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What is Maptitude?

Caliper Corporation headquartered in Newton offers Maptitude, designed to be a robust and easy-to-use professional Location Intelligence (LI) tool. Maptitude provides features that allow the user to take advantage of the geographic elements of enterprise (or government) data, and to…

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What is Maptitude?

Caliper Corporation headquartered in Newton offers Maptitude, designed to be a robust and easy-to-use professional Location Intelligence (LI) tool. Maptitude provides features that allow the user to take advantage of the geographic elements of enterprise (or government) data, and to effectively…

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What is ArcGIS?

Esri in Redlands, California offers ArcGIS, a geographic information system.

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What is Maptitude?

Maptitude Video

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Frequently Asked Questions

Caliper Corporation headquartered in Newton offers Maptitude, designed to be a robust and easy-to-use professional Location Intelligence (LI) tool. Maptitude provides features that allow the user to take advantage of the geographic elements of enterprise (or government) data, and to effectively explore information.

Reviewers rate Support Rating highest, with a score of 8.9.

The most common users of Maptitude are from Small Businesses (1-50 employees).
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Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We provide GIS-based research and consulting for the financial service and the casino industry. We provide Customer data enhancement, combined with segmentation, which will allow you to target specific customers, and non-customers, that match specific products, and services, based on characteristics you might not be tracking. This might include life-cycle data, occupation, discretionary income, proximity to your office, profitability, and more.
  • Integrates data from disparate sources.
  • Easy to use GIS functions including drive time analysis, territory analysis, buffer and density analysis and data aggregation, geo coding.
  • For the work we are doing Maptitude work perfectly.
Maptitude has proven to be an easy tool got banker to analyze their lending patterns for CRA and HMDA. In addition, it helps refine and target potential customers based on segmentation models. Given the new 2020 census data, Maptitude is ideal for understanding the changing demographics.
  • Ease of use.
  • Comprehensive data sets.
  • Complete GIS functionality.
  • Technical Support.
  • Our business revolves around the Maptitude software. We use it in every research project and report we produce.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Maptitude to map people and projects, calculate distances, and compare demographics. The built-in Census Bureau data allows us to target areas for development and provide data for policymakers. The ability to add our own data to the Census Bureau data, and the database features, in particular the ability to use formulas, adds another level of functionality that really puts Maptitude on another level.
  • Map large lists of addresses.
  • Perform data calculations with the database features.
  • Calculate distances in mileage and driving time.
  • Integrate charts.
  • Some functions are not intuitive and require training.
  • More graphics options.
  • More charting options.
Maptitude is well suited to mapping large data sets. I routinely map data sets of several hundred thousand points. It works well layering multiple data sets on top of each other in order to compare them.
  • Combined mapping and database features.
  • Very reasonable cost.
  • Great customer service.
  • More professional data sets.
  • Enhanced analysis ability.
Brett Lucas | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
As a user of Maptitute for the past 10 years, I can say that I have been continually impressed at the improvements that have been made through each iteration of the software. I use the software primarily for business/retail applications, institutional research, and logistics. Maptitude's greatest strength is the software’s ability to crunch through “big data” sets and display that data spatially in just a few steps. Maptitude is a great alternative to ArcMap, as all of the ArcMap extensions (i.e. spatial analyst, network analyst, etc.) are all built-in for a fraction of the cost. Using Maptitude, I can easily create 3-D maps, heat/hot spot maps, Thiessen Polygons (Areas of Influence), drive-time rings, flow maps (desire lines and spider maps), territory mapping, and spatial overlays (tagging features from one layer to another), trade area/site selection, and much more. I can also easily bring in shapefiles, imagery, and terrain data from a variety of sources. Maptitude has a robust geocoder built-in, that can instantly locate data that you have stored in Excel, Google Sheets, Access, or other SQL formats. Maps can be exported in a variety of formats that interact nicely with the Microsoft Office Suite environment. As one who has taught Business GIS courses, the beauty of Maptitude is the low learning curve, which allows my students to focus on the analysis and results of data and less time on basic GIS software fundamentals. For the price ($695), Maptitude, is hands down the best desktop GIS software on the market.
  • Geocoding
  • Thematic mapping
  • Big data
  • Data dashboards
Maptitude excels with data visualization so spatial patterns within your tabular data start to appear allowing you to convey that information in a straightforward manner. Fully integrates with Microsoft Office.
  • Strong mapping ability as a consultant
  • Data analytics
Best mapping software in the industry at this price-point, with rich datasets included.
