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PayScale Insight Lab

PayScale Insight Lab


What is PayScale Insight Lab?

PayScale Insight Lab is a sales intelligence software solution offered by PayScale, Inc.

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PayScale is a versatile software that is extensively used across organizations for various purposes. One of the primary use cases of …
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What is PayScale Insight Lab?

PayScale Insight Lab is a sales intelligence software solution offered by PayScale, Inc.

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Product Details

What is PayScale Insight Lab?

PayScale Insight Lab offers what the vendor describes as a smart, easy to use compensation management software, and promises transparent datasets, intuitive structure modeling, and best-in-class service and support to ensure the user is quickly set-up to attract and retain top talent.

The vendor states PayScale Insight Lab presents the following advantages:
  • THE RIGHT LEVEL OF DATA. Validated, built-in datasets let the user know what similar companies are paying for jobs, and unique skill based data to keep an eye on market trends for fast moving jobs.
  • BUILD A MODERN COMPENSATION STRATEGY AND STRUCTURE. Leverage smart software to develop a comp strategy that is best suited to any particular organization. A sound compensation strategy allows businesses to pay fairly and competitively while remaining focused on the bottom line.
  • COMMUNICATE COMPENSATION WITH CONFIDENCE. PREVENT COSTLY TURNOVER. Conversations about pay can sometimes matter more than the pay itself. Easily communicate compensation to employees. Ensure employees understand what they are paid and why.
  • ENSURE PRICING IS ACCURATE FOR EVERY JOB. Reduce over-underpayment issues as you grow. Blend multiple data sources, including industry standard surveys with Insight Lab's built-in Company & Crowdsourced data, in a simple and visually friendly interface.

PayScale Insight Lab Features

  • Supported: Match jobs by unique skills
  • Supported: Configurable Employee Comp Report
  • Supported: Structure and strategy to manage employee base pay and model what-if scenarios
  • Supported: Robust analytics to understand market movement, discover hot jobs, and identify flight risks

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PayScale Insight Lab Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
Supported LanguagesEnglish

Frequently Asked Questions

PayScale Insight Lab is a sales intelligence software solution offered by PayScale, Inc.

CompXL, PayScale Payfactors, and CompAnalyst are common alternatives for PayScale Insight Lab.

The most common users of PayScale Insight Lab are from Mid-sized Companies (51-1,000 employees).
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

PayScale is a versatile software that is extensively used across organizations for various purposes. One of the primary use cases of PayScale is its role in benchmarking, grading, and reviewing market comparators within a company. This feature allows users to bring the grading process in-house, resulting in cost savings and improved compensation calibration and pay for performance. According to users, PayScale's ability to generate accurate reports and benchmark jobs has been invaluable in ensuring fair market rates for current and potential employees.

The HR department relies heavily on PayScale Insight to price and benchmark jobs, evaluate salary ranges for internal equity and market competitiveness, and generate reports. By utilizing this software, organizations can maintain their competitive advantage in attracting and retaining talent by setting valid salary ranges, paying competitive market rates, and determining pay for new hires and promotions. Users have praised PayScale for its ability to take into consideration various factors such as expertise, years of experience, education, management experience, certifications, industry, and company size to provide fair and balanced salary recommendations.

Another use case of PayScale is addressing compensation-related issues within an organization. The software enables decision-makers to access real-time compensation data quickly, which proves particularly useful for rural companies that struggle with finding accurate information based on job descriptions. Additionally, PayScale Insight is employed by the HR department for pricing new positions, tracking pay trends, determining annual increases, and ensuring fair compensation based on knowledge, skills, and location. Moreover, it assists in benchmarking compensation, determining competitive salary rates, and making merit increase or salary adjustment decisions during performance reviews.

Furthermore, PayScale plays a vital role in helping organizations obtain up-to-date market salary data, benchmark industry and area salary information, and stay informed about the cost of labor in various markets. This enables companies to remain competitive in their compensation strategies while aligning with industry standards. Users appreciate the software's ability to provide accurate information within minutes while maintaining an active pulse on the rapidly changing labor market.

