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Axiom Sales Force Development, Sandler Training, Winning by Design, Force Management, DataBees, 2Win!, The Harris Consulting Group, Hunter & Bard, Corporate Visions and Hoffman.

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Sandler Training

Sandler Training is a business services company providing sales, leadership and management training. Services are provided through a large network of franchises.

Force Management

Force Management is a sales training organization that helps client produce real results.


CloudTask is a B2B Lead Generation company headquartered in Miami Beach helping SaaS companies drive revenue growth through teams of sales development professionals.

Winning by Design

Sales by Design is a sales training and coaching organization,


DataBees is a lead-generation startup based in San Francisco with a fully remote team spread across the globe. Most companies tend to look through countless database tools to help them prospect. DataBees considers itself a PaaS (People as a Service) company that is pivotal when it…


Sparklead is a B2B lead generation company with focus on direct outreach strategies. They provide businesses with leads to boost their sales pipeline across all industries and sizes. Sparklead Services: Lead generation goals:provide a lead generation strategy via outbound and inbound…

Axiom Sales Force Development

Axiom Sales Force Development is a sales performance training company.


Hoffman in Boston is a team of sales executives, educators, and entrepreneurs that operate as consultants for global industry leaders on the topics of sales, sales management, and sales operations.

Pricing I/O

Pricing I/O is a training and coaching boutique headquartered in San Diego, California, helping B2B SaaS companies accelerate ARR growth and market share through their approach to monetization, "the 5Q Pricing Framework." They operate as an advisor to tech focused founders and investors.…


2Win! Global in Colorado Springs offers video sales and demo-based sales presentation training for sales, pre-sales, and customer success.

Courseplay Cloud Learning

Courseplay aims to help medium and large businesses bring down the cost of training and multiply training capacity without requiring a manual or tedious training. The vendor says the easy-to-use interface allows anyone to pick-up and run with the platform quickly with minimal…


memoryBlue is a sales development consulting firm headquartered outside of Washington, D.C, with offices in Austin, TX, Boston, MA, Denver, CO, Seattle, WA, and San Jose, CA. Founded in 2002, they state over 2,000 high-tech clients have used memoryBlue's sales talent to secure new…

Opus Growth Partners

Opus Growth Partners is an integrated sales and direct response marketing agency, working exclusively with entrepreneur-led businesses. They are optimised internally to deliver strategy and implementation across sales and marketing functions for early and mid stage entrepreneurs.

Candybox RevOps as a Service

Candybox' RevOps as a Service is a sales consulting solution, that aims to give clients the benefits of a full-fledged Revenue Operations team for a fraction of the full-time cost. Packages are available 40 hours per month and up and include a RevOps Strategic and a dedicated Technical…

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SalesLeap is a B2B sales growth company that helps SaaS and service companies build and manage a scalable outbound sales process.

Performance Development Group (PDG) Life Science Sales Training

Performance Development Group (PDG) offers sales training services tailored specifically to life science organizations. They focus on driving behavioral change and measuring business impact, rather than merely delivering training content. PDG's sales training solutions encompass…

Echez DBD
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Echez DBD, an Echez Group brand, has offered consulting services since 2011, boasting 600,000 client, offering sales process and customer success guidance, revenue optimization, cloud analysis, and partner compliance and brand protection.

How to SaaS
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How To SaaS is a management consulting firm headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, that works with private equity firms and their portfolio companies to create enterprise value by scaling their marketing predictably with data. For firms considering acquiring a B2B company, How to SaaS…

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Out2Bound aims to help tech companies & start-ups to create a repeatable and scalable sales process and generate new opportunities, specializing in outbound sales, social selling, market researches, business development, lead generation, negotiations, closing and account management.…

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Intangent is a software consulting firm specializing in Sales Performance Management. The vendor works with SPM technology companies like Anaplan, beqom, IBM ICM, SAP Callidus, and Xactly. Intangent offers full-suite services including implementation, managed services, training and…

Hunter & Bard
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Hunter & Bard is a marketing and design agency that works with scaleups and enterprises on account-based marketing and brand-building.

