Zoom is by FAR the best web conference tool out there! It's AMAZING!
November 02, 2017

Zoom is by FAR the best web conference tool out there! It's AMAZING!

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Overall Satisfaction with Zoom

Zoom is being used across our whole organization. It's solving a huge business problem by allowing us to have a reliable web conference that provides extremely clear video during video conferences, while also having very few technical issues.

We have also held webinars with more than 100 viewers. Our customers have rarely had issues joining our Zoom conferences for calls as well. Zoom is used for all of our internal meetings, customer calls, sales calls, etc. It's extremely easy to install and use. It's MUCH better than GoToMeeting, WebEx, Blue Jeans, or ANY other web conference tool out there!


  • It's extremely easy to install and very intuitive to use.
  • The video quality is unparalleled. We've used other web conference tools in the past, and the video quality used to be grainy or laggy. Zoom is awesome, and you'll be very pleased with the video quality.
  • Zoom Rooms are AWESOME for larger companies because you can just walk into your meetings, press "Start," and start your video conference meeting!


  • The Zoom Scheduler Chrome extension isn't perfect. When you make a Zoom meeting from a calendar event, the Zoom meeting doesn't have all of the settings applied to it. It doesn't automatically record to cloud, although my Zoom account meeting settings are set to automatically do so.
  • One or two customers have ran into technical issues with Zoom. They absolutely couldn't install it, and they had to dial in using the conference numbers. Although extremely rare, I guess some computers just can't work with Zoom. It may have been a network issue, but we're not sure.
  • Zoom Rooms can be quite expensive, but absolutely worth it. Smaller companies likely can't shell out the dough for this, however.
  • It's had a huge positive impact because it has helped us connect better with our internal employees, and with customers. Due to minimal technical issues, we can quickly jump on a Zoom call with employees for quick questions or on-the-fly meetings. We can also easily set up customer calls using the Zoom Scheduler Chrome extension.
  • Zoom rooms have been used on a daily basis, and they help us all throughout the day because we can quickly start and end meetings with the Zoom room features. Also, we have multiple offices, and it's improved collaboration because we can quickly and easily jump in Zoom meetings with our fellow remote employees.
  • Our customers have loved Zoom as well because it just works! Most of our customers use other web conference tools, and they're always pleasantly surprised at how easy Zoom is to install and use.
Yes, we've been using Zoom Rooms ever since we switched over to Zoom. We're extremely satisfied with the Zoom Rooms. However, there have been some technical issues recently with the audio, and we found out that we need to upgrade them. Our CSM notified us that we can get them upgraded for free - we would just need a Zoom technician to come over and upgrade the software.
Zoom is SO much better than the other web conference options out there. We selected Zoom because we tested it, and all of our employees absolutely loved it. It was so easy to convince our IT Team to switch over to Zoom. It meant fewer issues for them to fix!
Zoom is well suited for mid- to large-sized companies because it helps employees connect with their colleagues who may be located in other offices. In addition, Zoom allows you to hold large webinars or conference calls. It's extremely reliable and provides very high-quality video that can be automatically recorded to the cloud or locally. It's less appropriate for smaller companies because it may be expensive, and may not be as useful since meetings can be held in person.

Zoom Workplace Feature Ratings

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High quality audio
High quality video
Calendar integration
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Record meetings / events
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Live chat
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Using Zoom

Zoom has been by far the easiest web conference tool for our internal employees and for our customers to use. Customers who've never used it find it extremely intuitive, and they've all loved Zoom! By clicking the Zoom link, you're automatically launched into the session after the Zoom app installs. There's no confusion in joining or leaving sessions, sharing/unsharing your screen, etc.!
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
  • Setting up and running meetings are extremely easy to perform. Sharing your screen is very intuitive as well.
  • Creating Zoom meetings for calls on-the-fly is extremely easy using the Zoom Scheduler Chrome extension. It integrates well with Google calendar.
  • Dialing in from your iPhone has never been easier with the iPhone one-tap feature. You can open up the Google calendar app on your phone, open up the event details, and tap the iPhone one-tap number. Boom. You're dialed in.
  • After sharing your screen, some of our customers found it a little bit difficult to share mouse control. The module disappears from the top after a while, and the person sharing his/her screen needs to move the mouse up to the top to activate the module in order to be able to share his/her screen.
Yes - Mobile is great! You can easily join or start a meeting from your phone. The picture quality is awesome, even if you a poor wifi connection. I've tried using FaceTime with poor wifi, and it's extremely choppy and grainy. I switched to Zoom using the same wifi, and it was perfect!


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