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Travel Management Software

Best Travel Management Software

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Travel Management Software Overview

What is Travel Management Software?

Travel Management Software, also called Corporate Travel Management (CTM) Software, is designed to help companies coordinate the travel activities and expenses of its employees. These products handle a variety of tasks, such as booking hotels and flights, coordinating the travel schedules of all traveling team members, and recording travel expenses.

Travel management software allows companies and individuals to spend less time manually planning trips and logging travel expenses. It also provides solutions to unforeseen travel mishaps, such as a canceled flight or overbooked hotel. In these cases, a comprehensive travel management product will manage the process of finding the next best lodging and booking a new flight.

This category of software products overlaps with Expense Management Software for keeping track of employee expenses while on the road. Many travel management tools also include expense tracking.

Some examples of products that include both expense management and time management capabilities are:

Travel Management Software Features & Capabilities

Travel management products often include the following features:

  • Hotel and airline booking

  • Generating master itineraries

  • Individual schedule management

  • Schedule coordination among team members

  • Travel expense reporting and tracking

  • Tax payment and reporting

  • Travel-plan calendar synch

  • Travel document storage

  • Travel alerts and reminders

  • Weather forecast updates

  • Flight cancellation assistance

  • Destination condition updates

  • Traveler safety and security management

  • Travel policy management

  • Mobile application

Pricing Information

Many vendors offer either free trial period of their product or ‘freemium’ version that includes a smaller set of features.

Pricing models for time tracking software vary by vendor and by type of plan. Vendors that offer stand-alone travel management products may charge a flat monthly fee, a monthly per-user fee, or an annual fee. Flat monthly fees start at around $50, while the lower end of per user per month fees is around $10. Prices for annual fees depend on the size of your business and the number of software users.

Travel management solutions that are part of larger suite offerings (these may be paired with travel expense and risk management products) are generally more expensive.

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Travel Management Products

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Concur Travel and Expense

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Top Rated
430 Ratings

Concur is a SaaS expense report management product, and handles corporate travel booking, expense report automation, reimbursement, audit, and business intelligence, and corporate card integration. The product is used by over 15,000 clients. Concur is now an SAP company.


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Top Rated
168 Ratings

Expensify is the world’s most widely-used receipt tracking and expense management app. Whether you’re working for yourself, managing a team, or closing the books for your clients, Expensify helps you ditch the spreadsheet so you have more time to focus on what really matters. Download the Expensi...


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Top Rated
68 Ratings

Certify is expense management software from the company of the same name in Maine.


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19 Ratings

TripActions headquartered in Palo Alto offers their corporate travel management application of the same name, supporting messaging, travel rewards management, travel booking, and company policy compliance.

33 Ratings

Founded in 2006, Coupa Software is the leading provider of cloud-based applications for finance. More than 300 customers in 40 countries use the Coupa suite of cloud applications to amplify their spend power and reduce spending costs up to 11 percent. Only Coupa provides a true suite of cloud app...

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14 Ratings, from Lola Travel Company headquartered in Boston, is a travel management platform featuring employee travel points and other rewards, travel spend tracking and management, generate travel itineraries and receipts, and other features.

13 Ratings

TravelBank, headquartered in San Francisco, offers their travel management for businesses, featuring booking management, travel policy management, spend tracking and management, and other features.

15 Ratings

Egencia, part of the Expedia group, offers their corporate travel management program and applications. Egencia supports business travel compliance with authorization workflow, as well as travel expense tracking, travel risk management and policy adherence, mobile app, as well as travel consulting...

6 Ratings

SAP Concur takes companies of all sizes and stages beyond automation to a completely connected spend management solution encompassing travel, expense, invoice, compliance and risk. For more than 20 years, SAP Concur's global expertise and industry-leading innovation has kept customers a step ahea...

1 Ratings

AmTrav headquartered in Chicago offers their online business travel application, available with limited functionality for free or via a paid plan supporting travel policies and approval workflow.

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Since 1997, DATABASICS has been providing web-based business solutions to a broad spectrum of leading organizations. DATABASICS has received industry recognition for its achievements including the Deloitte “Fast 50” award. The company is also super proud of its recent customer service awards in...

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We at KlientScape Software are a team that believes in enriching lives, simplifying work and management through the use of clever and well thought out software and web apps. We specialise in building custom-build and packaged software to suit every need and Websites that are built from scratch bu...

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Between middle seats, flight delays, and earbuds that break just after takeoff, there's no shortage of headaches you can encounter while traveling. But booking and managing your business travel shouldn't be one of them. NexTravel's mission is to make arranging business travel simple, painless a...

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Rocketrip headquartered in New York offers their travel management platform, supporting budgeting, employee tracking and rewards, and comprehensive reporting.

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INX Software Pty Ltd grew out of Cube Consulting Pty Ltd as a natural evolution of the development of an integrated workforce management system for the resource sector. In 2000, prior to the start of the mining boom, the energy sector had learned many lessons about safety management and were in...