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What is FitNesse?

FitNesse is an open source fully integrated standalone wiki web server and acceptance testing framework.

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Fitnesse is a powerful tool that has been widely adopted for various use cases in the software testing domain. Users have found it …
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What is FitNesse?

FitNesse is an open source fully integrated standalone wiki web server and acceptance testing framework.

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Product Demos

Slack Wars : The Fitnesse Awakens Demo


Fifa 09 Demo Fitnesse Shot


Fitnesse and XCTest Integration : iOS Acceptance Testing in Xcode8


Fitnesse Test Demo


Learn FitNesse in 10 minutes [ Concept & Demo ]

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What is FitNesse?

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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Fitnesse is a powerful tool that has been widely adopted for various use cases in the software testing domain. Users have found it extremely useful in automating rest and soap API testing, achieving 100% in-sprint automation. The integration of Fitnesse with wiki scripts enables collaboration with project stakeholders, including testers with minimal programming language skills. This feature has proven to be invaluable for scenario-based testing. Additionally, Fitnesse's ability to execute all regression tests allows teams to release software updates with confidence, saving the cost of manual regression testing for numerous applications.

Fitnesse offers a user-friendly wiki interface that simplifies test case documentation and facilitates goal setting and organization. With its support for integration and acceptance testing, Fitnesse provides a seamless testing experience, allowing users to easily create and run tests. It has also been preferred over other tools like Specflow due to its ease of use for non-technical users and its ability to maintain test libraries for multiple sites. Users have found that Fitnesse not only detects logic failures but also saves time and customer's money by automating regression tests, particularly focusing on databases. With its robust features and efficient debugging capabilities, Fitnesse has become an essential tool for acceptance test-driven development, enabling collaboration between business analysts and developers.

Easy Installation and User-Friendly Interface: Many users have found Fitnesse to be easy to install and start using. They appreciate the straightforward installation process, which allows them to quickly set up the tool and get started with their testing tasks.

Multi-Language Support: Several reviewers have mentioned that they appreciate Fitnesse's support for multiple languages. This feature enables users from different language backgrounds to effectively collaborate and contribute to the testing efforts, making it a versatile tool for teams working in diverse environments.

Integration with Other Systems: Users have noted that Fitnesse is open source and integrates well with other systems. This seamless integration capability allows them to easily connect Fitnesse with their existing tools and workflows, enhancing their overall testing processes without any additional costs or complexities.

Confusing User Interface: Several users have found the user interface to be confusing and in need of improvement. They feel that the design could be more intuitive and user-friendly. For example, some reviewers mentioned difficulties in navigating through different features and options, leading to a less efficient workflow.

Steep Learning Curve: Multiple reviewers have mentioned that there is a significant learning curve associated with using the tool. They believe that more support, particularly for Fitnesse, would be beneficial for beginners. Some users expressed frustration at the lack of clear documentation or tutorials available to help them get started and fully utilize all the functionalities.

Complicated Integration: Several users have expressed concerns about the integration process with other tools. They find it to be complex and challenging, requiring additional time and effort for seamless integration. This can lead to delays in project implementation or difficulties in achieving desired outcomes due to compatibility issues between different software systems.


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Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
You can add criteria to FitNesse's wiki pages, which are text-based pages. It's fast and straightforward to debug tests. It's easy for managers to understand tests since they're written in gherkin. Using the framework is straightforward and developing tests is a breeze. Each night, we conducted bamboo job tests so that we could analyze the findings the next day and decide whether or not to release the product. Managers and the PO must also be able to read the exams.
  • It is very simple to use, and open source.
  • It provides support for several languages.
  • FitNesse saves us time by running regression test scenarios.
  • Logging can help any debug or error issues.
  • A Java/Selenium developer is needed to maintain the FitNesse keyword library.
  • Content.txt and properties.txted need to be added to the test suite in older versions to make it visible in a test run.
FitNesse is an automated testing framework that is simple to use. Using Jenkins/Bamboo, it's a cinch. In addition to being dependable, it is simple and quick to incorporate new tests into your existing workflow. The process of resolving and debugging test failures is straightforward. The FitNesse regression testing tool is used by our Application Development team to assess the stability of our Appian platform following a version upgrade.
  • It helped in the creation of accurate computer code.
  • It can make use of automated test cases.
  • You may get guidance on how to make the most of it online.
  • Automated testing saves time and money when launching new projects.
  • In order to do regression testing, FitNesse is used. We are confident in our ability to release often.
  • We can run bamboo tasks each night to examine findings the next day and reject/approve product releases.
The FitNesse testing automation framework is very simple to operate. It is simple to connect with the Jenkins and Bamboo environments. It is dependable, and it is simple and quick to include new tests. The process of debugging and fixing test failures is straightforward. FitNesse, including its installation, may be utilized with a minimum of fuss and difficulty. Maintaining scripts and monitoring their output is designed to be a relatively straightforward process.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
If you want to perform acceptance test-driven development, FitNesse is an excellent solution. The Business Analyst establishes the standard expectations for Input Request and Output Response from a certain capability or service that is available to any consumer. The developer is in charge of creating the service and ensuring that the FitNesse page is green, in accordance with the business case described above. Initially, the FitNesse page would be colored yellow, then red, and finally green, indicating that the Developer had successfully implemented the FitNesse system.
  • This program makes it simple to do both integration and acceptability testing.
  • FitNesse was a huge asset to us when it came to rule testing.
  • Scripting with command language is simple.
  • There is a lack of online assistance and tutorials.
  • Web components have to be labeled as a result.
  • Beginners will have to work harder to get up to speed.
Useful and straightforward. Appian and other low-code BCM tools can be easily integrated. Writing a script for a test is similar to writing a script in English. So simple to use because it's a wrapper class for selenium. FitNesse is being implemented with the goal of doing it correctly the first time. As a result, migrations of both the client and the server are made easier.
  • Automating database regression testing.
  • Usability.
  • Automated regression test execution in record time.
  • It does not necessitate any further setup or configuration.
  • FitNess is an easy-to-use manual QA tool with a comprehensive report that aids stakeholders in better understanding the tested applications.
  • Automated testing suites for a wide range of websites. In addition, it is quite beneficial for the ongoing maintenance of the test library.
Thapani Sawaengsri | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our Application Development team uses FitNesse to run regression testing after an Appian version upgrade to ensure our platform is stable. FitNesse has been a great help to saving us time by automatically running the regression test cases for us. Upgrade testing used to take us around 3-5 days, with FitNesse, we complete it within 1-2 days.
  • Easy to install.
  • Command language is easy to create custom scripts.
  • FitNesse tests are deterministic.
  • Limitations with rich text fields.
  • FitNesse cannot properly read the interface if labels or accessibility text is not available.
  • Not used for Web interface testing.
FitNesse is great for scenarios where you would like to automate regression testing with basic user commands. For example, you can create a FitNesse script to log in as a user, click on a link to launch a process to fill out a form, and then sign out. FitNesse is not compatible with all Web interfaces, or rich text boxes.
  • Usability.
  • Does not requires extra configuration or setup.
  • FitNesse works with Java.
  • Saves developer time on regression testing.
  • Developers can spend time on other prioritizes while FitNesse runs regression testing.
  • Transitioning into another testing platform would be costly.
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