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Barracuda PhishLine is being used on a quarterly basis where we can identify problem users, assign training to those users and report on their completion. We knew our numbers would be bad but what the Barracuda PhishLine reports showed were eye opening. Luckily, its training material has helped educate the staff on identifying span and phishing emails. The applications has been a win for us.
  • Nice reporting
  • good training material to send to the users
  • the support staff is excellent
  • Navigating the application needs to be improved on.
  • Needs to be more streamlined
We purchased Barracuda PhishLine in order to educate our staff and reduce the amount of spam and phishing emails they have been opening. By getting management on board and having quarterly campaigns sent out, we were successful in identifying problem areas. Our percentage rate has decreased and management is happy.
Working with Barracuda PhishLine support is always a good experience. They are very professional, they are attentive and they are courteous. When I first purchased Barracuda PhishLine a few year ago it was new to them as well. At the time, the support staff could been better trained. That said, they worked hard to help and resolve my issues.
Score 9 out of 10
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We started using Barracuda PhishLine after some of our competitors got phished and suffered from severe downtime. We used to inform our users by mail and intranet messages, but you have no idea if the users get the message. Barracuda PhishLine shows us if our users are aware and paying attention to the risks of phishing emails or not. And by testing the users, we get to inform and train them. Double win. The bonus: it is included in the Total Security package.
  • It fits directly in the line of email security products.
  • You get a community and good documentation.
  • New templates arrive weekly.
  • It is available in multiple languages, also dutch.
  • The administrator interface is complex.
  • [In my experience] The first campaign will fail because the start is too complex. It lacks a guided wizard.
Barracuda PhishLine is a no-brainer if you already have barracuda security products. There is good interaction between the products.
Barracuda PhishLine compared to the competition? There might be room for improvement especially to get you started. But the concept of phishing your users and making them aware of the dangers is a must-have. No matter what product you use.
The documentation is good. The community is good. The product receives updates.
But [I feel] it lacks some kind of fast startup wizard. [In my experience] The administrator interface contains way too many options for a starter, so you get lost somewhere in the admin interface. Afterward, it seems that in order to start, you don't really need 80% of it. (to start).

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What is Barracuda PhishLine?

Fight phishing and other potentially-devastating attacks that can slip through security gateways. These evolving and sophisticated attack techniques, designed to fool employees, put your business at risk for data loss, financial fraud, and embarrassing exposure. Transform employees from potential victims into a layer of defense with Barracuda PhishLine.

Barracuda PhishLine Features

  • Supported: Multivector simulation campaigns
  • Supported: Customizable Templates
  • Supported: Advanced Interaction Tracking
  • Supported: Educational Content Library
  • Supported: Incident Response Capacities
  • Supported: Reporting and Analytics
  • Supported: Mail Server/ LDAP Integration
  • Supported: Advanced Interactions
  • Supported: Administrative Features
  • Supported: Dedicated Consultant Support (Optional)

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Barracuda PhishLine Technical Details

Deployment TypesSaaS
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Barracuda PhishLine?

PhishLine provides a suite of applications supporting phishing social engineering simulations with data analytics for evaluation of results as well as targeted training and education to boost readiness. PhishLine was acquired by Barracuda in January 2018, and is now part of Barracuda's security portfolio.

Who uses Barracuda PhishLine?

The most common users of Barracuda PhishLine are from Mid-size Companies and the Automotive industry.