In summary, PayScale is utilized by organizations for a range of use cases, including benchmarking, grading, and reviewing market comparators; ensuring fair compensation and market rates; addressing compensation-related issues; and obtaining real-time salary data for various markets. Its versatility and ability to generate accurate reports have made it an indispensable tool for HR departments looking to optimize their compensation strategies and attract top talent.

Fantastic customer service: Many users have praised PayScale for its fantastic customer service. Reviewers have mentioned that they had a great relationship with their Relationship Success Manager and Account Executive, highlighting the excellent support provided by the PayScale team.

User-friendly interface: PayScale has been described as the most user-friendly tool among the options users have tried. Its intuitive nature has been highly appreciated, making it easy for reviewers to navigate and use the platform effectively.

Customization options: The ability to customize pay structures, create favorites, and create new jobs on the fly is a feature that many users liked about PayScale. This flexibility allows users to tailor their compensation practices according to their specific needs and requirements.

Data Export Issues: Several users have reported experiencing regular issues with the data export feature, finding it to be unreliable and encountering various problems such as corrupt files or incomplete exports.

Inefficient Job Titles: Some users have mentioned that working with job titles in the tool can be challenging and may require additional effort to meet their specific needs. They often need to manually adjust or modify job titles to accurately represent their organization's structure.

Lack of Niche Industry Data: A number of reviewers have expressed a desire for more titles and niche industry data to be added to the offerings. They find it difficult to find matches for unique job positions in specialized industries, making it harder to benchmark salaries accurately.

