Automation Testing Tools

Best Automation Testing Tools include:

BlazeMeter Continuous Testing Platform, Selenium, and Tricentis Tosca.

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Automation Testing Tools Overview

What is an Automation Test Tool?

As opposed to manual testing tools, Automation Test Tools produce test cases that can be applied to web pages & apps that are triggered, executed, evaluated and logged by scripts. Test automations can be applied to usability / UI testing (e.g. by simulating a user), load or performance testing, functional tests, or cross-browser compatibility tests as desired. Many automation testing tools also include features for supporting manual tests so that businesses have an all in one tool.

Automation Test Tools vary by what languages they can be built in (or if they have a visual test designer that allows building tests without code, but rather with a graphical model), and what they test, with particular tools specializing in a particular kind of test (e.g. browser compatibility). Businesses use automation testing tools to reduce manual testing needs, which frees up developers to perform other tasks. Additionally, automation testing tools allow businesses to manage testing for more applications than they may be able to with the normal amount of staff.

Features & Capabilities

Below are some of the most common features offered by automation testing tools.

  • Test Execution

  • Test Logging

  • Test Evaluation

  • Mobile and web support

  • Regression testing

  • Cross browser testing

Automation testing tool considerations

When considering purchasing an automation testing tool, consider some of the following factors of each product.

  1. Supported Languages: Some automation testing tools require developers to build tests in specific languages, while others are more generalist or include low code building of tests. Consider what skills your development team has and pick the tool that will work best for them.

  2. Manual Testing Support: Many automation testing tools include support for manual testing. Consider whether you already have the means to perform manual tests. If not, it may be a good choice to select an automation testing tool that can also handle manual testing.

  3. Supported Applications: Automation testing tools often support web and mobile testing, but some specialize in one or the other, while others focus on desktop applications. Consider what applications you need to test when choosing an automation testing tool.

Automation Test Tool Pricing

Automation testing tool pricing is typically subscription based, with increases depending on how testing is handled (virtual machines vs real devices). Businesses should expect to pay at least $20.00 per month, or more if their testing needs are more intense.

