The best solution for connecting with your customers - period.
Updated November 19, 2021

The best solution for connecting with your customers - period.

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Overall Satisfaction with Influitive

We use Influitive to connect with our most passionate customers as a way to help them: connect with us as a company; connect with each other; discover a variety of resources that can help them in their roles; and easily share their love of our product with others. Our Influitive instance lives within Product but is leveraged by individuals across the company on a global scale. At the highest of levels, it allows us to develop better genuine relationships with our customer base.
  • Connection: People want to connect in meaningful ways, but discovering how to make those connections isn't always easy. Influitive has a variety of solutions that can not only bring people closer together, but more importantly, allow organizations to do it in a very genuine, human way.
  • Give Knowledge: I haven't seen another solution that enables organizations to so easily share knowledge with customers. The Influitive interface gives administrators a lot of flexibility to serve up different types of content to meet the different personas/personalities of their customer base. This ability keeps engagement high and is a personalized way to deliver e-books, white papers, videos, etc. customers actually want to see.
  • Share Rewards: Everyone likes a bit of thanks! Influitive, again, makes it easy to deliver prizes/pieces of gratitude to customers. Thoughtful, meaningful gifts that make a difference for any organization are just a few clicks away!
  • The Influitive app has been glitchy over the years. Our customers prefer to access the hub through the app, but they lost a lot of faith in it because of performance issues. With that said, I know Influitive has been working on their app, and we haven't seen as many issues in the last six months.
  • Influitive still has some things to learn about when/how to let their customers have the control. But they're listening and actively adapting to this feedback, which is great to see!
  • I don't focus a lot on tangible ROI, because that's not what delivers the biggest value. But for those who see this as a key metric, Influitive can help create a reference program that easily proves ROI. I've done it, and it's easily achievable with Influitive.
  • The biggest ROI, in my opinion, comes from the relationships built within the Influitive platform. These have demonstrated their worth at my organization time and time again.
Influitive Support is fast and seems to care about helping customers succeed. With this said, you can only contact them via email. We'd love a phone number to call Support when needed.
We use Influtive for our customer advocacy program, which is, in and of itself, a fabulous community. The software makes it really easy to get to know community members, as well as allow community members to get to know each other. If you're a creative community manager, there are a million ways you can use Influitive to build community. But just like anything, to be successful, you also need to implement strategy and best practices.
We use Influitive for our closed customer advocacy program and Khoros for our open discussion-based community. Two different communities...two different software solutions. Each one best fits the ultimate goals of the community.

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If an organization wants to easily connect with customers in a meaningful way - Influitive can help them. If they want to deliver quality, diversified content to their customers is an easy-to-understand (and dare I say fun) manner - Influitive can deliver. If an organization wants their customers to feel heard, appreciated and accepted - Influitive can help them accomplish this goal. I believe in Influitive, because I've seen first hand what it's done for our customer base. And it's amazing.

Using Influitive

3 - We all work on the Community team within Product.
3 - Sr. Manager - Oversees the strategy for the customer advocacy program
Community Specialist - Oversees the day-to-day management of the customer hub
Community Specialist - Oversees the day-to-day management of the partner hub
  • Connecting customers to each other in strategic ways
  • Connecting customers to the org in strategic ways
  • Showing customer appreciation through rewards, etc.
  • We use their rewards capabilities to get donations to charities - $7,400 donated thus far from customers
  • We build meaningful relationships with customers, which turn them into loyal fans of the org.
  • We make ways for Jamf Heroes to show their involvement in the program on their LinkedIn -- a sign of their Jamf expertise.
  • Leveraging challenges to help influence the product roadmap
  • Helping Jamf break into new geographies
  • Allowing customers to get to know Jamfs even more
Influitive is the only tool I've found that allows us to do all of the aspects that help a customer advocacy program succeed. They don't have everything, but neither does anyone else. I look forward to seeing what Influitive does in the future to enhance their offering.

Evaluating Influitive and Competitors

  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
Obviously whatever we use needs to be cost effective. But the feature set is incredibly important with any purchase, because there's no point in buying something that doesn't have the tools that will allow you to accomplish your goals. Also, it needs to be easy to use. If it's a challenge to complete certain tasks, there's no point in having it.
I'd want to chat with other Influitive users a bit more before purchasing. I'd also want to see the product in action more than a couple quick demos. This deeper look would enable me to know if it could do everything I needed. With that said, when purchasing Influitive, I didn't have a solid sense of what I needed, so the selection process was adequate. Now I'd be much harder to please.

Influitive Implementation

I wasn't closely involved with the implementation from a technical standpoint, so I can't add valuable comments here other than I know things didn't plug into our Salesforce instance as we expected. I think the biggest reason for this was because Influtive is no longer Salesforce certified, when they used to be.
Change management was minimal
  • We had issues with how things plugged into Salesforce.
  • Some expected behaviors from Influitive were not expected on our side.
  • We had a bit of trouble figuring out how to have Influitive show up in our Salesforce instance.

Influitive Support

Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
I didn't know Influitive has premium support.
Yes - It was! I really feel that every time I report a bug, Influitive jumps on it to get it resolved.
Recently, when we encountered a bigger issue than we expected on our side (and were up against a timeline), I reached out to Influitive to see if they'd put more resources on it to help out in a timely manner. With a quick response, they said yes. They added resources to help us figure out the issue and get it moved through the process faster.

Using Influitive

Overall, Influitive is very easy to use for customers. There's a bit of a learning curve for new admins, but that's only because Influitive isn't always intuitive. The UI is confusing in certain places. I expect something to be in one place, and I find it somewhere else entirely. This is the only reason my usability rank isn't higher.
Like to use
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Feel confident using
  • Building challenges is easy!
  • Adding rewards is simple!
  • Viewing the platform from the eyes of a customer is easy.
  • Some of the reporting is a challenge to navigate.
  • The platform has little quirks, which can cause a lot of time wasted to complete a simple task.
  • Not everything is consistent. So while some reports, when exported, stay in the software, others are emailed to the admin.
Yes - I honestly don't use it personally. Our customers have had mixed reviews on it over the years. They used to say it was very glitchy, but I know Influitive has been working to fix it. I haven't heard complaints recently, so I take that as good news! :)