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John Watson | TrustRadius Reviewer
February 17, 2020

A time-saving expense reporting system

Score 9 out of 10
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Tallie is our online resource for processing travel expenses across the whole company. The nature of our business means that most of us are traveling on a regular basis generating a large number of receipts either for personal expenses, mileage in our cars and spending on our company credit cards. Tallie processes all those activities and ensures refunds are made promptly.
  • The mileage calculator is simple and accurate.
  • Capturing images of receipts is easy.
  • Capturing info directly from the receipt image rarely works completely and some data is usually added manually.
  • No other issues with it.
I have worked 25+ years in the SME biotech sector and I have used many such expense reporting systems. Most have been a complete pain to use and have been very time-consuming to process expenses. In my experience, Tallie has been by far the best. Its simplicity is key, it does just what it needs to do an does it efficiently without over complicating the process. It is very easy and logical to use. I can't think of a situation where this wouldn't be appropriate to use.
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Scotty Hunt | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 24, 2019

Tallie is the most Turn-key Option for expenses

Score 9 out of 10
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Tallie is being used organization-wide for keeping accurate track of reimbursable expenses. It is critical to any role that travels outside of home base in order to conduct business. It addresses the business problems of removing the financial burden that some employees face when needing to travel for business while using personal funds to cover upfront costs.
  • Ease of Use
  • Mobile App
  • Expense Report Submission
  • Eats phone battery
  • Hard to track post-submission
  • Some strange expense categories
Tallie is well suited in pretty much any situation that involves an employee who has to use their own funds to support some sort of business trip. Whether that be food, travel, rental cars, hotel/AirBnB lodgings, Tallie makes sure that the employee gets their money back from the company in an organized fashion.
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Nick Bennett | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 22, 2019

A Marketeer that uses Tallie!

Score 10 out of 10
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This is the first time I have used Tallie. The whole company uses it for their expense reports and on top of that Marketing Team (my team) uses it for field marketing events and other expenses that come up for our marketing events.
  • I love how simple it is, and the UI is smooth.
  • Easy to attach receipts and details via the mobile app, which isn't always the case.
  • Enjoy seeing the flow of where my reports are in the approval process.
  • Sometimes, I wish that on the desktop version that it was easier to give reports names. Sometimes it doesn't save, and when uploading receipts the program starts on a new report.
I think for us, it's a perfect fit and I have used a bunch of different competitors to Tallie before and I do enjoy it a lot.
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Christine Austin | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 10, 2019

Tallie is the Simple Solution to Manage Reciepts

Score 8 out of 10
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We used Tallie to enable anyone within our organization to upload their receipts from purchases they made so we had a running record of what people purchased, whether or not they had a credit card. We'd later compared this information to the credit card statements to check for anything that might have been fraudulent.
  • Very intuitive - liked how it was convenient to use when uploading receipts and liked how it would attempt to figure out what was on it so it could pre populate the required fields.
  • The ability to add multiple categories and subcategories for where your purchase falls in the organization was super helpful when keeping organized.
  • Mobile app to upload receipts on the fly has helped increase the amount of folks remembering to submit their receipts.
  • Receipt AI for analyzing the paper would sometimes either take too long, or freeze the window up, causing me to either wait, or come back later.
  • Probably a more ideal solution for smaller to medium-sized teams - I see this getting too tedious for larger companies to manage.
  • Can't do reimbursements within the app - instead you need to connect another platform and control everything related this doing that within there.
Tallie was a great way to get everyone on board with managing their receipts and expenses and make it easier for folks internally to close the books out for each month. For the users, it was an intuitive platform that made it clear on how to get your receipt uploaded and submitted.
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Paula Bledsoe | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 22, 2019

Works with QuickBooks Pro Desktop like a dream!

Score 8 out of 10
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The construction company I work for is using Tallie to manage their AMEX corporate account and reimburse employees for monies spent on job related items. It allows me to collect receipts and match them to the purchases they make using their American Express.
  • Tallie has an app that allows easy upload of receipts to the cloud.
  • Has the ability to categorize spending to Jobs, Items and Class in QuickBooks syncing.
  • Notifies me, the bookkeeper, via email of completed expense reports by the user.
  • Tallie could improve the rate at which the charges download from American Express. A daily update would be more time efficient.
  • Tallie could improve the editing of the Expense Categories and how you assign them to expenses and items.
Tallie is a great solution for people using Quickbooks Desktop. The set-up is a bit difficult, but once it is customized to your needs, it does a great job. I haven't used it with QBO so I'm not sure of the ease of use with that accounting software.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 18, 2019

Quick, convenient, reliable expense reporting.

