Great, but CRM integration could be better.
March 18, 2013

Great, but CRM integration could be better.

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Software Version

Full edition, some beta access

Modules Used

  • Email, social, landing pages, web forms, analytics, lead score, competitive insight, web site alerts

Overall Satisfaction

  • Act-On handles a content marketing strategy to perfection. Deploying emails with white papers for prospects to download (among other content types) is simple and not time consuming. It makes a marketing "team" of one be able to handle all the details of a complicated campaign and lead scoring process -- without the complicated interface.
  • I feel Act-On could integrate better with my CRM. Specifically - it uses a report to generate the basic building blocks for my email campaigns. Other than that, it's performed very well, and the Act-On dev team is always cranking out new, useful tools.
  • I'd also like to see multiple lead scoring models. I have a manual workaround to produce a lifetime lead score.
  • Almost all of our revenue has started from the marketing campaigns using Act-On
I've continued to be prospected by other marketing automation platforms, and still see Act-On as giving us the best value.

Product Usage

Marketing, Sales and Account Management
1 - I support the product as a marketing professional.
  • In addition to sending over one million emails per year, Act-On fuels our sales pipeline by way of a lead score. We also use it for website visibility (inside sales reps are trained to call prospects after getting a visitor alert), and to send individual, targeted emails to high priority suspects. In sum, Act-On does the heavy lifting for all of our marketing and sales activities on the front end of our sales funnel.

Evaluation and Selection

Used native email application prior to Act-On.
We looked at Etrigue, Marketo and Eloqua and found much more value packed in Act-On. The easy pricing model, out-of-the-box ease of use and month to month contract quickly made it our top choice.


We use a non-traditional setup for our CRM. Despite this - the implementation was done to spec, and in only a couple days.


  • Online training
  • In-person training
  • Self-taught
Dan D. was great. He took the time to understand how I needed the program to run, and was very flexible to our special CRM setup.
I don't use the online training too much, but when I do - it does the trick.
Yes. I'd say 85-90% of the system is extremely easy to learn. There are some parts that even experienced professionals will want some guidance on, though.


Always available. Always have a solvable solution to a problem -- even if it's a temporary workaround. Very approachable and professional. I can tell the folks at Act-On are highly engaged in helping their customers. This is truly refreshing.
No - It's not offered. Nor is it needed. No matter who I've spoken with - every Act-On employee - from Account Admin/Mgmt to support has been flawless. This could be Act-On's biggest competitive advantage.


UI is clean, easy to jump in and get to work. it's not complicated and has a fair level of intuitive usability.


I've recorded only two instances where Act-On wasn't functional in 3+ years of heavy use. These two instances were rectified within minutes, and didn't affect results
There has been about four instances where I could tell the server used for our company was getting taxed pretty hard. It slowed things down a bit, but nothing overwhelming.


  • GoToMeeting
Because Act-On makes a virtual replica of our database, the integration with salesforce isn't extreme... but it was also not difficult to achieve, either. The GTM integration is also an easy integration.

Vendor Relationship

Extremely easy to work with on the sales side. Post sales was great, too.
The terms were simple - month to month pricing, and very affordable. No negotiating necessary. Best of all - you get every bit of functionality for the one price. No additional costs for a premium model. No extra fees for stellar customer service.