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RingCentral Events has 4 pricing edition(s), from $83.25 to $667. Look at different pricing editions below and read more information about the product here to see which one is right for you.



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Hopin Pricing 2022

Webinars are the modern, safer way to network and offer a quality experience during a pandemic. With the unpredictability of in-person events, it’s integral to find a webinar and event software that offers amazing features, metrics, and control.

Zoom has dominated the market since the pandemic, but there are other feature-rich, affordable options available. One possible choice is Hopin. Hopin is an online event platform software.

What Is Hopin?

Hopin.com is live streaming and virtual event platform. They can be used for webinars or live events. The Hopin platform comes with messaging and event management functionality. You can use the software on your computer or on an Android or iOS mobile device.

The online event software provides an SEO-enhanced event registration system and event registration page to your participants. You will be able to host the webinar with optimal ease of use with Hopin’s features. You will have moderator functions, be able to add integrations to events and access backstage functions powered by SteamYard.

With Hopin, you can choose to offer paid and free tickets to participants. This means you can use the application to hold company events with your remote employees or host summits as a commercial service.

Hopin does have in-application fees that are not associated with their pricing plans. This includes e a commission of ticket sales, and they have undisclosed Stripe fees which is the payment platform you would use for sales.

Some of you may know that their competitor Zoom doesn’t take commissions on ticket sales. What could Hopin offer that’s worthwhile?

What Are The Benefits Of Hopin?

Hopin is an especially feature-rich event management platform. They have integrations, admin controls, real-time closed captioning for 10 languages, and even an extensive free subscription.

Hopin can be especially useful to small businesses offering web conferences as a product. The application has marketing integrations with fantastic companies like HubSpot, Zapier, Marketo, and Salesforce.

These will help you build an all-in-one event experience. They will also help you improve the ease of use of your technology stack by being able to integrate them with Hopin. For more app integrations see the Hopin app store.

Even without integrations, Hopin has some pretty interesting app functions. Admins will have access to analytics, reporting, polling, exports, and full moderation control. Hopin hosts will be able to revoke or limit the access of any Hopin user. This can be a valuable control for a team that has public events with new clients.

When it comes to their cost Hopin has some very affordable options, especially with their Free plan.

What Is The Pricing For Hopin?

Chopin's pricing model is different from Zoom. Zoom is based on individual licenses, whereas Hopin is a subscription to their cloud application. You’re required to sign up for a Hopin account at the time of purchase.

Hopin also has commission fees on ticket sales and undisclosed stripe fees. The commission is highest on the free version, which is how they make a profit. The paid plans have lower commissions.

Hopin Pricing Plans







$0 / month

$99 / month

$799 / month

See Sales

See Sales

Their Free subscription allows for 100 person events for 2-hour durations. You can hold unlimited events each month and be able to access basic analytics, transcripts, and reporting. It also comes with unlimited expo hosting, live video sessions, SteamYard backstage, and in-event integrations.

The downside of this “free” option is a commission is steep at 15% of your ticket sales. You also are unable to use marketing integrations or magic links. Magic links let you import registrations from third-party platforms. You can only use this feature in the Business and Enterprise plans. To learn more about magic links and how to set them up in Hopin go here.

The Free plan only allows one admin but for most beginner teams that should be enough. The Free plan is great for new startups and small groups that are just starting out. You will be able to satisfy your budget and hold fully functional and professional quality events.

The Starter plan allows you to access core features in Hopin. These include meetings that can be 72 hours long, 100 person events a month, a 7% commission on tickets, and Canvas access. Canvas is a software you can use to build an event website. You can increase your participant amount by 100 if you add another organizer for $99/month.

Starter allows you more ease of use during sessions such as recording, event replay, and breakout rooms. HubSpot native integration is also available in this plan. The less exciting part is you still only get basic analytics, and you cannot employ your own branding on videos, or use custom emails.

This plan is best for those that already have been hosting events and have a following. You’ll be able to host with more control than in Free, but you won’t have many reporting or analytics features to work with. You should go with this plan if your budget is tight and it’s best to keep hosting without worrying about big campaigns or decisions.

Hopin’s Growth option does not offer too much more than Starter. The general difference is you can now have 5 admin organizers, and a 4% commission taken from ticket sales. The lower commission rate is great for your revenue, but in terms of features, it’s not a huge jump. You will also be able to get custom emails and remove the Hopin logo. You won’t be able to add your own branding.

This plan is good for starting your growth but without branding and more advanced analytics you can’t market as well. It might be more prudent to stick with Starter for longer or contact sales and talk about using Business or Enterprise. If your team needs to make important changes for growth, you’re going to need more than basic analytics on your product.

The Business and Enterprise plans offer no upfront pricing. They have a full access pass to all the best features and customizable event length and participant caps. They have the lowest ticket commission at 2%. The slight difference between them is Business doesn't have a single sign-on (SSO), or a custom event area while Enterprise does.

You would only use these plans if you already have a significant consumer base or plan enormous networking summits. You will be able to use a real-time analytic dashboard, and access upgraded metrics and reporting. This plan has valuable features like management and growth, but the suspected cost wouldn’t be worth it to a small team or startup.

In terms of cost Hopin can be affordable, but how do they compare to Zoom?

What's The Difference Between Hopin And Zoom?

This might be your most important question about Hopin. If they’re not better than Zoom, why bother? We wouldn’t say either is better than the other because it comes down to the preferences you need to fill.

Zoom offers two separate products that are similar to Hopin’s webinar and event capabilities. When it comes to regular Zoom plans they don’t offer enough of the same features to really compare them. Hopin has their own product comparison on regular Zoom licenses you can see here.

Zoom Pricing Plans

Zoom Webinar

Zoom Events








The Zoom Video Webinar used to offer 3 different plans but now Zoom has 2 license options. For Zoom Webinar and for Zoom Events.

In Zoom Webinar you can have licenses for 500 to 10,000 attendees. This software offers unlimited video webinars sessions for 30hrs. You can use integration especially marketing CRMs. It allows for live streaming on third-party platforms and recording. Like Hopin, you will be able to monetize your webinars with paid registrations.

For Zoom Events you can purchase a license for 500 to 10,000 attendees. It can be used with Zoom Webinar or Zoom Meetings for hosting multi-sessions. Users can customize their registration and ticketing, and access their corresponding event analytics. When you schedule webinars with Zoom Events you have full functionality of Zoom Webinar.

Hopin offers similar features to both products as well as free versions. Hopin’s Starter plan costs more than Zoom Webinar and their Growth plan, which is much better than Starter, is only slightly less expensive than Zoom Events.

Overall, Zoom is more customizable for participant sizes while costing very similar to Hopin’s paid plans. Hopin has very strong features but most are only available in their undisclosed price plans.

If you need the most participants you can get Zoom is better. Teams that are new might want to work with Hopin’s free subscription before increasing their spending. For user review comparisons of each software, see our comparison page here.

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