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Razorpay Payment Gateway

Razorpay Payment Gateway


What is Razorpay Payment Gateway?

Razorpay Payment Gateway, from Razorpay in Bangalore, boasts easy integration, completely online onboarding, feature filled checkout and performance.

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Razorpay is a convenient and user-friendly payment gateway that enables users to make payments from anywhere in the world. Users have …
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What is Razorpay Payment Gateway?

Razorpay Payment Gateway, from Razorpay in Bangalore, boasts easy integration, completely online onboarding, feature filled checkout and performance.

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What is Braintree, a PayPal service?

Braintree, a Paypal service and subsidiary, is a billing platform which stores credit card data directly from the merchant’s systems on secure servers, and it allows for cards to be recharged or refunded . Braintree also supports international payments. Pricing is 2.9% plus a 30c transaction fee.

What is PaySimple?

PaySimple is a payment gateway software solution offered by PaySimple.

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Product Demos

RazorPay Integration In Angular part 1 || Payment Gateway Integration In Angular || Angular Tutorial

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What is Razorpay Payment Gateway?

Razorpay Payment Gateway Technical Details

Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Razorpay is a convenient and user-friendly payment gateway that enables users to make payments from anywhere in the world. Users have found it to be a reliable solution with easy-to-understand APIs, eliminating the hassle of dealing with multiple banking companies. Razorpay's product suite offers seamless payment processing, including accepting online payments, generating customized invoices and receipts, and saving valuable time. Its quick and wide range of payment methods ensure smooth transactions for users. The integration with applications allows for easy online payments and offers various modes of payment for customer convenience. Razorpay supports UPI, net banking, credit cards, and debit cards, making it a versatile solution for users' payment needs. Small businesses benefit from its quick and hassle-free payment process, enabling one-click payments. By directly receiving payments, Razorpay helps individual business owners manage finance efficiently and focus on growth. The easy-to-use interface and employee-friendly payroll tool make it advantageous for businesses. Razorpay simplifies payment processing for small and medium-sized businesses by providing an all-in-one solution that allows initiation of payments without extensive knowledge of bank details. eCommerce stores find Razorpay's secure payment solutions beneficial due to nominal transaction charges and fast settlement times. It automates incentives, simplifies payroll management, and streamlines invoicing processes for increased efficiency. Razorpay's robust payment gateway solution provides a seamless experience without redirecting to external pages. Users appreciate the simplicity and effectiveness of collecting online payments using Razorpay. It has become a go-to payment gateway integration that has improved the payment success ratio compared to other alternatives.

Variety of Payment Methods: Users appreciate the range of payment options available with Razorpay, including payments on web pages and apps, personalized links and pages for collecting money, and subscription payments for recurring transactions. This demonstrates that the product caters to diverse user preferences and offers flexibility in payment choices.

Intuitive Dashboard: Users find Razorpay's dashboard to be user-friendly and intuitive, enabling easy tasks completion and seamless integration along with hassle-free tracking of transactions on the payment gateway.

Easy Account Activation: Users highly value the quick verification process and account activation provided by Razorpay. They also find it effortless to create an account and upload necessary documents.

Slow loading time: Many users have experienced frustration with the slow loading time of Razorpay. They have found it challenging to process payments, particularly when using slow internet speeds, due to the heavy user interface that significantly impacts the overall speed and performance.

High transaction charges: Some reviewers have expressed dissatisfaction with the relatively higher transaction charges per transaction on Razorpay compared to other payment gateways. Users believe that these charges should be more competitive and aligned with industry standards.

Poor customer support: Users have reported negative experiences with Razorpay's customer support. They have found it unhelpful and lacking prompt assistance when problems arise, emphasizing the need for improved responsiveness and more effective issue resolution from the support team.

Users commonly recommend using Razorpay as a payment gateway for businesses accepting payments regularly or dealing with retainer fees/classes. They suggest adopting Razorpay based on individual requirements and country availability. Users also advise having patience for document verifications and applying earlier for verifications. Furthermore, they highly recommend Razorpay for its convenience, user-friendliness, and value for money. Users suggest trying Razorpay for its customized plans, easy-to-use interface, and quick payment settlement time. They highlight the great support provided by Razorpay but suggest providing easier access to Terms and Conditions for payment modes. However, some users do not recommend Razorpay for affiliates due to payment calculation issues and poor customer support. They advise using other APIs in conjunction with Razorpay for certain business needs. Overall, users highly recommend adopting Razorpay as a payment gateway for all organizations while acknowledging that support for ecommerce gateway solutions could be improved.


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Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I will use Razorpay in my organization daily. Before starting my work I will do punch in and after completion i will punch out I will check my payslips monthly through this Razorpay. I can notice that who are in leave and who are working I will receive notifications when I receive my monthly salary Really I liked this software close to heart
  • Provide monthly payslips
  • Will receive notifications
  • I can notice and wish other's special day like work anniversary and birthdays
  • Detail information for health insurance concepts
Every thing is very important and attracted me towards this tool.
Rajkishore Mohapatra | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Razorpay Payment Gateway is an all-in-one payment gateway that you can use in your business, or blog to accept payments from your users, customers, or subscribers. If you are an individual and want to sell your books on your own website, or create paid live sessions then you can accept payments through Razorpay Payment Gateway. Through this tool, we could provide our customers with huge payment options with low charges. It has a free plan which everyone can use. Easy to use, and UI is clean and understandable. With the free plan, it takes flat 2% charges on your received amount. It allowed us to accept payments through payment links, payment pages, and invoices which brought a great improvement in our business. We sent our clients invoices with payment links through which we could keep a record of our payments easily, and payments received to our bank account directly. Earlier, we were accepting payments through UPI apps or directly to a bank account which was not convenient sometimes, and confirming payments was difficult. But Razorpay Payment Gateway solved this. When your customer will pay the bill, Razorpay Payment Gateway sends a payment successful notification over email to the customer and to the business owner as well. With multiple payment methods, you can easily attract your customers.
  • Payment Notification
  • Intuitive Dashboard
  • Various Payment Methods
  • Export of reports
  • Customer support response time
  • Reduce flat payment gateway charges
  • Add more Wallet and EMI options
According to my experience, it is best for all types of businesses. You can integrate with your blog, and website easily in some simple steps. You can accept payments through payment pages, and links where you can set expiry dates. When a customer finds various payment methods, he/she will use your services again and again, which will grow your business. It automatically records payments, and in case of payment failures, you can set up an auto refund without any hassle. But when it comes to customer support, their response time is long, and they mostly create tickets via live chat. You can set instant settlement, but you have to pay an extra fee for that.
  • Customized Payment Pages
  • Razorpay Current Account For Instant Settlement
  • Recurring Payment Option
  • Creating GST Invoices
Payment Gateways (6)
Fraud Detection
Recurring Payment Support
Billing and Invoicing Support
Global Support
Payment Form Acceptance
  • Increased sales with EMI and Paylater Payment Method
  • Reduced time to verify transaction manually
  • Managing team with different roles
Easy to set up, and integration happens with simple steps.
Various payment options.
Easy to export reports.
Instant payment notification and updates on dashboard.
Useful for individuals, SMEs, and companies.
Adding creative features from time to time for more improvement.
The support team is responsive among other tools like Paytm, Google Pay, and Stripe.
Amazon Pay is best when it comes to charges, but it has missing payment methods of Paylater apps, EMI apps.
If it reduces its flat 2% charge, then it will trend at top.
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