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Quantum DXi Series

Quantum DXi Series


What is Quantum DXi Series?

Quantum DXi Series is public company Quantum's deduplication solution.

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What is Quantum DXi Series?

Quantum DXi Series is public company Quantum's deduplication solution.

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What is Quantum DXi Series?

Quantum DXi Series Video

DXi-Series Introduction and Walkthrough

Quantum DXi Series Technical Details

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Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Quantum DXi only in Australia. It is the main backup storage for our virtual environment. Backup and replication to DR site are an everyday activity which is completely covered under the Quantum solution. We have 3 units and backup software which are doing snapshots backup for 100+ VMs.
  • Backup and replication for VMs are going well with our Quantum DXi solution.
  • Deduplication level is great, the GUI informative and well placed.
  • Differential backup replicated properly and fast to DR site.
  • Cost of licenses to unlock free space should be better.
  • Life circle of storage will be longer for my expectation.
  • Space reclamation should be improved.
It is good hardware/software to do VMWare backup, very reliable and convenient device.
Hyper-V backup may be less appropriate to do due to specific software needs.
  • Really positive ROI, backup and DR are running well.
  • Works as expected.
  • Price for support and maintenance mostly suits our expectations.
Cost effective and performance were the main reasons why we took Quantum DXi. Software and cloud solution may be better for us right now. We are going to find some new ways to do backup and DR properly.
Support from Quantum was okay, they performed FW upgrade and replaced few faulty disks without any problem.
Some old-style connections and requirements from them produced additional loads on our IT team.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It is being used as a backup target for our backup environment and it also connects to our Quantum i6k tape library for backups. We use PTT or path to tape to offload our images from the DXi to our I6k this is the fastest method we have found because the images come directly from the DXi to the tape library.
  • It compacts data very well , we have 2.4 petabytes sitting on 240tb
  • It runs constantly typically without any major issues even after a reboot
  • The auto firmware update feature works well
  • Support is usually very good
  • Every feature on the Quantum requires a license purchase, this is seriously annoying and drives the cost of the device up
  • The cost of the device is somewhat high
  • Active Directory integration is a bit of a pain
The Quantum DXi is a great storage target and it does deduplication of data very well. The storage array is typically a rock solid running array, meaning there would be very few issues and it just kind of chuggs along. We still have an old DXi 6700 and it is still up and running. We are currently using a DXi 6900s and it is very fast.
  • Storage Target for data that can be Deduped
  • Using accent to do inline dedupe is great
  • Works well with netbackup accelerator and netbackup
The Quantum DXi competes very well against all of these devices and they all have ups and downs. The netbackup appliance is very affordable for the amount of storage that you get, Dell's version of a storage target had horrible deduplication and was not efficient for the use of a storage target.
The actual support personnel and the support provided is very good, and they are typically very responsive to any request that come in. We have never had a bad support experience. All support has been based in America and have always been able to resolve any issues or problems that have come up. the automated call home feature works well.
Veritas NetBackup, Veritas NetBackup Appliance, Veritas Enterprise Vault, Dell EMC Celerra (Discontinued), Dell EMC VMAX All Flash Storage, Dell PowerEdge R, Dell PowerVault, Dell Force10 Ethernet Switches
July 18, 2016

DXi Does it all

Dave Treamer | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use the DXi for the D2D backend disk for our backup solution (NetBackup). We have implemented all protocols allowing us to backup our open systems data and EPIC. We have also configured a couple of NAS shares to allow us to run SQL maintenance jobs to the DXi. The DXi is also configured to write to our IBM tape library as a longer term storage option.
  • A perfect solution for D2D backups. We are seeing a large savings with the de-duplication piece.
  • Very versatile device. We like being able to use any backup protocol we need to for the many diverse jobs we have in the medical industry.
  • Interface is simple and easy to use.
  • We had some expansion issues with the DXi 8500s and needed to implement a secondary DXi6902 system to allow for the expansion required.
As a backend disk solution for NetBackup it works perfectly, and is easy to install and get up and running.
The only aleternative looked at prior to the DXi was ExGrid, while both are great options the DXi offered a little more versatility and the support has been terrific.
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