Score 8 out of 10
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Tallie is used across our organization as the sole expense reporting tool. All business expenses (travel, supplies, etc.) outside of large POs are facilitated by Tallie. Tallie's app addresses:
  1. Issues with recollection of old expenses, lost receipts, and the need to manually input all transaction information (the app reviews the submitted file for important details like the amount, vendor, date, etc.).
  2. Easy integration with corporate cards and/or personal payment methods for reimbursement (we utilize Bill.com)
  • Seamless integration with Bill.com. While this will not specifically benefit every user, our organization was able to quickly marry the two tools and provide timely reimbursements to employees.
  • Customer support -- they're available via so many mediums: user training, email, phone, support case reference numbers. If you need assistance, whether an end-user or administrator, you can get it.
  • In-app camera with intelligent image analysis to extrapolate the vendor name, date of the transaction, amount. It also offers the ability to import a photo from your mobile gallery, and then perform the analysis.
  • Lack of Uber, Salesforce, NetSuite, and/or Workday integration (at least that I am aware of). This is specific to each organization but given the large marketshare of those tools, it should be a given to have heavy integration (example: Expensify).
  • I am unable to find a way to view historical expense submissions via the app. Looking up previous, paid-out expenses requires accessing your Tallie account via web browser.
  • While the extrapolation of transaction data from receipt images is generally great, when it fails to accurately do so the app feels a bit clunky (on Android).
Tallie is well suited for those that utilize Bill.com or another of its compatible integrations. Small businesses to medium-sized corporations can (fairly quickly) leverage Tallie.

Tallie would be less appropriate for organizations that already lean heavily on Salesforce, NetSuite, or Workday -- Concur or Expensify might be more suitable options.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 22, 2019

Easy to use

Score 10 out of 10
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Tallie is being across the entire organization (as far as I know) to manage expense reports. Specifically, I am using as a member of the sales department to log expenses.
  • Mobile App
  • Photo Receipts
  • Mileage estimates
  • Real-time updates on the web app and mobile app.
  • Ease of use/user interface
  • I have not encountered anything that needs improved in my daily use.
  • Occasionally company names will not auto populate from scanning a receipt but that is not important.
Tallie is very easy for anyone to record expenses in real-time, which is ideal to reduce friction in completing expense reports. As a sales rep, my expense reports have always been a pain and something I dreaded and procrastinated to complete my entire career. Usually, they have been done on Excel sheets and involve scanning receipts with handwritten notes. Tallie makes expense reports so easy to do and you can interchangeably update via mobile or website which helps me complete them on time, which results in getting reimbursed quickly.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 15, 2019

Manage your credit card receipts effortlessly

Score 10 out of 10
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Tallie is being used for the management of all credit card receipts throughout the organization. Once entered in Tallie, the credit card data is uploaded into our accounting software, Acumatica, for tracking in our financials. All copies of credit card receipts are kept in Tallie, which makes it convenient during the yearly audit.
  • It's a convenient app that can be downloaded for free by our staff.
  • It provides electronic pictures of the receipts.
  • One depository for all credit card transactions.
  • Ease of use.
  • Good reporting capabilities, so our organization can easily track its expenses by category, time frame, etc.
  • Reporting is somewhat too basic.
  • Separating expenses by categories is time-consuming.
  • Better compatibility with lower-end accounting software, such as QuickBooks -- it's more difficult with products such as Acumatica (i.e credit card picture does not migrate to Acumatica).
1) It's well suited for companies that use credit cards on a regular basis and need to track their expenses closely because of external requirements.
2) It centralizes all credit card transactions in one location, which is accessible to all agency employees.
3) Electronic data versus paper receipts.
4) Increases accounting efficiencies.
5) Organizes data.
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Danielle Armour | TrustRadius Reviewer
June 17, 2019

