Lecho my Echo...sign.
Updated October 30, 2020

Lecho my Echo...sign.

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Overall Satisfaction with Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign is currently being used by 2 departments within our organizations, soon to be the full company. It addresses the NDAs needing to be signed by every buyer on each of our clients in market (currently about 500 in market). We receive about 1200 NDAs per month, so Adobe Sign is extremely valuable in being able to incorporate into our existing business processes and systems.
  • The integration between Adobe Sign and our Salesforce CRM is ingenious. Our company absolutely loves being able to provide its confidentiality agreements to potential buyers and clients, knowing it will come back to the respective team member as well as attach in Salesforce.
  • The reporting aspect is also great - we use these document reports as leader boards within the company to offer perspective and motivation for future documents.
  • The signing process is insanely easy. You can sign from a phone, computer, iPad - basically anywhere. I'm impressed with the timeliness of delivery and ease of use.
  • Our company uses a custom made widget for Salesforce purposes, and we aren't able to send the completed document to more than one contact (other than a standard cc). It would be great if this is something considered moving forward.
  • We have had a little more difficult of a time working with a multi-signature process. Transitioning the next department into our CRM system has been successful, but having the ability for multi-signing is the next big step we need to conquer.
  • Echosign always seems to be going through maintenance or glitches in the service - I know this is something actively being worked on, but always something to be considered.
  • We are a M&A firm and need every buyer to sign a document in order to see our deals. With over 400 deals on the market, this is a LOT of documents to be signed for viewing. Adobe Sign has had an extremely positive impact on making this system more efficient. Every deal has a respective link with its Confidentiality Agreement and is able to be sent out, signed, returned to the respective director, and attached back into our CRM. Amazing.
  • Employee efficiency has also drastically increased. A 250 person company spread around the nation formerly relying on email, scanning, and faxes has now transitioned into a more technologically advanced (though still far from it) company relying on the signature of a link. Our leader boards also push directors to use this system.
  • Customer Service has also been positively impacted. We have a cc of every document come to a standardized inbox for monitoring. Any time a client or buyer calls questioning why they haven't received a response, we are able to look in that inbox to verify whether something was actually signed or not. We've gained a tighter reign on quality control and it definitely shows in our customer satisfaction.
Easy to get a hold of, able to trouble shoot Adobe Sign- specific questions. It's a little more challenging with how customized our system is to Salesforce to troubleshoot those types of issues, but they have been able to answer most of our questions overall!
Super easy to use. Great and informative documentation to assist with the technical aspect. Easy for end users - one stop shop!
We have hundreds of clients for sale and an NDA is required to view information on all of them. We don't use blanket NDAs, so having the ability to easily have an NDA created per client and accessible to buyers is key. Extremely simple process, made even better with a callback back into our Salesforce system for full review. This is a game changer for our industry!

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DocuSign is a per-email pricing structure, which is extremely inconvenient for us as we send out thousands of emails a day - and also MUCH more technical in setup. Adobe Sign most certainly meets our needs and expectations. HelloSign is great for a Non-Profit type tool, but not complex enough to manage our needs.
Salesforce Community Cloud, Salesforce Service Cloud, PowerDialer for Salesforce, from XANT (formerly InsideSales.com)
Adobe Sign is a great tool and is capable of fitting most any business. With the other companies competing out there, it is definitely crucial to understand what your long term goal is for a signing program like this. Are you focusing on simple documents needing secure signatures, or are you more focused on sending mass emails in hopes of getting a response on one of them? Are you interested in viewing dashboards among users to rate and compare how your team is doing, or is this for a single user? Does the price fit your range? Are you more interested in performing the entire customization process yourself, or would you like superb support from a company like Adobe Sign?

Using Adobe Sign

40 - Deal team, Sales reps, Evaluation associates, Administration. We use Echosign for a variety of functions, from Confidentiality Agreements, HR documentation, Engagement Agreements with multiple signatures, and other Contracts.
2 - SoapUI is strongly used by the two administrators to create the individual widgets needed per client. We create a static URL for the full company to use moving forward.
  • Confidentiality Agreements - with over 450 deals being marketed at any point in time, it's important each Deal has it's own CA for potential buyers to sign. This has increased efficiency in our workflow by 150%.
  • Engagement Agreements - each client has to go through a series of signatures between managers and owners before a client can engage with us and go to market. We are able to track the activity of this document to ensure it gets accurately filled out and filed.
  • Contracts - HR and Finance have now begun using Echosign to track the signatures needed for various contracts. Although slow to enforce, the teams have slowly adapted to a more efficient system.
  • SoapUI widgets - we can create independent URLs for every client.
  • Multi-facet signatures - when signing up clients we are able to process a multi-signature document smoothly.
  • Sales team can use to sign up new clients
  • We can have the affiliates within our company sign new contracts via this e-signature product
  • Interview processes could be more fluent.
The effectiveness of an individual link for every deal we market has provided us with the ease and efficiency of improved quality control and client satisfaction. Although there are items we would like to see worked on, such as multi-signing, multi-recipients, and maintenance, we are extremely satisfied with the quality and service Echosign has provided to us. Gold star!

Evaluating Adobe Sign and Competitors

  • Price
  • Product Usability
  • Positive Sales Experience with the Vendor
The SoapUI widget process was the selling point for us since we have such a unique business model. The fact that Adobe could work with us with our needs was a major selling point.
I probably wouldn't. The only problem with creating individual widgets is room-for-error, but we keep a tight grip on users involved in this process so are extremely happy with our result.

Adobe Sign Implementation

We did not use it in the manner that most companies do, so I am pleased with how our company handled implementation. We will be pushing the full company over into Echosign for various processes which will incorporate more of an implementation effect.
Yes - Mass data transfer, creation of 300+ widgets initially, several training calls, done.
Change management was a minor issue with the implementation - Our users don't have to do any work in order to view the widgets needed for production, so the change management only affected a few people within the company.
  • Time management
  • Knowledge of the product