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December 07, 2021

Amazing database tool

Evon Shera | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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SAP HANA is a very useful and handy database management system tool. We are constantly using this software in our organization for data management and data retrieval. This tool has made our life easy by managing our large database very easily and it visualizes the data in a great fashion. This tool has prevented security breaches too by providing great security and privacy.
  • Good user interface.
  • High security and privacy to data.
  • Awesome data visualization.
  • Takes less time to process the data.
  • There is no option to integrate with non SAP applications.
  • The cost of license is high.
  • Takes time to generate large reports.
SAP HANA is an amazing tool for data storage, management, and visualization. This tool has great capability to make the data fully secure. SAP HANA has eased our life by providing real-time data collection which has allowed us to get the best visualization of data in a very less time. This visualization helps us to make the strategy for future decisions on particular projects.
SAP HANA is an amazing and attractive tool in terms of the features it provides. The feature of real-time analytics and real-time data collection has benefited our organization on a larger scale as it helps to generate accurate visualization in less time which allows us to make future decisions much faster.
SAP HANA is a very amazing and famous database management system tool. Our organization uses almost all the features of this tool such as data visualization, data modification, data storage, real-time data collection, etc. Whenever we face any challenges, the SAP HANA support team always helps us to figure them out and resolve the challenges.
Ghulam Mustafa | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Our whole organization is widely using SAP HANA as [a] Database Management System (DBMS) for storage & retrieval of data, defining & management of data, and reports generation. Moreover, it is being used to perform ETL operations well. Its user interface is simple providing data hierarchy view and folders helpful in [the] grouping of different items. It is very helpful for significantly reducing the time consumption for the visualization of data and management of huge datasets. It rapidly processes data with its in-memory running capability.
  • Process data rapidly
  • Capability of in-memory running
  • Supports ETL operations well
  • Provides data hierarchy view and folders
  • User interface is simple
  • Well in data visualization
  • Higher cost of license
  • Higher cost of maintenance
  • Integrating with Non SAP applications not supported
  • Big learning curve
I recommend SAP HANA as Database Management System (DBMS) to perform ETL operations well and for storage / retrieval of data, defining / management of data, and generation of reports. The data hierarchy view and folders makes the interface simple and helpful to group different items. It is helpful for the management of huge data set and data visualization. It is capable of running in-memory to process data rapidly.
The SAP HANA is capable of running in-memory for rapidly processing the live transactional data and benefiting our organization in generation of real-time analytics and insights. The analytics through highly interactive graphical insights for visualization of data is helping the decision makers and management in analyzing the live transactional data in real-time with simple user interface.
Their customer support team is highly knowledgeable [and] provides parallel support timely and very actively.
Fazal Gilani | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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My company is using SAP HANA for the multi-model data arrangements and analytics. SAP HANA has enhanced quick decision making and it breaks down very well analytical and transactional silos in different organizations and companies. We never faced any difficulty or troubleshooting during using this wonderful and professional cloud services database.
  • Best use in terms of Security and Privacy
  • It is a multi-cloud environment platform professionally manageable
  • It can manage cost, storage and performance quickly
  • Limited Hardware Compatibility Issue
  • Users reported its shut down usually
  • Calculation load and heavy processing of data troubles
We can store the data in rows and columns after work processing in the database. We can also fetch the data from different external data sources. SAP HANA provides parallel processing during different operations regarding databases. This platform also allows us to perform the data integration and aggregation from the different applications.
Our organization always emphasized real-time analytics or live transactional data. So the SAP HANA is one of the most appropriate and beneficial platforms for our organization. For example, because of the platform multi-model data analytics we are able to manage thousands of our customers, and the machine learning capabilities [allow] us [intelligent] data analysis.
Because of its cloud features including the management of database, multi-model processing, administration of the database, security of the data, data visualization, and application development. Our organization and top leadership always consider all these multi-dimensional features that's why we rate ten out of ten for the overall support for SAP HANA.