Tallie, Saving Headaches and Ensuring Faster Reimbursement

Score 8 out of 10
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Tallie is being used by our entire organization in the form of reimbursements. In the past, we had a very archaic system for reimbursements. The staff would spend time taking photos of receipts, uploading those photos to a specific folder, filling out an excel spreadsheet with their expenses and then getting those expenses approved. The entire process would be completed and then it would take up to 2-4 weeks for the check to arrive for your reimbursement. It has solved staff time being wasted on this long process and the money being reimbursed quicker.
  • Tallie is able to be explained very well. When our finance department brought this to our organization, they were able to explain the entire process of Tallie within 20 minutes! Our organization put Tallie in place the next day and we were processing reimbursements in a quicker and easier way.
  • Tallie is able to place your receipts in specific reports that pertain to each work function you need to be reimbursed. If you have multiple coding across a few work functions, Tallie organizes them in a way that is easily understood by not only the individual approving but by the financial team as well.
  • Tallie gives you the option to have an app on your phone that automatically uploads photos into the system. The app is so easy to use and allows you to not have to keep track of all your receipts from a work function.
  • Tallie lets you add a credit card to the app/website so that it automatically tracks expenses.
  • Tallie suggests it is able to read receipts and place them into the correct category, but I find myself updating these sections each time I upload a receipt. The system should be updated to read multiple receipts.
  • Tallie sometimes rejects photos if they are not specific enough. This can be frustrating since it is sometimes difficult to upload receipts quickly while on the road. However, this rejection is not a common occurrence.
  • More often then not, Tallie's emails go to my junk folder. Tallie should work on their spam count for Outlook.
Tallie is suited for organizations across the board. Tallie saves time, headaches, and processes when it comes to reimbursements. Tallie is able to "cut out the middle man" and let individuals quickly and efficiently complete reimbursements. Tallie makes being on the road with work functions easier with their app, which updates expenses in real time. Tallie also keeps all of your past reports of reimbursements in once place if there is ever a discrepancy.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 24, 2019

User-friendly expense management

Score 7 out of 10
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We use Tallie to track reimbursable expenses and manage corporate credit card reports. This application is used across the entire company for employees to file travel and entertainment expenses, as well as reimbursement for certain employee benefits we offer. It is administrated by myself (the office/operations manager) as well as our controller.
  • Expense report categories.
  • Mobile app accessibility on the go.
  • User-Friendly.
  • Bank connections to import transactions.
  • User management.
  • NetSuite integration.
Tallie works well for reimbursable expenses. It has a mobile app so that employees can keep track of receipts on the go, and has an easy to use approval workflow for managers to review and approve expenses. It also allows us to track corporate card transactions. The NetSuite integration is a little glitchy, as well as the automatic feed between the bank for corp card transactions
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Aaron Davidson | TrustRadius Reviewer
November 23, 2018

Robust & Straightforward Expense Management.

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
Tallie is being used for expense management for our whole organization. We are a parent company split into 4 sub-groups so it's quite a task to manage where each expense is allocated.
  • It allows the admins to allocate the expenses to the appropriate account.
  • It allows customization of individual departments/categories.
  • Company credit cards allow importing and matching of transactions
  • UI is outdated
  • Easier "new expense" workflow
  • Seriously, though. UI needs help the most.
This system is great for large organizations or a multi-faceted organization with a need to differentiate between different business segments. In companies that are looking for a more modern or streamlined approach to expense management, the tool would probably be better skipped until a need for a robust solution is at hand.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 14, 2018

Tally my Vote for... Tallie!

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
I've used Tallie to address corporate card and expense reporting issues for a multitude of our clients. It can streamline the expense report submission process, while integrating strong controls via permission-based roles and detailed approval workflows. The OCR makes it easy for our clients' employees to take pictures of their receipts to immediately begin the expense report process, in real-time.
  • GPS Enabled mileage takes the guesswork out of the approval process
  • OCR technology reduces human error mistakes during expense report process
  • Cloud based architecture allows our clients to submit expense reports and backup from anywhere in the world
  • Setup fee can be higher than market average
  • Setup can be difficult if not working with an experienced implementer
  • Moderate learning curve for new users
Tallie would be a good fit for any mid-market or large company, as the product can be easily scaled out to larger organizations. It's an ideal fit for companies whose employees are frequently traveling. It may not be a good fit for a company not using a cloud-based ERP or Accounting system, as that would entail additional manual processes to properly move data.
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About Tallie, from Emburse

Tallie is an expense reporting tool that integrates with other billing or accounting platforms (e.g. bill.com, Quickbooks, etc.) to present an expense management solution. It was supported by Certify since the 2017 merger with that company and Nexonia under the new company Certify Travel and Expense, and is now from Emburse, the company formed from the merger of Certify and Chrome River Technologies in March 2019.
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