Premiere Pro: Edit videos like the Pro's
July 05, 2019

Premiere Pro: Edit videos like the Pro's

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Overall Satisfaction with Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is primarily used within my department. We use it to edit webinars, video podcasts, and promotional videos both internally and externally. It addresses communication issues and is used as a tool to correct mistakes, streamline a message, polish a presentation and entertain both internal staff and send a message to potential clients. We also use Premiere Pro to convert video files to different codecs that correspond with different clients platforms, as well as lower/increase video quality to match bandwidth requirements when streaming.
  • Colour Correction in Premiere is a highly underrated tool- it can fix most minor color issues in no time without having to export any video.
  • Shortcuts- Premiere Pro has so many shortcuts that you can essentially edit without using a mouse. Many of these shortcuts are fantastic when it comes to time-saving.
  • The ability to customize your workspace to match your editing setup (multiple monitors, etc.) and then save that workspace to go back to it later is great for editing comforts.
  • Rendering previews in real time.
  • Automating footage to markers is a great hidden gem that allows users to edit to music easier and faster as well as particular vocal or video cues.
  • Premiere's audio editing feature is very bare-bones, and not very intuitive. It's likely trying to get you to use Audition, but that can be really annoying when all you want to do is fix a simple hiss.
  • Inability to place effects on the entire specific tracks (ie. on V2) rather than over-top tracks.
  • The audio synchronization feature could be updated to be faster and more intuitive, but overall it's a handy feature
  • Bringing the encoding/exporting function up to par with Adobe Media Encoder would be a good update to see.
  • Allowed us to take on different editing jobs outside of webcasts.
  • Allowed us to fix on-set mistakes that could have costed business opportunities.
  • Allowed us to reach a wide audience in a streamlined and effective matter that both showcases our abilities and promotes service.
Adobe Premiere Pro is by far the best video software of the selected products. It does not have the best audio editing capabilities nor video graphic design capabilities but good enough ones where it can help you out in a pinch if your primary goal is to edit the video. The best-case scenario is to use Premiere Pro alongside the rest of the Adobe Creative Suite and maybe bring in ProTools for things like audio editing and ON24 for streaming services. Adobe Premiere Pro is far more intuitive than Final Cut Pro will ever be and its integration with the creative suite makes it a far more affordable option for any video editor.
Premiere Pro is very well suited for any video editing project (both major and minor). It's useful for removing unwanted video/audio, cutting together two or more video tracks with the same audio (particular in the multicam feature), or even with different audio. You can do anything in Premiere from making a movie to simply top and tailing a video clip so that it fades in from black and fates out to black.