Rakesh Sharma | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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SAP HANA [is] used as a database and for business warehouse for our client. This solution speeds up the business decision and performance.
  • Strong Database
  • In-memory Database
  • Reliable,Simple UI
  • Fast
  • Multi core processor
  • There could be more inbuilt function can be added like reverse string in calculated column
  • String aggregation can be added
  • There should not be limit of 2 billion record in a table
  • Planning viz can be simplfied
SAP HANA is best suited to model the business scenrio with help of a calculation view in simpler way. This is less appropriate if some one want to do only use as database and not using the string modelling capacity.
Yes organization got benefits of the realtime analytics in transaction data with the help of in memory data base technology. The business decision to make is fast and efficient. The revenue is increased for the client and system is more reliable and stable
Support is very good for the SAP HANA, response is sometime late but acceptable.
Paulo Moreno | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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The SAP HANA is a pro-in-memory database that helps our company to manage transactional and analytical workloads that require only one data copy. With the help of this robust tool, we have broken down our transactional and analytical silos that as a result helped us to improve the decision process and get more profitable results. The best thing is that it serves you with the same faster functionalities and powerful features whether you are using it on organization premises or in the cloud.
  • The SAP HANA data backup mechanisms are very rapid and active and one of my favorite features is that it makes it simple to restore any essential data that was lost accidentally.
  • It provides a simple and clear view of connected and distributed data to make smarter decisions and the additional feature is that we don't need to collect this data in one place.
  • This SAP system has a lot of features that I like, especially the data recovery functionality, and its cloud services are outstanding and beneficial to our company.
  • Its In-Memory capacity and functionality make it the smartest and fastest system and it can quickly compute very heavy loads of all types.
  • Its deployment takes time and configuring this entire application is tough, and it might be difficult to understand its core operations at times.
  • It needs some improvements because when anything goes wrong, determining the root cause is extremely hard.
I think this is the most suitable relational database for almost all types of businesses because it helps them create data solutions that are cloud-native in terms of flexibility, efficiency, and reliability that are the main requirement of all companies for better performance.
SAP HANA Cloud database is more than just a relational database. Then only breaking down data silos and managing them. It provides additional advantages like we can get trustworthy, business-ready data from only one source, which positively impacts enterprise scalability and security.
Its customer support is reliable and efficient. I have had experience with its support and they always give quick support services.
sheraz butt | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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My organization is using SAP HANA to use advanced analytics in the cloud. We have found it very useful for analytics and transactional workloads with different types of data. We are also feeling a professional difference now in our business decisions. The main problem of our business was analytics and now our business is using SAP HANA so we are happy.
  • Has professional machine learning capabilities
  • Allows you to make the decisions quickly in the cloud
  • This can improve the performance even can manage the storage and cost
  • Should support all ERP Products
  • Sometimes server shut down during the processing of data
  • Dashboard should be more user-friendly for beginners
This platform allows you to store and save the data in a professional way, even you can recover it without any complications. This also allows you to fetch the data from different data sources. You can perform the aggregation and integration of data from a wide number of applications.
Yes exactly, now we can facilitate real-time analytics on the live transaction data as we have enabled the processing of [a] huge number of data while our business is going on. So in this way, it's really [provided] us the instant real-time insights and my organization is definitely getting a lot of benefits now.
Just because of the amazing database services including Database management, Database Administration, Data Security, Data Virtualization, Application Management, and others. We can build and develop professional real-time solutions because of these incredible features. Therefore I personally [rated] high the support of SAP HANA according to my personal and professional experience.
Abdul Wasi Khan | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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SAP HANA settles on it [simply] to embrace better navigation. Its UI is very great. It helps in the administration of enormous information and decreases time utilization. It diminishes the manual work and saves time. The speed of handling information is super quick. It is a gotten stage and it effectively oversees an enormous volume of information.
