Chorus has changed the game for a scaling sales organization!
Updated July 27, 2021

Chorus has changed the game for a scaling sales organization!

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Overall Satisfaction with

Chorus is being used by our entire sales & CS effort across the company to eliminate lost details, communicate active opportunities across the organization, build a "best practices" library for onboarding and up-leveling our reps, and personal coaching & feedback. It reduces ramp time, increases deal sizes, and increases our win rate.
  • Chorus integrates with Zoom so all of my major calls are recorded.
  • Chorus also integrates with Outreach so my outbound calls are typically recorded.
  • Chorus is very flexible in being able to clip just the right portion of a call to send to others.
  • It seems every now and then a call of mine is not recorded for some unknown reason.
  • Chorus can be a little overwhelming to a new user.
  • Chorus UI could be a little cleaner in dissecting and annotating a call to quickly find relevant positions of that call.
  • Reduced ramp time for new employees.
  • Better customer perception as small details don't fall through the cracks.
  • Improved win rates due to better understanding of the customer.
Being able to curate and document successful calls, skills, & strategies has been a game-changer. Being able to share a snippet of a call with your manager and get feedback is amazing. Having that fail-safe in the background for call details brings peace of mind and more confidence to each call.
Chorus ultimately was the more user friendly of the two platforms we evaluated. It integrated with our sales stack and won out on a better partnership altogether. Their rep came on-site and was very involved in the proof of concept. We got a better price from them as well.
If you have a scaling sales organization, Chorus is a game-changer if leaders really buy-in. Before Chorus, we'd get a new employee and try to get them to sit in on as many calls as possible, which were hit and miss for value. With Chorus, you can curate the best calls to listen to to help a ramping employee get up to speed quickly.

Evaluating Deal Momentum with

I would advise them to develop a plan on 1) how they expect the reps to leverage Chorus in their own work and 2) how they plan to leverage Chorus on a company wide scale. It is such a valuable tool when there's an emphasis put on regularly reflecting on calls/using them to get better. But if it's just a tool given to the reps and then left to its own devices to be used, it could fall flat.
Momentum is definitely a newer feature for us but it's a great concept. I do like being able to, at a glance, look at a deal and see if there's been regular activity over time/how much activity. It is very telling on whether the opp has legs or is more smoke/hope.
Absolutely it does help with overall visibility. Again, going back to my advice to new Chorus customers, this feature needs to be talked about and regularly reviewed if you want the reps to get anything out of it. I stumble across it here and there and it's very helpful, but it's not a regular part of our deal review so there's a lot of value left on the table.
Momentum is a great litmus test on whether opportunities are legitimate. We do not use this as part of our deal review, however, I do think it would be helpful. As a manager, it would be very easy to quickly review the Momentum of top opportunities going into a deal review to see what's actually going on. Less momentum, more questions I'd have on where the deal is at.
We have integrated Momentum into Chorus, but we are not systematically using it validate and forecast deals. It is mainly on a rep by rep basis that it is used. Maybe Chorus communicated all the value to the folks that manage the software internally, but it has never found its way into a top-down initiative/thus never been prioritized.
Chorus has been an awesome safety blanket for catching any notes & nuggets throughout the discovery process. There really is so much valuable information captured, but whether it's reviewed or not is what I feel like is the biggest issue. If sales leadership isn't pushing management to actively review calls with reps, it seems to get pushed to the wayside except by the self-driven reps.