Customer support has always been top-notch.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I'm a logistics consultant running my own business. I use Maptitude for visualisation and analysis on behalf of my clients for two completely different business streams - mainly for logistics studies but also for looking at databases from customers in areas like marketing, field service, membership organisations... while remaining GDPR compliant of course!!
  • Being able to visualise customer spread and hotspots
  • Analysing proximity to existing logistics facilities and their coverage, overlap and exposure using drive time zones
  • Analysing potential new locations using centres of gravity and, particularly, the facility location tool
  • What I call the batch mileage tool - generating times and distances between multiple locations
  • The flow tool - being able to visualise volumes moving between locations
  • While the established territory tool is great, I'm currently trying to get to grips with the new (beta) tool for balancing territories and not finding it intuitive - but I've just got in touch with Support!
  • Some aspects which were irritating in the past have now been dealt with - like the huge number of files it generated, which are now saved as one Workspace
In logistics it is great for allocating customers to their nearest warehouse through a process called tagging. For marketing, you can prioritise sales leads and carry out competitor adjacency analysis. For field-based roles it's useful for calculating work content, and for membership organisations and similar situations, it can be used to look for clusters with similar interests.
  • I used to use ultra low cost MapPoint. Maptitude, while being at a slightly higher price point, is just streets ahead of what MapPoint could do and but at a price where I don't need to charge my clients any extra for using it.
I was a MapPoint user and was looking for a simple GIS tool to replace it when Microsoft announced that they weren't going to update it any further - actually Maptitude can do masses more than I ever need it for, and it does what I need really well - masses better than MapPoint could do.
Caliper are really good at responding to any difficulties you're having ...even if it's your own fault! If I was a US user, I'd immediately give it 10/10, but because I'm in the UK and am an early bird, there are those occasions where I've needed support in our morning, but had to be patient. But it's not an issue.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Maptitude is mainly used to meet admissions and marketing needs. This tool, even though the learning curve can be steep for some, is a great tool providing the means to map our admissions and marketing data. It also provides census data that we can overlay to help us make decisions on where to market. The only issue is that with several companies moving to PowerBi, this tool may become obsolete.
  • Importing Data - simple to import data, unless you are adding data to a previously created map.
  • Mapping Data - will map all sorts of data, and does a real good job with it.
  • Creating Territories - the ability to create territories along with adding census data to said territories is a huge plus!
  • Adding Census data to territories - this is great as it allows you to create your territories specifically for your marketing and admissions' needs.
  • Ease of use, the learning curve is steeper than normal; however, once you learn it, it is simple.
  • The tools can be glitchy. There are times when you add say a radius to the map and go to move it; the tool tries to resize the area and not move it. You have to re-click on the tool that you want every time; it is cumbersome at times.
  • The zip code areas should be smoother. If you market via zip code and not DMA, you will have this issue. It is not the systems fault, so-to-say, it is the way that the system maps these zips, using zip area.
If you want to map any form of data that requires a geographic map, I would recommend Maptitude. This program will allow you to map all types of data, along with the ability to create territories. You can also find locations quickly and easily. I use this function to center my marketing areas around my campuses. Then I use the radius tool to outline my areas. Finally, I create territories within those areas.
If you already have PowerBI, I would not recommend this program as PowerBI, can map data and more with its recent additions to the program.
  • I am not at liberty to provide ROI but can tell you; this tool has allowed us to better target potential sales areas for our campuses. When enrollments are pulled from these new areas, the ROI increases. I have not seen it decrease while utilizing this program.
Maptitude is far superior to this API. It provides the ability to utilize your data in many different ways. The only program that came close to this was Microsoft Maps, and that program is no longer supported. If you are looking for a great program to map your sales data, with several tools to help not only see and understand your data in a graphical format, Maptitude is a winner!
Overall, the support at Maptitude is decent. The lower rating is due to the time that it takes to get a reply to your issue. I would put in a ticket and several hours later, receive a reply. This seems to have changed for the better recently, but I am rating my overall experience with this program. Most of the time, I utilized their support to help me understand something that their system provided; the issue was the fact that the steps to take were not what I expected. After support helped me a few times with this issue, I was well on my way of mastering this program. As stated earlier, the learning curve of this system is steeper than most, but once you understand the process and where things are, this program is very powerful.
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