Clickfunnels - Necessary and appreciated, but needs improvement. Read for specific use cases.
November 08, 2019

Clickfunnels - Necessary and appreciated, but needs improvement. Read for specific use cases.

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Overall Satisfaction with ClickFunnels

This software helps solve the problem of conversion. (not just looking for website visitors, but using your website to actually create leads and customers) .
It used to be good enough for you to have a website - but now, you need to have a website that features a guide or an offer for an ideal user, then collects their information and follows up with them immediately.
This tool combines:
  • website
  • pop-up
  • CRM
  • email autoresponder
We use it for our marketing department and we also implement it for other clients to advertise their guides, offers, strategy calls, events, and conferences.
  • Landing page software: A great one-page microsite where you can host your guides, offers, event information... (please note, this should not replace a mature company website).
  • Integrations: This software integrates with just about everything - so it's easy to collect information here and then migrate it into your real Customer Relationship Management system or ESP (email service provider).
  • Easy, basic CRM: For the new business owner, or for someone who has an opt-in offer, this software creates a four-in-one landing base to begin part of a customer journey. (please note, this does not replace a real CRM or email software for a mature business owner or for a bigger brand.)
  • Pop-up software: Allowing you to collect user information and allow people to opt-in to marketing messages or offers.
  • A/B testing: The ability to create and test offers, different landing pages, and variables to understand what their audience truly desires.
  • End USER EXPERIENCE - OH. MY. GOODNESS. This software needs help in the design department. I don't like critiquing people or products, but in this case, you need to get someone to help you with design to really make your landing page look professional (this is attached to your brand image). A lot of direct response marketers use this platform for younger brands, so typically the designed landing pages on this software don't look great.
  • User navigation - It's not necessarily user intuitive.
  • The software has interior platforms for membership courses - But this is not a great user experience for your course. A micro-course, 7-day trial, or mini-course as an opt-in offer might work here, but COACHES, do not use this as the delivery system of your membership course. Go elsewhere for that, like Teachable, MyKajabi, or Thinkific.
  • They need to make more room for templates. The basic plan of $99 only allows you to have 20 landing pages. According to industry leaders, you should have 40 per offer.
  • Positive: I can share funnel structures across clients - make it once, then duplicate efforts (if need be) to another client's account. This is efficiency. Time is money.
  • Negative: This is $99 per month. I can replicate the effects of this program with three other programs: Weebly, Privy, and Mailchimp (This is NOT a recommendation for mature brands, but for starter brands) for about $60 per month.
  • Positive: Clickfunnels has a connection community on facebook, which is a networking opportunity - and a place to find answers quickly. This is a connection to potential deals and clients, as well as a workforce that can help execute work if need be.
  • Negative: Clickfunnels has this "one funnel away" challenge - and puts out stories of people who have "struck it rich" from using Clickfunnels. No one is one funnel away. This creates a negative impression of marketers - big promises, not necessarily applicable to every client - and it's really important to be able to stand 100% behind what you claim or present as possible for a client. (For example, a funnel is not going to fix a disjointed brand image, a wrong offer, or a product that no one wants.)
Clickfunnels and GetResponse - I actually prefer the user experience of GetResponse (easier navigation, more standard spacing and design), but I'd still choose Clickfunnels over GetResponse because of the user community and replicable templates.
Wishpond - I would choose Clickfunnels over Wishpond. More capabilities. Landing pages were better here.

Weebly - For a client's permanent website - for a younger business, I would prefer that they be here.
Privy - For any client - I would prefer this type of pop up. Far superior segmenting capabilities.
Mailchimp - About even in terms of email sending and marketing automation (in regards to email)

For mature clients:
eCom - Shopify would be their permanent landing pad
Coaching - I would prefer WordPress for them for a permanent site
Coaching course interior - I would use Thinkific, MyKajabi, or Teachable
And I would use Clickfunnels as the entry offer in the beginning of a customer's journey or for a specific lead magnet then integrate everything with Zapier.
Honestly, I haven't had to use support very often, but I would say that from time to time something will break - and they'll have to announce it in the Facebook group. Because of the community, education challenge (one funnel away), workforce, ability to replicate funnels, and documentation - I would have to say that I think somewhat positively of support for the platform, even though Clickfunnels itself doesnt' always provide that directly.

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My recommendations are very specific - I don't like blanket recommendations.

For younger brands or businesses, I would recommend this as:
  • A starter site, email system and pop up all in one to create a place where people can go from viewing the site -> a lead or customer
  • A place to test your offers, landing pages, and pop-ups
For mature brands or bigger businesses, I would recommend this as
  • An easy way to create landing pages without having to give user access to your main platform.
  • A good place to test your offers or landing pages
I would not recommend this for:
  • A permanent email service provider
  • A permanent/main website
  • A main pop-up provider

Using ClickFunnels

3 - Our internal marketing team uses this - to promote lead magnets for our business, to test (buttons vs. embedded forms, colors, structures, offers, language) We custom design landing pages and follow up automations specifically to reach goals - Achieve an amount of leads, sales, etc. We drive ad campaigns to this offer to capture users for the first time.

Our subcontractors / design team also use this for client landing pages. (same tests)
3 - Basic understanding of:
  • Landing page designs - constructing basic drag and drop design (for basic usage)
  • HTML coding - to be able to embed pixels on this page for tracking
  • Email marketing - and setting up automated email messages
  • Integrations - so that you can integrate the page (all the contacts, events that happen) into other parts of your marketing funnel
  • Landing page creation for your first contact with individuals
  • Landing page testing (understanding the variables, offers, colors, etc.) in your marketing
  • 1st contact automation (email marketing)
  • Funnel sharing: Creating the work once, then sharing it to another account. So that you do the structure once, then can edit it per client.
  • Networking - the support community that exists around it is a source of potential clients and workforce.
  • Possible revenue source - we may sell funnels in the future.
Mostly because the unique combination of community and usage - we will renew. But we do often create similar results with other software (ex: sites, email marketing, etc.) and we don't always use Clickfunnels for every conversion scenario.

Using ClickFunnels

Technical support not required
Well integrated
Lots to learn
  • Integrated elements for conversion: landing page, pop-up, email marketing.
  • Replicating funnels across accounts - just a link click
  • Pop-up creation
  • User design - it's hard to create really good looking professional landers without a lot of work
  • Cost (i know that's not a function) - but it's an aspect of the user relationship.
It's decent, but the interior user experience and end user experience needs a lot of improvement. I would want some UX individuals to go through the site and make specific recommendations and changes: User navigation, user experience feels a bit cheap. It needs to be standardized with spacing, and sometimes the platform can be buggy as well. The user does need some education to use it - straight out of the box, it may or may not make sense.