Yes to Yesware!
May 10, 2019

Yes to Yesware!

Jillian Straw | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Yesware

We utilize Yesware in all company-wide emails. Whether it be mass email merges or campaigns for Prospects or more personalized single use emails. It is used by our Sales department, Billing department, Marketing department and Account Management department as well as by our Executive and C-Level team. Yesware enables us to not only utilize the stats from Merges but also simply be aware of whether or not our emails have been opened and the links within them clicked on a single use scale as well.
  • Tracking open rates, link click rates, and reply rates. This allows us to compare different templates in order to see which allows for the most interactions and meetings set directly from email engagement.
  • Seeing exactly when someone opens an email and whether it is in their normal location. Also if they are opening on a mobile device versus a computer to be able to organize the set up of the email in a more beneficial way.
  • Being able to save Templates for Mail Merges to avoid the duplication of effort that other mass email systems utilize.
  • Currently, if you send a personal email to more than one recipient it will only tell you that "someone" opened the email, it would be nice to know which of the 4 people it was CC'd to actually opened it.
  • With the last update from Google/Gmail, it made it so that Yesware reporting was a bit off. If the sender opened an email they would get the notification that "someone" opened it, despite the fact that is supposed to only be for recipients.
  • Despite being a Team Leader or Manager, there does not seem to be a way to track the stats of the others on your team, which makes reporting a very difficult and time-consuming task. If this is possible it is not user-friendly in that it is not easily accessible.
  • Increased the ability to create meetings that have the possibility of resulting in Closes of Sales, directly increasing ROI.
  • Allows for the email sender to see which links were clicked and personalize the conversation to reflect the topics therein.
  • Ability to call a prospect directly upon seeing that they have recently opened your email without giving a response.
Yesware is simple. There is less of a hassle upon implementing it and setting up multiple users. The pricing is also much more reasonable and pragmatic. HubSpot was overly complicated and not as specialized, trying to do too much instead of perfecting one aspect. With Yesware you pay for what you need and nothing else.
If you send mail merge campaigns it is necessary. The need that other platforms are missing to save templates and CSV contact lists is prevalent here. There is no need for other platforms to integrate into Yesware, despite some of its competitors requiring it. The ase of download and linking to Gmail is invaluable. It would not be necessary if a company or individual is sending less than 100 emails in a day, but for a company that is in SaaS and sends multiple hundreds of emails in a day, it is entirely needed.

Using Yesware

25 - Sales Development Representatives, Account Executives, Account Managers, Data Team Managers, Vice President, Billing and Accounts Receivable, Marketing.

Each team utilizes it in a different way, mostly relying on the reporting ability to maintain oversight into client and prospect interactions. It is necessary to know not just when someone replies or if it has been too long in between messages sent, but also how frequently they are opening the emails and what device they are using.
2 - The Team Leaders maintain oversight into Yesware, but even then the abilities are lacking. Not on the user's end but on the platform end. It is not easy to get in touch with a Support Team member of Yesware in the case of usability issues. The people in-house on my end that are Team Leaders are seemingly only that in the title and not in actual accessibility.
  • Saving Templates for Mail Merges that will get sent to different groups of people.
  • Customizing so individual peoples names are given in each email despite being sent to 100+ recipients.
  • Reporting on the individual sender level.
  • Campaigns versus merges. This shows when to make a call, not just when to send an email.
  • Tracking links to see exactly what is grabbing the most attention.
  • Offering pre-made templates for specific situations in case Copy Writing is not your strong point.
  • Reporting if the issues can be addressed.
  • Saving the CSV uploads of individuals who did not Open or Respond into a separate list to reengage at a later date.
  • Seeing exactly who in a smaller single-use email is opening the message.
While it is not perfect, no software in any medium is, and this is coming from someone in SaaS. Yesware is simple, easy to use as a general statement, and offers a minimal amount of reporting necessary to have actionable insights into your email persona. We will continue to utilize Yesware for the foreseeable future. If the reporting feature gets more exact I will even be recommending it to other businesses in my industry.