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Compensation Management Software Overview

What is Compensation Management Software?

Compensation management software allows organization leaders to plan and execute a compensation strategy. Beyond automating budget and pay tracking, compensation management software integrates real-world data to provide fair salaries, reward success, and manage flight risk. Compensation software supports the administration of variable pay programs like bonuses, merit, stock, and equity.

In addition to administration workflow and approvals, many compensation management applications provide what-if modeling and analytics. They also centralize approval workflows for compensation decisions. These tools are particularly relevant at larger organizations with multiple levels of management and an HR department that must sign off on certain compensation decisions.

Compensation management software is related to ICM (Sales Incentive Compensation Management). ICM software is designed to manage the vicissitudes of sales cycles to produce reasonable quotas and commission. Compensation management software is more general in scope. Also, some vendors of compensation management software focus on providing intelligence to guide data-driven compensation decision-making.

Compensation management software poses a range of benefits for organizations and administrators. These tools improve efficiency by automating compensation calculations and data transfers to payroll systems. Compensation management software also centralizes compensation data, enabling better security and data accessibility simultaneously. Data centralization also improves budgetary visibility and decision-making around compensation allocation.

Compensation management software can also integrate with, or be a part of, performance management systems, talent management software, or HCM suites. Standalone compensation management software should integrate with other leading HR systems. These integrations ensure that data can flow from system to system without requiring manual effort. These integrations are crucial to scalability.

Features of Compensation Management Software

Compensation management software provides the following set of capabilities:

  • Salary & commission tracking

  • Budgeting, forecasting, and approval workflow

  • Performance metrics, long-term planning, benefits deferral

  • Executive compensation

  • Import of updated real-world salary and comp data

  • Market pricing analytics, compensation research

  • Job description authoring guidance (e.g. competence, salary)

  • Salary review and policy/guideline compliance control

  • Competence and job matching

  • Flight risk analysis

  • Custom dashboards and report analytics

Compensation Management Comparison

When comparing compensation management software, consider these factors:

  • Use Case: Does the organization mostly handle standard compensation structures like raises and promotions? Or does it utilize more complex mechanisms like performance-based pay? The use case will determine what integrations and native capabilities are most important and should be most robust within a compensation management tool.

  • Reporting: HR and Finance leaders alike need visibility into compensation management data. Flexible, presentation-ready reporting can be massively impactful for administrators and improve their own day-to-day visibility.

  • Standalone vs. Suite Solution: Consider whether the organization needs a standalone compensation management solution for handling compensation processes and data at scale. Many organizations at smaller scales or with less complicated compensation needs may find built-in capabilities in HCM suites that can fit their use case.

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Pricing Information

Most compensation management software plans are available from compensation specialists, or HR research and consulting firms. These compensation management services may combine a software platform with market intelligence or compensation research services. Vendors may provide software on subscription, for perpetual licensing, or for a single payment with (renewable) intelligence. Also, HR software vendors provide plans are add-ons to Core HR / HRMS suites. These are generally cloud-based and available on a subscription basis.

Compensation Management Products

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Top Rated

Ultimate Software delivers cloud-based HCM solutions that help businesses simplify payroll computations, accelerate talent acquisition, manage time and attendance, and support proactive, strategic talent management on a global level.

Ceridian Dayforce

Ceridian Dayforce HCM

Customer Verified
Top Rated

Ceridian Dayforce HCM is a cloud-based platform encompassing HR, payroll, benefits, and talent and workforce management. It provides companies with a scalable framework and real-time data, such as continual pay calculations, to enable efficient decision-making.



Customer Verified

Paycom is a core HR management software solution. It includes features such as talent acquisition and management, time tracking, and payroll management. It offers some automation capacities, particularly regarding payroll.

Workday Human Capital Management

Workday HCM

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Top Rated

Workday Human Capital Management is built as a cloud-based system with global consistency in user experience. Workday HCM is part of a broader system with other Workday products.