  • User Interface is very great
  • impressive visualization of data
  • super fast data processing
  • reduces time consumption
  • effectively manage enormous amount of information
  • exorbitant cost
  • not supporting integration with non-SAP application
SAP HANA is appropriate for all associations that utilization innovation in their everyday exercises. To be explicit it is appropriate for the fair size and enormous associations. It helps in diminishing the manual intercession in work and saves time. It assists organizations with finishing their work all the more effectively and helps in time utilization. Little size organizations might think that it is troublesome as it is costly and execution can be troublesome.
Lately, SAP Products have become more famous. The support team is great and proficient and reacts quicker.
Edward McCallister | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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For us, SAP Hana is a very important tool and without a doubt, it has brought very notable benefits in our organization and continuous management of analysis from various sources. When the people in charge of the company I work for bought SAP Hana, I was one of those who participated during the implementation of this great platform. Currently, SAP Hana is implemented in all sectors of our company, in order to collect accurate information and integrate it into a single set. SAP Hana is capable of collecting accurate and analytical information about our Marketing, Sales, Finance and also the sector Technical Assistance. For our entire company, having SAP Hana has turned out to be an exponential improvement, this has allowed us not to spend so much time carrying out a deep analysis on the areas of the company individually, SAP Hana collects all the information from all areas, It integrates them and thanks to its automated system, it provides us with detailed reports on the various data sources that have been integrated into the platform. It is important to note that SAP Hana has also provided us with predictive analysis to be able to know exactly the direction of each area, thanks to the data collected. We are very satisfied with the results of SAP Hana, it has been an excellent platform that enhances all the data collection that exists in our various sectors of the company, in addition, it helps the analyzes to be more precise, with information collected in real time .
  • Data collection is in real time. When the data source of the various sectors is integrated, SAP Hana is able to collect accurate and real-time information, be it from negotiations, advertising, customer service and much more. This data collection in real time allows us to obtain graphs that advance in real time, and thus we can know exactly the movement of each area of ​​the company at all times without having to wait a long time for a report to be generated.
  • The SAP Hana database is very secure, all our data remains safe at all times and we can choose the privacy of the information, so that each person in charge of managing the platform can see specific information. We can import and export data at any time, without fear that any of our essential data will be leaked or stolen.
  • It supports an amount of data greater than 40TB, this helps us too much to be able to collect information and store it, to be able to have a much broader graphical analysis that covers several days or several weeks, and even months.
  • SAP Hana has a large number of functions, its system is very complicated to use and this makes it even more difficult to obtain a good ROI after the user purchases a SAP Hana plan. This is one of the negative factors that SAP Hana has, it is an in-memory database that is very complicated to implement, it is necessary to have a constant practice of its functions and the configurations that must be made, to start obtaining results. notable in a company.
  • The SAP Technical Support team does not offer an immediate response during the implementation process. During our implementation process, the participation of many employees of the Software Engineering sector was necessary, in addition, we require a high participation of IT employees, to have a feasible implementation, since we do not receive any type of support from the Support team. from SAP, they took a long time to give us an answer to our implementation questions.
Without a doubt, I would recommend this platform for all those companies that want to apply a data collection model that is totally different from the usual one. Today, many companies collect data individually for each sector and must analyze it individually, however, having SAP Hana in the company would change that entire analysis process. SAP Hana optimizes data collection and achieves that data is obtained in real time, in addition, it offers an advanced system to generate instant reports with the information collected. SAP Hana collects all the information from various data sources, in one place, so it is easier to analyze the data without having to do it individually. It is a very complicated software to use, its implementation process is complex, but with a trained team, it will be possible to implement it in a few weeks.
This is one of the functions that has caught our attention the most of SAP Hana. We are currently benefiting from this great feature, and the way we can get real-time data across the various sectors of our business is fantastic. SAP Hana helps us to collect accurate information about the sales of our company, being a real estate company, SAP Hana allows us to know in real time the progress of each sale, customer satisfaction and also provides us with detailed information about the transaction process . SAP Hana has also provided us with excellent results in our Marketing sector, we can know exactly the advertising material made by our employees, in addition, we can know in real time all the traffic generated by the advertising sent through various mechanisms, either through social networks or via email. We can visualize all the data that we obtain in our Marketing sector in real time thanks to SAP Hana.
