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SAP SuccessFactors Pricing-Related Quotes

Related Quote from Verified User

necessary to have all modules which is too expensive for small subsidiaries long reaction time to ticket Prices are prohibitive, especially licenses strategy … within the company. But in itself, SF is not state-of-the-art and really expensive for what it delivers. … SAP. Deep dive training is not recommended by SA…

Related Quote from Gal Avraham

for RnR and Permissions. Due to minimal local resources, implementation prices are high, even when the job is offshored to India. … Moving from Excel to this source of truth was a revolution Not cost effective Not meeting high cyber security standards

Related Quote from Patricia Samir

assigning tasks in a smarter way. The pricing of this software is quote-based so that every business can receive a unique price depending on the functionalities

Related Quote from Verified User

implementation - then we asked them to review our setup and they wanted to charge us thousands of dollars to fix it - when our implementation was done by … issues we asked SAP to review and offer insight for fixing it - they want to charge us thousands upon thousands of dollars…

Related Quote from Roger Castillo

but we choose SAP because of the cost-benefit relation. We think both can fit our requirements. We also gave value to the friendly user experience and

Related Quote from İhsan Akkarpuz

a deep logic behind it (such as percentage, plus/minus incremental values, or cost).

Related Quote from Verified User

Cost-saving as one system for all. Reduced time on training saves cost. … Constant updates make it hard to stay updated with the new system. Expensive compared to other options available. 8

Related Quote from Verified User

The system has a better price than most other similar brands. Also the customer support has been pretty

Related Quote from Allan Morales

a single point of information to document and consult, so it reduced the cost of other solutions being used as isolated pieces. Removing subjectivity for … case. There isn't a huge difference between these though, it's a matter of cost-benefit relation, all can do great things,…

Related Quote from Verified User

The price may be high but the ROI is positive. The existing modules are easy to navigate

Related Quote from Kali O'Connor

Cost was too high since employees did not use the 360 review or goals.

Related Quote from Sierra Hirschi

included in the package our company purchased. Their onsite training was way expensive, so not a option for my company. I could never get a hold of customer service

Related Quote from Verified User

and SuccessFactors is a golf cart with a flat tire. I have used an ATS that cost my previous employer less than 30k a year and it was much superior to SuccessFactors

Related Quote from Anton Smorodin

Operational cost is good Implementation cost is to much expensive (consulting) Very good time to go … requirementImplementation partner experience and competenciesQuality of documentationTotal cost of ownership for 5 years of use

Related Quote from Tony Deblauwe

Visibility to the organization was an immediate impact and socialized the value of the product immediately. A common and aggregated performance process reduced … limitations on workflows and performance. Workday was reviewed but found to be cost prohibitive at the time. SF…

Related Quote from Verified User

escalate. SuccessFactors now markets a Platinum Support option which comes at a price, though we've had mixed results. Their AZ data center seems to have frequent … become visible to the employee. New features are added, yet many of these are fee-based and not included in the existing licensing agreement. For example, if … solutions we've recently evaluated were either not available at t…

Related Quote from Albano García Pelaz

Increased employee efficiency. Complete analisys and standard reporting. The price is very high. A poor customer service.

Related Quote from Verified User

and insight into how to make improvements to increase our value (i.e. conducted a 'Customer Value Workshop' with a 3rd party consultant). Overcoming perception

Related Quote from Jennifer Murillo

SF is not cheap. I wouldn't recommend it as a solution for a small business. And while it is constantly being developed, in my humble opinion it is not … suite of SF modules as it isn't cheap and there are other products on the market that would be better suited and priced…

Related Quote from Verified User

The system is a good investment for the value it brings to a company of our size in terms of functionality and user friendliness. There is a lot of untapped … our set of SuccessFactors modules. The system is a good investment for the value it brings to a company of our size…