Attribute Ratings


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October 07, 2020

Pay Scales in Your Favor

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
PayScale Insight Lab is mostly being utilized by the HR department to benchmark compensation and to determine competitive compensation for our employees. It is a very useful tool to ensure that we are compensating our employees fairly and based on their knowledge, skills as well as location. We will soon be inputting the data provided into our HRIS and Payroll system which has a compensation management feature so that managers can utilize the data to assist them in their merit increase or salary adjustment decisions during performance reviews.
  • Provide Salary Range Based on Location & Industry
  • Great Tool for Compensation Management
  • Provide Useful Data for Succession Planning & Career Advancement
  • Filter Inaccurate Data Collection from Potential Salary Inflation
It is suited for a range of organization sizes and it is well suited for those who wants to do compensation research with market benchmarking. I believe that Payscale Insight Lab is beneficial to have even for a small business owner for headcount cost analysis purposes or just to be informed of what the ongoing market rate is for a role. This will be less appropriate for very small business owners with non-complicated positions or a franchise owner working with fixed salary ranges company-wide.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I have set it up to report on all positions in our company and run a monthly report to see how we’re aligned with our desired median rate.
  • The ability to align with your particular geographic area.
  • Ability to modify skills in the job description.
  • Very user-friendly. You don’t need a manual in order to use it!
  • It’s time consuming to initially set-up. But once you’re there, reports run very quickly.
Some employees are convinced they are not being fairly compensated. Once we had all positions defined correctly, we could see in some instances this was correct, but in others, we were within the median we wanted to be. We also found some that are way over. In some cases that’s ok but in others not. We have concrete data to work with and more transparency with PayScale Insight Lab.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use PayScale Insight to help keep an active pulse on the cost of labor for our various markets. We use the tool across the US and UK. It not only helps us remain competitive to market but it also helps us ensure alignment to our comp guidelines.
  • I can benchmark a role for a particular labor market, and review the details to best understand how the years of experience are relative to compensation.
  • It would be great if there were helpful tips on the dashboard to ensure I'm utilizing the tool to its fullest capability.
  • A simplified way should be developed to create job leveling for roles. The process seems more manual than it should.
For live data as to what the market is paying, Payscale is great!
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
PayScale Insight is used to track pay trends across the entire company. We also use it to view, on a high level, trends in compensation. We also use it to help set pay when we take on new employees. Each year, we run a bulk report, and then discuss who should have a pay adjustment in addition to whatever merit raise they may have earned.
  • Easy to read reports
  • Good visual displays
  • Easy to add extra duties and certifications to pinpoint a pay range
  • Some newer roles don't have data
PayScale is great when you want to sync what the current pay rate is to what the market is indicating the trend of compensation is. It isn't the best for keeping all employee detail in the system. (It doesn't really help to add performance data in as that's also kept in our performance system, and multiple sections for scores can't be compared).
Stephanie Opoku, SHRM-CP, CIR | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
HR uses PayScale Insight to benchmark our jobs against market data. We use it to evaluate our salary ranges to ensure they are aligned with market data; this is a review process we do every 2-3 years. We also use Insight to house employee data to evaluate internal equity, salary range penetration, etc. This system has allowed us to ensure we remain as competitive as possible in order to attract and retain good talent.
  • Payscale has a significant number of job profiles for which you are able to gather market data on. We have roughly 120 jobs at our company and we were able to match all but two, which are very niche to our industry and company.
  • Insight offers amazing analytical capabilities. We have employees in other states, so Payscale helped us to create labor markets for each area in which we employ someone so to be able to ensure we are paying them accurately to where they live relative to the DC-market. This contributes to ensuring equitably and fairness with our pay practices.
  • Insight does a great job at allowing you to ensure accurate matches. In addition to an array of titles, you can also customize your match with years of experience, education levels, supervisory duties, certifications, specialized skills, and a few other details as applicable, all that contribute to the finalized mid-point match calculated. You can also choose different industries, company sizes, and locations to match against your data.
  • You are able to create total comp statements, which was a new offering for our employees.
  • I think there is always room to add more titles and niche industry data to their offerings. It would be cool to see an offering that allowed you to submit a request to have a particular title/job to their data listings and Payscale can see who else might be requesting the same kind of niche position.
  • It would also be helpful if there was a way to store past salary data for employees.
If you have a large employee base and you are trying to remain competitive from a compensation perspective, this tool is well suited to help you accomplish this goal. If you are not a comp expert, they have experts on hand that can help you through projects or just answer basic questions.
Kelli Hathman | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We're using PayScale company wide to benchmark, grade, and review market comparators in similar roles across the organization. We have PayScale and Mercer data cuts and we've had very good success finding matches for the majority of our roles to date. The ability to bring the grading process in-house has been a great cost saving opportunity for us as we work towards compensation calibration and pay for performance. We're able to build our compensation strategy on a solid foundation that was not possible before due to the cost of outsourcing the market comparison function.
