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Adobe Target

110 Ratings
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Adobe Target

1. We changed ship dates on individual product pages depending on customer location so they would have an accurate timeline for their orders. This really helped lower our volume of customer service calls on tracking orders.2. We have stores as well as an online presence. With Target we were able to advertise sales on b-stock items from our warehouse to our local customers without letting those that live outside a certain radius see the promo.3. If your marketing team doesn't have a tech background this software has a steep learning curve. There is quite a bit of manual configuration required. The image carousel is one example that we struggled with.


  • Advanced targeting capabilities - TnT allows you to write your own JavaScript/Rhino code in situations when the out-of-the-box features aren't enough.
  • Integration with SiteCatalyst - test data is pushed into SiteCatalyst for comprehensive reporting.
  • Rapid test creation - this can be achieved via "local" HTML offers, redirects or referencing AEM/CQ5 components.


  • Be careful to not rack up too many server calls - this can be a costly endeavor. If you're in a large corporation which can afford mass quantities of server calls per year, then you won't have to be as concerned. If you are a small company, you must be more prudent and use T&T for specific campaigns which have a life span, can warrant specific results, and do not linger on. De-activating mboxes within T&T is a great way to disable mboxes without bugging IT or your web developers about removing/adding mboxes every time you want to run a campaign.
  • T&T is client-side user experience testing, meaning what the customer sees is based on their specific visit in a specific web browser - and the experience is controlled by T&T during the lifespan of the cookie. This is not a fault of T&T, but it is necessary to understand. As you build and QA campaigns, you still have to check the experience in ALL browsers and you have to be aware that a user visiting your site on more than one computer may see different experiences based on how they were routed in the test campaign.

Likelihood to Renew

Adobe Target6.3
Based on 24 answers
It's been working great for us even though it has its shortcomings, but it integrates well with other tools that we already have. Unless there is a tool that stands out from the crowd and offers much more benefit, we will be most likely to renew this software.


Adobe Target1.1
Based on 4 answers
Interface is intuitive and easy to use.

Reliability and Availability

Adobe Target6.1
Based on 4 answers
i don't think we use the full functionalities of the tool, but to use the full functions, it's almost impossible (Too hard)


Adobe Target8.0
Based on 3 answers
The bottleneck is never the software program


Adobe Target7.0
Based on 6 answers
Customer support isn't really used as I am an internal power user of the tool.

In-Person Training

Adobe Target8.1
Based on 3 answers
The instructor that came to train us was awesome and this training was very useful. I would recommend it for anyone who is going to be using this software. I only mark it lower because it is an added expense to an already expensive product, and a lot of the training covered the "Target" portion of the software (which again, we didn't use)

Online Training

Adobe Target6.1
Based on 3 answers
The training was very easy to understand, however it would have been more useful to my development team than me. It was also primarily over-the-phone, which is never as easy to follow as in-person. We ended up scheduling and paying for an in-person training session to supplement the online/phone training because it wasn't helpful enough.


Adobe Target7.2
Based on 5 answers
Was implemented at our organization before I began working with it.

Alternatives Considered

We have looked at Optimizely but at this point are sticking with Test & Target. We like the integration it has with our Analytics tools such as Ad Hoc and SiteCatalyst. Also, we feel that Adobe has some interesting products that we would like to dig into in the future such as Audience Manager.

Return on Investment

  • The new cloud-based pricing is cost-effective.
  • The Adobe name gave us trust of the product.
  • Security tests went quickly and smoothly--always a plus.

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Adobe Target

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