New Relic helps you keep a critical online service up and running.
Updated May 29, 2019

New Relic helps you keep a critical online service up and running.

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New Relic for Web Apps

Modules Used

  • NewRelic for Django

Overall Satisfaction with New Relic

I'm using New Relic in a Django project, a site with high traffic and a subscription service, that's why it is important for us to have a solid monitoring system for our clients. In this particular case we are using New Relic to be sure that our site remains fast, reliable, and lets us react quickly to any major or minor error. New Relic also helps us monitoring the application to know if every part in the stack is working properly.
  • Show detailed information about the performance of code functions and SQL queries.
  • Monitor the CPU, memory, and I/O usage of a Linux server.
  • Manage and send alerts about critical issues in your project.
  • The web dashboard frontend is sometimes slow.
  • Pricing model is too big business oriented, it is expensive for startups.
  • We have achieved an increase in sales due to speed improvements in slow methods and functions.
  • Better customer satisfaction thanks to detailed information about bottlenecks in our database queries.
  • Quick reaction on rare client problems and errors in our platform thanks to New Relic's instant notification.
We have a considerable number of web and eCommerce websites for our clients. All these apps are deployed in different kind of servers, and we need to have a full picture of the overall performance of our infrastructure. Commerce websites need to be blazing fast and constantly optimized. If something goes wrong, we want to be notified. We can not be alerted when a project goes down, we need to know it before it happens, and this is what we can achieve with New Relic thanks to its precise real time vision of the entire performance of our server farm.

The number of monthly issues that we have in all our projects and the total time we spend fixing them have been reduced.
New Relic help us finding issues early in our eCommerce sites made with Magento 2. Magento is an extremely complex software that requires deep knowledge of the framework. Risk of issues in production is very high, and very expensive for the end customer. New Relic is built in Magento and helped us finding and fixing issues at development time when there's no risk for the business.
We use Docker, that helps our DevOps team minimize the complexity of our Drupal and Magento stacks. New Relic helps us monitoring containers and improving the overall performance of our virtual machines. One of the biggest advantages is that all members of our different teams have full visibility when an incident happens. Thanks to New Relic, we can quickly detect where the problem is. We are also using PagerDuty to manage alerts. Both products are integrated so we can create incidents based on the severity of the event.
Dynatrace was not as easy and solid as New Relic for the first implementation of the APM. We had more issues and we had to spend more time to setup the initial environment. New Relic also has more integrations with existing languages, frameworks, and CMS, and it has a great 24/7 online support that we didn't find in Dynatrace.
After my experience, I found New Relic well suited if you have a critical online service or product and also a dedicated team to mantain and improve it over time. New Relic gives you a lot of interesting data to help you make technical and customer related decisions. One of our services is a web application where users can buy services between them, and it's critical for us to keep all services up and running without errors.

New Relic Feature Ratings

Using New Relic

4 - There are three developers and one technical director using the platform.
4 - New Relic is made for DevOps. The skills required are both from development and / or operations. Any developer can setup and use New Relic products, and give support to other coworkers that are not in the development team.
  • Track real time performance in eCommerce products.
  • Detect unusual patterns during the sales process.
  • Get alerts when something is about to fail so we can solve issues before it happens.
  • Setup agents inside Django apps to see real time performance of code and database.
  • Connect New Relic directly with Magento
  • Add monitoring to our iOS and Android eCommerce apps
  • Connect to our catalog of API
  • Monitor Kubernetes clusters
I have not yet found any similar product that offers me this range of features to help us keep our online service fast and reliable. Besides this, New Relic is constantly evolving by adding new plugins to emerging technologies and platforms. Server performance measuring features are a key point as our user database grows.

Evaluating New Relic and Competitors

  • Product Features
  • Product Reputation
  • Third-party Reviews
I know that most reliable products are the ones with a more powerful user base, and New Relic had a great product reputation from developers and devops from the beginning. New Relic has a great team behind and that's why we chose this platform. Also, there's a lot of good feedback and reviews everywhere.
I still think that New Relic is the greatest platform against competition. My opinion has not changed so our evaluation process would be exactly the same. We use well know open source products like Magento and Drupal, and New Relic is 100% compatible with them.

New Relic Implementation

It's better to start by implementing New Relic in one project and test everything. Try to follow best recommended practices and read all the official documentation. Everything seems well tested. Then, start by installing agents to the rest of your projects and keep a close look to all logs and metrics New Relic gives you.
  • Error logs showing in apps and not in New Relic.
  • Not seeing data in APM agent.

New Relic Support

New Relic has online and 24/7 fast and great support, also with deep technical knowledge to help you solve all your setup issues.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
We had a Python Django app that dit not show errors in a log file. New Relic provided us with support from an application engineer that helped us solving the issue. The problem was in our app and not inside New Relic.

Using New Relic

New Relic interface can be tricky to setup sometimes, especially on dashboards, but the overall usability is great. We also find particularly interesting the chart creation tools. There are no major issues that prevented us using any of their services.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Feel confident using
Difficult to use
Lots to learn
  • Build flexible dashboards.
  • Mapping infrastructure and application performance.
  • Setup alerts.
  • Some parts of the interface are not very intuitive to use.
  • Automatic deployment functions.