  • Their customer service is fantastic. I absolutely adore my Relationship Success Manager, I still have a great relationship with the Account Executive that brought us on board.
  • The tool has some hiccups but overall, of the three tools I demo'ed, it is the most user friendly. PayScale is transparent about the issues they are experiencing and what is on the horizon for improvements of the tool. We all expect some things to go a little wrong or not be the as user friendly as WE THINK it should be, and I appreciate that PayScale acknowledges that and is transparent about what's in the works for improvements along the way.
  • I like the ability to customize pay structures, create favorites, and create new jobs on the fly. I've really enjoyed working in the tool and I'm excited to get our data cleaned up so that we can use all PayScale reporting and dashboards have to offer.
  • The data export is a little wonky and I tend to have regular issues with it. I report them each time and I get honest, timely answers. I am able to snip straight from the tool, but I think it would be more efficient for me and external users of the information if I were able to consistently export through the tool a great output.
  • I wish we could set up a regular file feed and wouldn't have to do manual uploads.
I think for a very large organization (I came from +18k benefit eligible employees) it would be very difficult to keep this tool organized because of the manual uploads. It seems to work very well for us, at less than 500, and there are a lot of perks to having the flexibility to change the uploads as we see fit.
Matt LeMaire, B.A., M.A. | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We used Payscale Insight to help us price and benchmark our jobs. Our goal in using the software and tools was to ensure that we were paying and/or offering current and potential employees a fair market rate. While we focused our use within the HR department in generating reports and benchmarking, we used the data across the organization where needed. This allowed us to ensure internal equity while keeping competitive with what is going on in the market. We were also able to address any transparency concerns with our employees by revealing how we used data to drive our compensation practices.
  • Providing data so that you can ensure you are paying your employees fair and competitively with the market. You are able to make data-driven, confident decisions about compensation that enhance retention and trust between employee and employer.
  • Payscale's customer service team is wonderful and always available. Moreover, they are often open to providing more customized solutions if your need is a bit different than the standard package.
  • Research into multiple labour markets/locations is a useful tool as we often have to account for differences across our office locations, which can sometimes cross borders and large geographical areas. This ensures that we don't take a blanket approach to compensation and can account for regional differences where required.
  • Job titles can prove to be a challenge as they sometimes do not connect as well as you'd hope. This may require some extra work on our part to fit our needs into what Payscale provides. Generally, this is a small concern, but it is still something that should be updated to keep with some of the changes in titles/roles.
  • It would be great if Payscale offered an online tool/area for watching recorded webinars or training sessions rather than having to do it live. As others have mentioned, with a busy schedule, it is sometimes challenging to find the time to watch live. Having a database would help ensure that the training can be accessed at any time.
  • Options to perhaps break down some of the data in reports to provide to others who are less versed in the contents of the report and the overall system. I'd prefer to have to explain less of what is presented and let the data speak for itself where possible.
If you're looking to price or benchmark the roles in your organization, Payscale Insight is a great tool to have on your side. You are able to ensure that you use updated market data and can be confident that you are making an informed compensation decision. However, in situations where the individual or individuals using Payscale Insight have to consistently translate the compensation data to those not well-versed in compensation practices, it can prove challenging. If you already have a well-managed and effective compensation strategy in place, Payscale Insight might not be the best investment overall. With that said, it's important to be proactive, so it might prove useful to consider how to future-proof your compensation practices/data with the use of Payscale.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We used PayScale to get market salary data to help benchmark industry and area salary information. This helped us see where our pay structure fit.
  • PayScale has been great for our organization for benchmarking market salaries and wages for our positions.
  • The service was great as well, in that we were able to send our job descriptions over to have our jobs matched with the market.
  • The market reports have been extremely helpful and are easy to understand, and being able to see a breakdown between total cash, base salary, and bonus has been great.
  • We didn't get a match for all of our positions without having to modify things a bit. That's reality, though, as we have some unique jobs that we understood might be difficult to benchmark going into it.
  • The service is a-la-carte, so our subscription didn't provide us with unlimited salary data.
PayScale is a good fit when you have in mind exactly how many jobs you want to benchmark and get data for. If you have several jobs and you're looking for salary information on all of them, the price will increase exponentially.
Jason Magill | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use PayScale within the human resources department to provide compensation data to our organization's decision makers and to support ongoing pay strategies. It's also useful for comparing positions to find the right description that meets the role and expected pay range. It allows us to address pay issues on an organization-wide and individual basis.
  • PayScale provides us with up-to-date data to help make compensation decisions for our organization.
