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Percona XtraBackup

Percona XtraBackup


What is Percona XtraBackup?

Percona XtraBackup is a free, open source, online backup solution for all versions of Percona Server for MySQL, MySQL, and MariaDB. Percona XtraBackup performs online non-blocking, tightly compressed, secure backups of InnoDB, XtraDB, and HailDB storage engines on transactional systems,…

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Percona XtraBackup is highly regarded for its ease of use and ability to handle all functionalities at once, including the availability of …
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What is Percona XtraBackup?

Percona XtraBackup is a free, open source, online backup solution for all versions of Percona Server for MySQL, MySQL, and MariaDB. Percona XtraBackup performs online non-blocking, tightly compressed, secure backups of InnoDB, XtraDB, and HailDB storage engines on transactional systems, so…

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Product Details

What is Percona XtraBackup?

Percona XtraBackup is a free, open source, online backup solution for all versions of Percona Server for MySQL, MySQL, and MariaDB. Percona XtraBackup performs online non-blocking, tightly compressed, secure backups of InnoDB, XtraDB, and HailDB storage engines on transactional systems, so that applications remain fully available during planned maintenance windows. Percona XtraBackup can perform streaming, compressed, and incremental MySQL backups.

Percona XtraBackup aims to ensure higher uptime by providing fast and reliable backups, with uninterrupted transaction processing. It enables users to save on disk space and network bandwidth due to better compression and includes automatic backup verification. Percona XtraBackup brings immediate, noticeable, and long-lasting benefits, allowing you to meet your budget and business needs.

Percona XtraBackup Features

Data Center Backup Features

  • Supported: Encryption

Additional Features

  • Supported: Compression
  • Supported: Incremental Backup
  • Supported: Disaster Recovery
  • Supported: Differential Backup
  • Supported: Backup Scheduling
  • Supported: VM Backup
  • Supported: Continuous Backup
  • Supported: Bare-Metal Restore

Percona XtraBackup Screenshots

Screenshot of Percona XtraBackup: Backup and Restore of a Single Table or DatabaseScreenshot of Migrate to Amazon RDS Using Percona Xtrabackup - Time Comparison

Percona XtraBackup Integrations

Percona XtraBackup Competitors

Percona XtraBackup Technical Details

Deployment TypesOn-premise
Operating SystemsLinux
Mobile ApplicationNo

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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

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Percona XtraBackup is highly regarded for its ease of use and ability to handle all functionalities at once, including the availability of Xtrabackup. Users have found it to be a reliable and precise solution for managing MySQL server backups, making their infrastructure lighter and easier to handle. The product has been successfully used for taking backups larger than 1TB in size, proving its scalability. Admins have praised Percona XtraBackup, along with pt-online-schema-change, as an incredibly useful tool that allows backup and deployment without any interruptions. With the help of a custom shell script using Xtrabackup, users can conveniently receive email notifications with log results. The affordability of Percona XtraBackup, along with its ability to match all the commercial features of Oracle's backup solution, makes it a desirable alternative. Once users start using Percona XtraBackup, they prefer not to go back to other solutions. It is widely used in production, development, and testing environments for daily backups and offers easy restoration and rebuilding of slaves. With support for MySQL, MariaDB, and Percona Server for MySQL, Xtrabackup is considered a reliable online backup solution that solves the problems of backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity planning. It supports both full and incremental backups and allows users to choose the type and frequency based on their needs. Whether storing backups locally or in the cloud, Percona XtraBackup offers flexibility depending on database size and recovery objectives. Additionally, its non-locking backup capability on replicas provides point-in-time restores and ensures compliance with regulations. The speed of Percona XtraBackup is crucial for completing backups within specified windows.

Backup Restore Feature: Users have consistently praised the software's backup restore feature for its reliability and ease of use. Many reviewers have stated that it is extremely good and provides a one-stop solution for all their backup needs.

Ease in Managing Streaming Options: The software has been widely appreciated for its ability to effectively manage all streaming options during consultancy. Users find it easy to operate and relevant to their work, making it a valuable asset in their daily tasks.

Fast Loading and Processing: Reviewers have noted that the software is fast in loading and processing, which makes it highly reliable for uninterrupted transaction backups. Its speed and efficiency have been commended by users, with restores being completed within minutes.

Restricted Support: Some users have found the support for certain issues to be limited, possibly due to it being a paid service. They felt that the availability of assistance could be improved.

Challenging Documentation: The documentation can be difficult to navigate, especially when trying to perform advanced operations like restoring only a table or a schema. Some users expressed frustration in understanding the instructions provided.

Steep Learning Curve: It may take some time for users to fully grasp how to use the tool effectively due to its complexity. Several reviewers mentioned that they needed significant effort and experimentation before feeling comfortable with XtraBackup's functionalities.

