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Sandler Training

Sandler Training


What is Sandler Training?

Sandler Training is a business services company providing sales, leadership and management training. Services are provided through a large network of franchises.

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Sandler Training has proven invaluable for our sales team, enabling them to quickly establish rapport and gain trusted advisor status with …
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What is Sandler Training?

Sandler Training is a business services company providing sales, leadership and management training. Services are provided through a large network of franchises.

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What is Sandler Training?

Sandler Training is a business services company providing sales, leadership and management training. Services are provided through a large network of franchises.

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Community Insights

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Sandler Training has proven invaluable for our sales team, enabling them to quickly establish rapport and gain trusted advisor status with clients. By improving their understanding of sales opportunities and enhancing their ability to efficiently move through the sales process, our team has achieved greater success in closing deals. Sales leaders have made Sandler Training an annual requirement for their teams, aligning with our sales guidelines and continuously reinforcing key concepts. The training itself offers a range of options, including online live sessions, self-guided training with assessments, and battle cards for ongoing learning. We initially rolled out Sandler Training across our sales team to reteach the foundations of sales and support a merger, but it has since become a fundamental part of our approach to building a world-class sales organization.

Utilizing the Sandler Training methodology throughout the entire sales cycle has led to significant improvements in both Business Development Representatives - BDRs - and Account Executives - AEs - performance. Its tried and true methodology can be applied to any industry, providing a clear framework for successful selling. Some teams have found that combining Sandler Training with the Challenger methodologies yields the most effective results. With Sandler Training, our sales reps and solutions consultants are able to strengthen their partnerships with prospects and clients, set call agendas more effectively, handle objections confidently, and identify the best solutions for each client's unique needs. As a result, we require all of our sales employees to undergo Sandler Training as part of their ongoing development in order to continually improve their sales strategies. One particular concept from Sandler Training that has proven highly impactful is the pain funnel approach, which has helped accelerate buying decisions when implemented effectively.

Helpful Sales Process Methodology: Some users have found the Sales Process methodology created by the product to be helpful in structuring client interactions and improving sales members' objection handling skills.

Parametrized Training with Key Sales Faces: Several reviewers have appreciated the parametrized training with key sales faces, as it provides a common set of practices for the team to follow, allowing for continuous learning and real-life application.

Presence of Certified Teachers and Coaches: Many users have expressed their appreciation for the presence of various certified teachers and coaches. They believe that this contributes to their ongoing learning and ability to work through real-life sales situations.

Limited Access to Live Sessions: Some users have expressed difficulty with the limited access to live sessions, as they are only available in the UK and US. This can be inconvenient for those outside of these regions who are unable to attend live training sessions.

Separate Cost for Sales Certifications: Several reviewers have mentioned that Sandler Training sales certifications come at an additional cost, which some users find inconvenient. This means that participants need to pay extra on top of the training fees, which may not align with their expectations or budget.

Lack of Tailoring to Different Industries: A number of users feel that while the frameworks provided by Sandler Training are great, they lack tailoring to specific industries or client styles. Some reviewers believe that the training is too focused on the US market and does not adequately address business practices in other regions such as Latin America.


