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101 Ratings
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For automating email out reach, and then planning some strategic cold calling/other prospecting activities around that outreach. Its a very good tool for that, freeing up time for cold calling and targeted LinkedIn messaging. Generally, all top of the funnel like activities and then the next stage where prospects need some nurturing - Yesware helps to automate those early stages of the sales process
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  • Ability to upload an entire excel sheet/CSV of contacts. Huge for avoiding to have to upload individuals manually.
  • The multi-touch function, where you can send a prospect multiple emails, automatically, throughout the course of weeks/months and keep them engaged. Super helpful.
  • The scheduling functionality. Some people check email first thing in the morning and are extremely busy during the day. The ability to schedule an email to go out at, for example, 7AM - is extremely effective and gives you a chance to make a touchpoint at a time when you otherwise wouldn't have been able to.
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  • We don't use Yesware's dialer tool because it doesn't measure up to the quality or speed of their competitors
  • Yesware has kept on a legacy tool, 'MailMerge' which is essentially duplicative to the main tool 'Campaigns', but has one neat feature that allows us to 'CC' another recipient, which is useful we want to reach out to two people at the same account
  • Yesware makes sure that users don't add the same prospect to multiple email/call campaigns, but it does not offer that safety measure across users, so theoretically, two sales/marketing reps can be reaching out to the same person
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Likelihood to Renew

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I like the product, but due to the limitations I don't love it. I'm curious to revisit other options, particularly in lieu of Yesware's recent price increases (although I'm on a legacy plan). Some of my challenges to be browser related (I'm on an older computer) -- I'll have to see how things go when I receive my new computer. If the glitches (especially with regard to tracking accuracy and send later feature) go away, I'd be much more inclined to renew
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Alternatives Considered

All of these tools do what Yesware does, and more; but Yesware does the follow-up email portion best, in my experience. It is reasonably priced and is regularly adding new functionality to make it a sticky license for us to have. Yesware does not have predictive analytics or a particularly strong dialer solution, but it does provide team-wide and template efficacy tracking, and a basic dialer.
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Return on Investment

  • Based on current use-case, I'm not sure there needs to be a strong ROI. I couldn't say I've seen one, per se, but it does benefit my day-to-day operations.
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