Expensify is the Expert
April 13, 2018

Expensify is the Expert

Lisa Shapiro | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Expensify

We use Expensify across our whole organization, in our US companies as well as our international companies. We have also connected our corporate credit cards to Expensify so that our users can more easily report their credit card transactions and provide important details and receipts easily. We have also used Expensify with users outside our company. When we host events that we will reimburse travel for, like board member travel or contractor workshop travel, these users can submit their requests for reimbursement through Expensify as easily as our employees can.


  • Expensify has a user-friendly interface. Receipts can be easily uploaded onto the platform through multiple methods. Users can also download the app so, which is particularly useful while they are on travel.
  • Our reps at Expensify have helped build reports that respond to our complicated multi entity needs. I have a report that I export that is in the exact format I need for journal entry template importation. This is a game changer when the monthly credit card transaction list for the journal entry is on average 800 lines!
  • We are able to host employees on the platfomr from many different countries because Expensify allows for multiple policies to be set. Each policy can then be set with needs to that country, like currency and even different categories and departments to charge items to.
  • Since we have our corporate cards connected to Expensify, Expensify builds reports for our employees through the month, adding their charges to the report as they are charged to the card. Expensify imports the amount, merchant and date and the user just needs to fill in a comment, add a receipt and select what the charge needs to be budgeted to. Users can also set up "rules" that automatically code recurring charges so they can "set it and forget it."
  • It is very easy to add user and remove users. This comes in useful in a busy HR department when stake holders are changing all the time.


  • Sometimes Expensify gets confused when receipts are emailed in and then "smart scanned" into the system. The receipt either does not get attached to the appropriate charge or it takes a very long time. I have had many users say they love this feature though and have no problem with it.
  • At the beginning of the month Expensify can be slow. This may be because all of out users want to use it then or a system wide issue.
  • Sometimes the system does not react well when words are typed in to the admin side when creating users. It responds much better when the info needing to be added is just copy/pasted.
  • Before Expensify, my company was getting Expense reimbursement requests via paper and getting the info about company card transactions via Excel and email. Both of those scenarios created a lot more work for the HR/Payroll team and also allowed for a lot of mistakes to be made. Expensify allows the admins and users a lot more ease. It has freed up a lot of time on both sides.
  • We have a lot more success now in getting receipts. Users that are on travel don't lose them as much because they can take a picture and upload them on the spot and our company card users find tracking their receipts much easier as well since they do not have to hand us a pile of them when they turn in their monthly statement.
  • Our budget to actuals are much more accurate now for our company cards because the users can select where items are budgeted from the drop-down lists of categories and departments. We used to just guess.
Our bank offers an option for tracking company credit card information and receipts through their data portal. Expensify is much more user-friendly and since we already use Expensify for personal reimbursements, it did not make any sense to introduce a new portal for users. This is why we opted to find a solution with Expensify for our company credit card transaction tracking.
Expensify can be great for small and large companies. We have multiple entities and a lot of specific situations that we needed built into our reports which is why we cannot take advantage of the NetSuite integration at this time, but we have worked with our rep to make it work for us by building these custom reports. Expensify is flexible and I think they can find a solution for many different companies' needs.

Using Expensify

300 - Everyone uses it either for their personal expense reimbursements, company card expense tracking or as an Admin for book keeping purposes. We have cross company use and even our international entities use the service for their expense tracking.
3 - I so most of the heavy lifting for Expensify upkeep etc, but we have 2 other admins who approve expenses for their entities.
  • Employee Expense reimbursements.
  • Company card holder expense tracking.
  • Journal Entry creation
  • We have had custom reports created to have us with our multi-entity needs.
  • We have used it so our outside board members and contractors can submit expense reimbursements.
  • We have linked it to our company cards so we can have the charges flow to the report.
  • We are trying to expand the credit card functionality to our international entities.
  • It has the capability to create invoices, we may look in to this.
  • We may start using it full time with our contractors.
We love Expensify! Its interface is amazing. They are always innovating new things and our reps are great and help us along the way to achieve what we need.

Expensify Support

Our rep has been amazing. He has built custom reports for us that have been very time consuming and difficult. Our reps are also currently looking into new submission solutions for us that we are excited about. They came up with this and recommended it on their own without me complaining about an issue. They are about our success and are very excited about the product they offer.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
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Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
Yes! Our rep is so great he worked very hard to get our export template to so exactly what we needed. I said we did not need it to "think" that hard, and I could just make some adjustments after the report was produced, but our rep thought that was crazy and said that we could build it the way we needed it done, we just had to spend a little more time on the logic, and it was a success!

Using Expensify

Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • it is easy for basic users to create their expense reports and submit them.
  • it is easy for admins to maintain.
  • It is easy to set up new credit card connections and users


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