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Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We required all Sales employees to take Sandler Trainings as a way to improve sales strategies. One of the best things we got from Sandler Training was the concept of the pain funnel as a way to guide prospects to realizing their business needs before proposing our product as a solution. When implemented effectively, we saw that this led to quicker buying decisions.
  • Great Presenters
  • Decent Content & Strategies
  • Helpful Supporting Documentation
  • Infrequent Reinforcement Sessions
  • Not Enough Practical Training Exercises
  • Session Length Too Long
Sandler Training is helpful for almost all sales teams at any level regardless of how experienced they may be. Our Sales team had seen a good amount of success without Sandler Training and the hope was that these trainings would be like adding gasoline to a fire. For the most part, our team already knew what worked and what didn't work with our prospects, Sandler Training just offered an alternate view. I can see it being less helpful for teams in the infancy stage of their sales process. I believe it is better to come to this platform with some semblance of your own sales process already pre-defined and in place.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Since implementing Sandler Training, it has drastically improved the performance for both our BDRs and AEs. Sandler Training gives you an incredible tried and true methodology to use when selling to any type of industry. Our team uses both the Sandler Training and Challenger methodologies. A personalized combination of those two work the best in my opinion.
  • Gives our team a nice framework for how to communicate with prospects
  • They came out and did in person training which was really nice to be able to role play in person. We're so tired of doing trainings over Zoom
  • This framework is very effective for gaining trust with prospects and reducing ghosting
  • It would be nice to have some ongoing tests or quizzes to use for future new highers
  • Developing this effectively does take a decent amount of time.
  • More real life practice and ongoing assessments for real world calls would be nice. For them to listen to calls for us and give feedback
I can't think of an industry that this wouldn't apply to. It's great for SMB, mid market and enterprise selling.
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Sandler Training was rolled out across our sales team to help reteach the foundations of Sales and help rethink some of the basics. We were told this would help us reformate our sales process and help with a merger. Our team has about 12 people but thought departments also had it rolled out.
  • Training
  • Thinking
  • Question Asking
  • LONG
  • Repetative
  • No Customization
Sandler Training may be good for junior sales reps on the verge of a promotion or if someone is new to an organization. The program does not customize the course per organization, otherwise, it would make for a great standardized onboarding for anyone with in a sales function from company to company.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Sandler Training has helped train sales reps and solutions consultants. We are trying to build a world class sales organization, and want to win sales cycles via providing the most value to our customers. Sandler Sales Training is used at every step of the sales cycle, up front contracts, value based/pain focused selling is very important.
  • Creating upfront contracts on sales calls, helps set clear expectations with prospective customers
  • Always focused on pain/value adding selling
  • Teaching reps how to prospect and cold call through various techniques
  • Sandler is very effective when there is in person training, aware this is difficult to do in a virtual world
  • Sandler could employ some additional prospecting techniques, like Costigan cold calling training
  • Sometimes the process is too rigid, and sales reps need to adjust style based on what the customer is specifically requesting (not 1 size fits all)
Sandler Training is very well suited for ALL discovery calls, and deal progression calls. We are always focusing on pain, and how we can help solve a customer's unique challenge/problem Sandler is sometimes less effective when it comes deep into negotiation, BUT the important thing is that Sandler skills at the beginning of a conversation will help negotiation points towards the end of a sales cycle (but sometimes Sandler is too rigid, at the end)
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Sandler supports our business with getting the upskilling we need in order to partner with our prospects and clients to be on their side. We do not work against them we work together. But Sandler teaches ups how to set the call agenda, handle objections, and get to the right answer for the client.
  • Upfront Contract
  • Discovery Questions
  • Finding the Pain
  • Fairly Generic
  • Kind of Expensive
  • Repetitive
Sandler has helped me pull in some of my largest deals and show how I can run the sales call myself. It gives the sales person the training to ensure the deal reaches the finish line. Without Sandler and a format to work the sale with it would be difficult running a sales call.
Craig Allen | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
My company runs an extensive sales organisation globally across both commercial and technical sales. We have a strong focus on nurturing new talent in both disciplines, which requires mature and robust sales training methodologies to ensure the best outcome for the team. Sandler Training has helped us quickly ramp up our sales team to ensure they are effective in the client interactions. The first is for the sales team to quickly create rapport and a trusted advisor status with our clients and the second is to better understand and identify sales opportunities and move them efficiently through the sales process.
  • Creates a Sales Process methodology that helps with structuring client interactions.
  • Improves sales members objection handling skills
  • Allows sales management to bring more accurate critique to opportunity status's and identify any issues to a deal.
  • One Sales methodology will not be enough to be able to handle all client interactions. At times additionally methodologies like Challenger can be use to help sales people be effective.
  • Can be difficult to access live sessions outside of UK and US
  • Sandler Training Sales certifications generally come at a seperate cost to the training
Sandler Training has a very broad and flexible methodology and is applicable in any industry that has a client facing sales component. Once adopted within an organisation it can be beneficial to add other methodologies such as Challenger to the sales team toolbox
Daniel Cano Merizalde | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I am a sales leader and I have annually my team of 6 reps take the training as a way to have a common sales methodology aligned to our own sales guidelines. We have a full partnership with Sandler on which we give reps:
- Online live training with 4 sessions
- Do it yourself training and battle cards with assessments to continue learning along the way
- In our sales coaching we reference a lot on Sandler
  • Parametrized training with key sales faces to have some common practices
  • Share useful content and frameworks that the team can reference to and continue learning afterwads
  • Have various certified teachers / coaches for continuos learning and working real life situations
  • Clear and "simple" methodology to use
  • Too much focused on the US, business in Latam are done different
  • Frameworks are great, and having specific actions to take it gets short on tailoring situation to particular industries or styles of clients
  • Only in english, having spanish content would be great
  • Would be great to customize this to business selling to small business
Great framework with proven record of success, when you have a long complex sale and when the client doesn't really know what they want, what they need and what actually their real problem is Sandler is great because it addresses this perfectly,
It is great for a new organization desiring to mix their own sales style but needing to give some good and clear consistency to reps on how to drive a better more succesfull sales process that helps both clients and sales results.

Not very well suited for smaller companies, in other markets different to the US. For example in Latam there is a very particular relationship driven sales dynamic that sometimes when Sandler applied feels too american and less friendly with the market. Having said that, it has worked in latam for many countries just think it could be better tailored for the region, starting by having some content in spanish.
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