Rain Group Sales Training

Rain Group is a sales performance improvement company.

Innovyne Managed Support Services

InnoVyne is a Toronto-based company that specializes in the development of solutions to improve sales (Sales performance management) and financial performance (finance performance management), headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. Innnovyne's SPM solutions provide a platform to administer,…

The Harris Consulting Group

The Harris Consulting Group is a sales training organization helping clients to grow revenue and build sales infrastructure and skills.

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GrowthPlay is a service provider focused on helping companies achieve revenue growth through a variety of strategies including sales training.

Learn More About Sales Consulting Services and Companies

What are Sales Consulting Services?

Sales consulting and training services comprise several different services designed to facilitate sales team performance. Service providers in this domain provide sales-focused consulting advice to help structure and optimize sales teams for maximum performance. Services also include hands-on sales training, often using proprietary methodologies. Sales training consultants are often structured as franchises.

These services aren’t meant to create a sales or business plan for you, but rather further enhance an already existing go-to-market (GTM) strategy set in place by the business. The business ideas and goals set forth by key stakeholders, marketing, and sales leaders stay the same—these consultants are hired to take it a level further.

Sales consulting services may come in the form of group training sessions, one-on-one training, or workshops—depending on the type of service purchased and the business’s preference. Sales consulting services are similar to a small business coach, but with a more SaaS-focused approach rather than a single person offering their services to multiple industries. Sales consulting teams develop each plan to meet the specific needs of the business and examine what strategies are more or less effective in growing the business.

Hiring a sales consulting service could be in response to one specific area that needs addressing or to assist the business in general. One consulting team could work with a variety of departments within the business. They are proven to be effective in today’s competitive market and are becoming a more common practice to move a business forward and remain competitive.

Sales Consulting Company Services

The most common services provided by sales consulting companies include:

  • Collaboration Tools
  • Goal Management
  • Performance Management
  • Training Management

In addition, these services offer an extensive amount of training features. They may take the form of:

  • In-person training
  • Live online training
  • Recorded training
  • Self-serve online training

Sales Consulting Services and Companies Comparison

Before deciding to hire a sales consulting service, consider these key factors:

  • Business Size: It’s important to research the size of businesses the consulting service is meant to assist. Some services, such as Winning By Design are best suited for midsize businesses. The same type of service that’s designed to provide guidance for small businesses may not be equipped to handle a large corporate setting. Be sure to take this into account before purchasing a specific service.
  • Business Type/Culture: The consultant service you decide on may suggest that your business completely shift focus and try a different marketing or sales approach. In this scenario, it’s important to know that your company culture aligns with the consultant. Having two conflicting views can be an obstacle when it comes to growing the business. Similarly, it’s important to research whether or not the consultants have experience within your industry. This may also be done by setting up an appointment with a representative before deciding to work with a certain sales consulting service.

Pricing Information

Due to the uniqueness of every business's needs, pricing for sales consulting services may be found through contacting the vendor for custom quotes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do sales consulting services do?

Sales consulting and training services are offered to businesses for assistance towards meeting a business’s overall goals. This is done through various types of consulting, including one on one, in person, live online, and webinars. They assist an already set in place sales strategy through the use of proprietary methodologies to further advance the overall efficiency of the business.

What are the benefits of using sales consulting services?

The benefits of using a sales consulting service include increased sales as well as a better understanding of how to attract, retain, and grow your customer base. Any strategies that aren't proving to be effective enough may be revised and polished for better future results.

In addition to optimized sales strategies, all departments can benefit from working with these consultants. They can help the whole business develop stronger management and leadership skills which pays long-term dividends for all businesses.

What are the best sales consulting services?

How much do sales consulting services cost?

Sales consulting services typically do not disclose pricing due to the uniqueness of each business type. Contact the vendor for a custom quote.