee shop, airport)
  • Working from an office or other company space
  • Working from home
Fortunately, we tried to implement Webex App before the pandemic, so it was very smooth transitioning from a hybrid way of work to a complete remote environment... after the pick of the pandemic it was also smooth to come back to a hybrid way ok work again. Having a tool like that empowers you to face any of the pandemic-time challenges.
The main organizational challenges we faced as we planned or implemented hybrid work where: -keep up the good communication -deal with 'home' problems while remote working -trying to have remote events to socialize and not always only work -increment even more the need of remote calls to try to copy the 'face to face' world
It helped us maintaining a smooth communication between all the distinct departments and units inside our company. Using that tool before the pandemic period helped us overcoming many of the challenges typical of that period... our company was already prepared and the transition was smooth and also Webex was already implemented and working fine.
The transition was quite smooth, apart from the emotional instability, we took a little to change our habits and work fully using a hybrid work model. We were worrying about our clients, but the most of them who were provided with some hybrid work tools, were working smoothly and without any major interruption.
Cisco is a synonym of security and tons of year of experience in the networking and hybrid solutions... you know, hybrid work models are not new, they were around already several years ago... anyway the pandemic period accelerates its adoption and also abruptly obliged to face the new reality over there.
  • Webex
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Zoom
  • Google Meet
  • Slack