SAP SuccessFactors

SAP SuccessFactors is a suite of HR/HCM products covering these capability areas: core HR and payroll, recruiting and onboarding, learning and development, performance and compensation management, workforce analytics and planning, and employee experience management.



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Top Rated

CaptivateIQ in San Francisco offers their flagship sales commission management product designed to enable companies to manage and tailor mission critical sales incentive compensation programs for their workforce.

PayScale Insight Lab

PayScale Insight Lab is a sales intelligence software solution offered by PayScale, Inc.


CompAnalyst is a compensation management software product from It includes survey data management, a job description builder, access to the worldwide database (HR-reported salary data), and a dashboard to analyze internal pay practices vs. the market.

Xactly Objectives

Xactly Objectives is an employee compensation management designed to support creation, automation, and evaluation of MBO plans, from Xactly in San Jose.

Iconixx Sales

Iconixx Sales is a cloud based sales compensation software application (SaaS) that enhances sales commission management with flexibility and scalability in an easy-to-use, all-in-one solution.


Achievers is a platform for managing employee rewards and recognition programs. It includes features for tracking employee performance against company or project goals, as well as tracking social recognition of employees for their achievements, and tracking available budget for employee…

beqom Total Compensation

beqom is a Total Compensation Solution for HR & Sales to lead, align and motivate their employees and partners. The beqom Total Compensation platform is used globally across all industry sectors by over 100 large companies such as Microsoft and Pepsico. It addresses all Performance…

Mercer WIN | ePrism

Mercer consulting group in New York offers Mercer WIN | ePrism, a compensation management platform which supports resource optimization and compensation planning with deep analytics, easy data navigation with smooth workflow.

PayScale MarketPay

PayScale MarketPay is a compensation survey data aggregator that supports merit and structure modeling, report writer, and pricing wizard.

CompLogix Compensation Management Software (formerly Harvest HCM)

CompLogix Compensation (formerly Harvest HCM) helps organizations automate any pay/compensation program (merit, bonus, stock, equity, STIP/LTIP, promotion, etc) through a web-based software solution. The compensation administration application gives managers an online system to…


COMPview is a cloud-based compensation management solution. Some key features include: Automated Worksheets, Decision Support, and Budgeting and Planning.


CuroComp is a secure solution designed to maximize the business impact of compensation spend. The solution aligns performance and reward budget/spend to ensure the correct mix and level of compensation goes to those who contribute the most and are incentivized to do so within a…


talentComp is a very light weight compensation management offering for small businesses from CWS Software in New Jersey.

Core Commissions

Core provides commission management solutions that automate the calculation and reporting of complex sales commissions and incentive pay. It includes a rules engine combined with setup and audit tools. Reports, analytics, and dashboards allow sales staff full visibility into pay…


eeCompensation from eeStrategy in San Francisco is a compensation modeling and management tool.


DeepTalent is an automated cloud-based performance management system that offers self, peer, and supervisor reviews, collects the data and surfaces it via an analytics interface. The platform aims to promote a culture of feedback that leads to a sustainable competitive advantage.…


Compease is an employee compensation management tool for credit unions, from CU Solutions Group. The system includes market-driven salary data, compensation consulting expertise, and user friendly compensation administration software to align employee compensation plans with salary…

Frequently Asked Questions

What is strategic compensation management?

Strategic compensation management entails the organization’s total plan for employee compensation, including traditional wages and salaries, as well as other benefits, incentives, and rewards. Compensation management software assists with many of the more advanced functions in strategic compensation management.

What does compensation management software do?

Compensation management software centralizes an organization’s compensation data and provides tools to plan, budget, approve, and report on compensation decisions.

What are the different types of compensation?

The primary types of compensation are hourly, salaries, commission, and bonuses, although there is a range of subtypes and variations for specific circumstances.

Who uses compensation management systems?

Compensation management software is most heavily used by managers and HR administrators, especially at organizations with more complicated compensation structures like bonuses or performance-based rewards.