Attribute Ratings


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Douglas Doo | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Percona XtraBackup is used to run non-locking backups on our replicas. We usePercona XtraBackup to run full backups and daily incrementals on some of the larger database servers, [which allows] us to do point-in-time restores and thus satisfy compliance regulations or scale our reads by seamlessly firing up more replicas. The speed of Percona XtraBackup is crucial and allows us to complete the backups during a specified window.
  • The ability to stream backups (using netcat or socat) to a target destination has many uses, for example, 1)We do not need to store a backup locally on the database server 2) We can stream backups into object storage using GCSFUSE.
  • The hot-backup functionality is probably the most important function. We are able to take backups of our primary instances with minimal impact on the database instance.
  • XtraBackup has many parameters that can be tuned, allowing us to increase performance or reduce by using the parallel thread parameter for example.
  • Partial backups.
  • The ease of use when doing restores. Simplified, fast and accurate.
  • The only feature that could use some improvement is partial backup restores. For example, I have a multi-tenant database at the schema level running on a single Percona Server instance. As a tenant grows too large for the share instance or becomes a noisy neighbour we need to move a the tenants schema to its own instance with minimal downtime, meaning that we would run the new instance as a replica with replication filters until failover. In terms of doing a consistent backup, there may be challenges and it is currently possible with XtraBackup, but it would be great if the process was simplified and ensured to be consistent.
Well suited to databases < 10TB.
For larger than this, I would go with snapshots.
Data Center Backup (1)
  • Secure, reliable, fast and consistent backups. Open source with zero cost.
  • We satisfy our regulatory requirements.
Percona XtraBackup saves us time and money. Besides the performance and reliability, the support and documentation are top-notch. It's not just about the cost savings, but about the functionality and the minimal impact that XtraBackup has on the database server during a backup window. Percona XtraBackup has been integrated into Percona XtraDB Cluster which makes adding nodes easy and fast.
Backups and restores can be done in a couple of basic commands, but [it] has the option to tune many parameters when needed. In most cases the defaults are perfect, but it is great to have the option. Percona XtraBackup is easily scripted due to its ease of use and flexibility.
Great support, detailed online documentation, and examples in many scenarios. Bugs can be logged and are tracked. Great community support has been built-up due to Percona XtraBackup being a great product. Frequent releases ensure bug fixes are committed as soon as possible. Over and above this, the development team stays up to date with the latest releases of MySQL and ensures it is 100% reliable.
Anil Yadav | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Every organization that uses any database always thinks about BCP. Backups are very much required for any organization. Xtrabackup is an online backup solution for MySQL, MariaDB, and Percona Server for MySQL. Xtrabackup is a fast and non-blocking backup and Restore process for Datastore. We are using it for all of our MySQL fleet.

It's solving the problem of backup /disaster recovery and BCP.

Xtrabackup supports full and incremental backup. Backup can be stored either locally or in any cloud storage. Basis of database size/RTO/RPO. You can plan what type of backup you want to schedule and what will be the frequency of backup. For our setup, we are taking full backup once in a day and Incremental backup every 6 hours. This backup can be utilized for all-purpose(rebuilding replicas/ test database or recovery from disaster (accidental data drop or machinefailure).
  • Non-blocking backup : Backup process will not put any lock on the database.
  • Fast recovery : As it's a file level backup so it's quite fast in both backup and recovery.
  • Consistent backup : Xtrabackup always ensures consistent backup.
  • Easy to configure and Use.
  • Integration with clouds
  • Remote execution: Xtrabackup doesn't support remote backup. The backup process has to run locally and have to store data locally.
  • LifeCycle management: Xtrabackup doesn't support backup lifecycle management. Users have to manage it themself.
  • Stability for large databases.
Xtrabackup has many excellent features that are supposed to be in any backup solution. It's well suited for all MySQL deployments but it's not appropriate for any other database. If you are using any MySQL flavor (MySQL, MariaDB, Percona Server for MySQL), it's your only and perfect solution for backup and disaster recovery.
Data Center Backup (1)
  • Improved BCP plan
  • Cost optimization : Backup can be taken from the same server.
  • Scalability : Rebuilding replicas are easy.
  • Improved RPO
  • Improved RTO
  • Cost optimization
We have evaluated Mysqldump and MySQL Enterprise backup. Mysqldump is not a scalable solution. MEB is a paid and closed source. As we are truly open-source, we were looking for an open-source solution that was reliable and scalable. Xtrbackup has all the required features to fulfill our requirements.
Xtrabackup is a complete backup solution for MySQL. The feature set (NonBlocking, Scalable, Reliable) makes it perfect for Large MySQL deployments.

Users can configure alerting on top of this to get timely reports for the status of the backup. Feature set of XtraBackup (Stability/Backup Time/ Storage /CostOptimization)make it useable for all MySQL related (MySQL, MariaDB, Percona Server for MySQL) deployments.
Harjit Lakhan | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
All online MySQL backups are done using XtraBackup. It's 100% reliable, and we have done restores with no problems. The alternative is to do a cold backup, but shutdown of a prod DB is not practical. Also, doing MySQL dump is not practical for large databases.
  • Reliable backups without locking the DB
  • Easy to restore from
  • No downtime whilst backing up
  • Better online documentation on how to use
Online backups for databases using innodb is ideal. If you have too many myisam tables it still needs to lock the tables before backing up so may be not ideal.
Data Center Backup (1)
  • It is free and the best backup tool that I know of. Using this for free means we save on having to purchase other backup software.
  • As a DBA it is the standard backup tool that is used everywhere I have been.
I've used MySQLdump which is okay for smaller databases, but XtraBackup is ideal for small or large databases. It can restore the whole database or a single table.
If you pay for support it is great, otherwise you have to google.
Takes a bit of getting used to when you first set it up.
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