  • PayScale's team is not only knowledgeable in their product, they also have insight into best practices and strategies.
  • Integration with our HRIS would be ideal.
  • Providing more focused resources to provide to senior leaders who make most of the final calls.
PayScale is particularly suited for mid-sized organizations which don't have the typical resources of an enterprise solution. The setup for jobs and structures provide several areas for customization, such as niche licensing, that may affect compensation. It's also helpful with better defining existing positions that have further developed over time. For example, we just transitioned a job class to a new assistant manager class partially based on the descriptions provided by PayScale.
Criston Menz | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are a rural company and had many issues finding real time data to make compensation decisions. PayScale solved that problem for us. By providing them our job descriptions, we can get accurate - real time data within minutes. It has definitely made us more confident in our compensation decisions, whether it be a new hire or an existing employee.
  • Provides up to 3 different market data points
  • Customer service is amazing - feel as though they are part of your company
  • Real time accurate data
  • I am uber satisfied with the system and when I am having technical issues, I simply call or email. They are always quick to respond.
PayScale makes a difference for quick decision making and validating conversations with employees or future employees that want to see how we arrive at our compensation structure.
Liz D'Aloia | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
My clients use PayScale Insight to either act as a compensation analyst or to supplement that role.
  • Data continues to improve daily.
  • Analytics and reports improve all the time.
  • Employee updates are easy.
  • Customer support is amazing.
  • Keep up with changing titles in the workplace.
Perfect for competitive pay determination and analysis.
Julie Mathis, PHR, SHRM-CP | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Currently we use Insight to price new positions and for annual increases for our employees. Insight is only used by the HR department, however Crew is used companywide during our annual increase cycle. One of the best benefits of using PayScale is the ease of access to salary data. It eliminates the need to research multiple wage surveys when either pricing a position or when verifying that your current salaries are competitive.
  • The data is always up to date. This is extremely helpful when trying to price a hot job.
  • Customer service is diligent. Some jobs are niche jobs which can be hard to find a price. The customer service team has always been extremely helpful in these situations and easily help me find the right match.
  • The ability to search across multiple labor markets is great. We have 4 locations in the USA and there are times when I need to research whether or not to place a certain position in different regions. Having the ability to research in Ad Hoc to determine what makes sense for our business is very helpful.
  • Pre-recorded webinars on product updates would be great. I know they offer webinars, but many times they do not work into my schedule so I miss them. If they had a section on the site for training on product updates or new features that I could view on my own time I think would help me utilize the tool even better.
  • The ability to add-in or take away elements in the EE comp report. Some things are just not relevant to a company. I know a new release recently came out on the EE comp report and I am not a fluent with it as I once was (this is where the pre-recorded webinar or a learning byte would be helpful), but previously there were 3 versions of the EE comp report you could use. If I could add-in or drop-out sections to customize it to my company it would be nice.
Because we have 4 locations, PayScale was a perfect fit for us. I was able to set up labor markets for those locations which helped me make sure that our wages were competitive with each market. Initially I signed up with PayScale to complete a wage analysis of my current workforce. Since then the relationship has evolved to using Crew for our annual increase cycle.
Asher Primrose | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use it across the organization. We use it to ensure we have valid salary ranges/bands, pay competitive market rates, set pay for new hires and more.
  • On demand access to very detailed and custom salary reports
  • Easily see where we are paying under or over market
  • Access to compensation experts
  • Access to compensation management training
I think it works for all sizes of organizations and the price for the services pays for itself in not overpaying for just one new employee.
Ariel Lopez | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Currently, my team utilizes PayScale for configuring salaries for new hires and also to figure out increases and promotion salaries for our team. This has been very helpful since it takes into consideration the persons expertise, years of experience, education, management experience, and certifications. In addition, PayScale also pulls info for our industry and size of company. This makes the information and recommendations fair and balanced.
  • PayScale is easy to use and walks you through the criteria that you need to input on the candidate.
  • This tool also allows you to save reports and information for future use.
  • The data that PayScale has access to is so incredibly helpful, it really helps to ensure that you are paying your staff correctly.
  • Sometimes it can be difficult to find a niche job title. Often you have to find another title that is closely related in order to pull data.
  • It would be nice to be able to view resources for bonus info per industry and variable pay, right now this is not something that is easily searchable.
  • Access to online training is only provided through live interaction with a rep. I sometimes like being able to read through materials or have an online sandbox.
PayScale is great for figuring out the correct compensation for new employees and taking into account their experience and everything they bring to the table. It is also great for creating salary increase forecasting for your entire team. Having access to trends and what other companies in our market are offering so that we can stay competitive is incredibly helpful.
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