Expensive, inaccurate, and 70% not useful.
September 03, 2013

Expensive, inaccurate, and 70% not useful.

Sarah Schick | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction

  • The product interface is very easy to use. Tests are easy to set up and manage.
  • From the development standpoint, tests are not any easier to set up than they would be manually. They actually are more complicated and provide more work to our development team.
  • The software is extremely expensive. You cannot segment your tests or campaigns by geo-targeting, for example, unless you pay extra for that portion of the package.
  • Customer service was easy to get into contact with, but your consulting time with them is very limited, and they weren't always knowledgeable about the issues you needed help with.
  • The software is mainly centered around the "Target" portion of the product (I would say about 75% of the product is devoted to this). Once testing completes, there are many options to push your winning campaigns live and target them to specific segments. Unfortunately this adds to the expense of the software; you pay by impressions. We also use an external ad display software. For these reasons, we did not use any of the targeting portion of the product, which left 75% of it unusable.
  • Test results are real-time, but we found they weren't always accurate. For example, when we would implement the winning campaign from a test, we often found no drastic improvement in conversion, or sometimes it even converted worse.
  • Our site is primarily motivated to generate more traffic and conversions (leads) for our clients. In using this software, we had hoped to optimize our traffic and lead generating pieces so that we maximized signups.
The software is so expensive that we can only use it in limited capacity. It does not simplify any work for our development team in our testing process. We also found that testing results from it weren't always accurate.
If your website is lighter in traffic and you have the money to pay for this software, it is good for serving ads and targeting user segments. But if you are comfortable with doing this process manually and have a good development team to help you, it would be better to save your investment.

Product Usage

  • This product is used for A/B testing to help optimize conversions across our site.

Evaluation and Selection

We did all of our a/b testing manually through the development team.


Implementation was very slow and we didn't know the details or timeline until it had already been activated (so we missed our first period of use for the software).


  • Online training
  • In-person training
  • Self-taught
The instructor that came to train us was awesome and this training was very useful. I would recommend it for anyone who is going to be using this software. I only mark it lower because it is an added expense to an already expensive product, and a lot of the training covered the "Target" portion of the software (which again, we didn't use).
The training was very easy to understand, however it would have been more useful to my development team than me. It was also primarily over-the-phone, which is never as easy to follow as in-person. We ended up scheduling and paying for an in-person training session to supplement the online/phone training because it wasn't helpful enough.
You can get the basics from self-training, but you miss a lot of the additional features and details without doing a formal training. If a company is going to seriously invest and use this software, I highly recommend you pay for a trainer to come and help you.


Customer service was friendly and very reachable. However, they weren't always knowledgeable in helping us solve our problems. Also, because of our contract we were limited in the number of support hours and help we could receive.
Not Sure - We did get support hours as part of our package, but based on the price we paid we were limited in those hours. Our support representatives did schedule weekly calls with our company, but they typically were unnecessary, not helpful, and only succeeded in eating up the precious hours we had paid for.