Automation Testing Products

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Sauce Labs
100 ratings
121 reviews
Top Rated
Sauce Labs is a cloud-based platform for automated testing of desktop and mobile applications. It is designed to be instantly scalable, since it is optimized for continuous integration workflows. (The vendor says that when tests are automated and run in parallel on multiple virtual machines across m…
161 ratings
49 reviews
Selenium is open source software for browser automation, primarily used for functional, load, or performance testing of applications.
48 ratings
46 reviews
TestComplete is a test management and functional, performance testing tool, from SmartBear Software headquartered in Somerville, Massachusetts.
ReadyAPI (formerly SoapUI Pro, LoadUI Pro, & ServiceV Pro)
85 ratings
41 reviews
ReadyAPI (formerly SoapUI Pro, LoadUI Pro, and ServiceV Pro) is a REST and SOAP API functional testing tool that enables software developers, QA engineers, and manual testers to work together to create, maintain, and execute complex end-to-end API tests in their CI/CD pipelines without needing to co…
11 ratings
16 reviews
LambdaTest is a scalable cloud-based cross browser testing platform designed to offer all website or web app testing needs to cloud infrastructure. LambdaTest platform helps users to ensure web app elements (such as JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, Video...etc.) render across every desktop and mobile web bro…
Micro Focus UFT One (formerly HP UFT)
44 ratings
11 reviews
Unified Functional Testing (UFT, formerly known as HP UFT and before that QuickTest Professional or HP QTP) is a functional and performance testing tool acquired by Micro Focus from Hewlett-Packard Enterprise.
Katalon Studio
13 ratings
6 reviews
Katalon Studio is provided by the vendor as a free and robust automation solution for API, Web and Mobile testing. It is designed to eliminate the complexities of building an automation framework by integrating all necessary test components with built-in keywords and project templates. Katalon Studi…
Tricentis Tosca
16 ratings
4 reviews
Tricentis Tosca is an integrated testing solution. According to the vendor, this solution consists of a unique model-based Test Automation and Test Case Design approach, encompassing risk-based testing, test data management and provisioning, and service virtualization.
Perfecto, by Perforce
7 ratings
3 reviews
Perfecto in Woburn, Massachusetts, offers mobile app functional and performance testing, and automation testing. Perfecto was acquired by Perforce in October 2018. The Perfecto product line, now supported by Perforce, includes Perfecto Mobile, and Perfecto Web.
BlazeMeter Continuous Testing Platform
16 ratings
2 reviews
The BlazeMeter Continuous Testing Platform, supported by Broadcom since the acquisition of CA Technologies in 2018, provides scriptless test automation, as well as unified functional and performance testing. It allows users to test and monitor public, private, and 3rd party APIs, and is deployable a…
Worksoft Connective Automation Platform
10 ratings
2 reviews
The Worksoft Connective Automation Platform is a suite of products that automates business processes from discovery, to testing to RPA. Worksoft Analyze and Worksoft Capture support automated process discovery. Worksoft Certify allows users to create, maintain, share, and consume automated end-to-en…
2 ratings
1 review is a test automation tool that doesn’t require coding. The vendor says anyone can create tests, save them, and execute them again at any time.
Appvance IQ
San Jose-based company Appvance offers Appvance IQ, an AI driven testing solution designed to deliver productivity gains in both test creation and execution, the former through AI scripting and codeless test creation, the latter through unified functional, performance and security (e.g. penetration)…
TestingBot is a cross-browser functional testing tool for websites from a Belgian developer.
Test automation and RPA Designed to automate work processes in minutes to reap efficiency gains in a company. The LEAPWORK Automation Platform for test automation and RPA aims to empower workforces to implement fast, efficient, and robust test automation and process automation across systems and tec…
Testsigma is an automation testing tool providing functional and regression testing for web and mobile applications.
mabl is a regression test automation tool with test output visualization and performance regression for tracking the perceived speed of web apps and sites, from the company of the same name in Boston.
Zebrunner is an all-in-one automation testing platform with embedded reporting and real-time analytics, from the company of the same name in Roseville.
Cucumber Open
Cucumber Open Source is an open source cross-platform behavior driven development (BDD) automation testing tool, supported by SmartBear.
QMetry Automation Studio
QMetry Automation Studio is a test Automation tool for Web, Mobile and Web services, from QMetry in Santa Clara.
QMetry Digital Quality Platform
QMetry in Santa Clara offers their flagship QMetry Digital Quality Platform, an agile devops quality and requirements management platform, featuring full test management and automation testing features as well as integrations with Jira and CI/CD tools for managing agile projects.
TestProject is a free end-to-end test automation platform for web, mobile, and API testing that’s community supported.
Qualibrate is an automation testing solution from the company of the same name in Bucharest, designed to allow users to easily record the transactions within an application, generating a digital representation of how an application works.
Zeuz Automation Testing Tools
ZeuZ is a cloud-based and on-premise, DevOps ready, and AI supported test automation platform for mobile, web, desktop, API, IoT, and cloud services. Included in ZeuZ are 50+ tools such as Selenium, Appium, image comparison, voice recognition, pefformance testing – described by the vendor as scriptl…

Frequently Asked Questions

What businesses benefit most from automation testing tools?

Automation testing tools are a great tool for freeing up developer resources. Businesses can benefit from automation testing tools the most if they find developers are spending a lot of time on testing. Businesses can also predict this need. If you are nearing major releases, a testing tool may make it easier to evaluate the application post release.

If I purchase an automation testing tool, do I need a manual test solution?

Some automation testing tools include support for manual testing, while others do not. If you have an automation testing tool that doesn’t support manual testing, you may benefit from a manual testing solution as a supplement.

Do automation testing tools test on virtual machines or on real devices?

Automation testing tools can run tests on either virtual machines or real devices. Notably, subscriptions often include one or the other, so if you only need virtual machine testing, you can likely purchase a cheaper license than if you need real device testing.