As I mentioned earlier, SAP Hana support is one of the most negative things about the platform. Our implementation process was developed by a large number of employees trained in the software engineering sector and several employees in the IT sector. SAP Hana support was totally nil, they failed to resolve our doubts and they were not very consistent during our implementation process, as we received late responses to the large number of questions that arose during our implementation process. Thanks to our business team, we were able to implement the platform successfully, but the support was chaos.
Jenny Sanchez | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
This application is used to eliminate the need to maintain siloed data and separate legacy systems. [SAP HANA] makes it easy for us to adopt better decision-making in this digital modern economy by reducing data redundancy and data footprint while optimizing IT operational needs. Displays actionable information after performing advanced analytics on live transactional data.
  • Reduces operational complexity by providing data structure flexibility
  • Supports transactional processing through data analysis and machine learning in real-time
  • Connects virtually to remote and external databases
  • The cost of hardware infrastructure is high
  • It's time consuming and tedious to migrate to the platform
  • Does not integrate smoothly with non-SAP tools
[SAP HANA] has the capability to compress data by up to 11 times, to save storage and provide faster data access while storing it in columnar structures for high-performance read and write operations.
It serves as a single source of all relevant data and enables real-time business by converging trans-actions and analytics on one in-memory platform. SAP HANA untangles IT complexity to bring us huge savings in data management and empower decision making.
Before emailing support, users can check out the tutorials and resources available for free on the SAP Support Portal.
Mohamed Anwar sadiq | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
It is very helpful for us to undertake our luxury retail business fields. It also improves the end-to-end and end-user experience. Our project structure requires to use of ERP and SAP HANA, and I can say that the connection between ERP and SAP HANA has been reliable and easy. It's being used with SAP By Design in business intelligence and sales departments for predictive and analysis data.
  • The speed of retrieving and aggregating data.
  • It has a lot of information if you work with planning areas, you can take advantage of the data, you can connect with its APIs
  • We can save data and share that quickly, it also gives a report of our work done on its terminal. Easy interface, fast, secure.
  • It only supports Linux, not other OS, so we cannot operate SAP HANA.
  • The price of the product is a bit high and it should be reduced.
  • It took time for generating big reports.
It is very slow sometimes and you need to wait for quite a lot of time to get your view executed. It will also be great if the layout can be a little bit more modern. It allows you to connect with a lot of servers and available data, is pretty handy and self-explanatory.
[Have not needed support] up to now.
Jared Wiener | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Review Source
A single secure environment for our mission-critical data assets. We use this secure environment to efficiently manage large volumes of structured and unstructured data. The system handles both transactional and analytical workloads on a single data set. The extension nodes help maximize value by balancing performance and cost of data storage.
  • Processes large volumes of data in real time, reducing business downtime
  • Extracts real insights from unstructured textual data using the text analysis and search capabilities
  • Delivers information agility with the built-in functionality to virtualize access to data
  • SAP HANA supports few ERP products because most of them have different business architecture.
SAP HANA analyzes live data for real-time business decisions and removes the burden of maintaining separate legacy systems. The organization is able to process transactions in seconds rather than hours and rapidly analyze large amounts of data. This product gives users the freedom to move to the cloud at their own pace.
The comprehensive analytical processing allows us to act smarter and decide with live intelligence. By consolidating multiple workloads and multi-model data, it lets us reduce administrative effort and simplify the IT landscape so that we deliver the solutions needed immediately.
The SAP Support Portal includes SAP notes, SAP Community content, SAP Base Articles, and more
Rose Carmela | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
SAP HANA serves as a single source of all relevant data and has a in-memory architecture that helps us access data at the speed of thought. Allows data to be stored without a predefined structure in a single database to reduce operational complexity. Supports data analysis in real-time to give the business the insights to make KPI-focused decisions.
  • Geographical data processing
  • Accessing data from a remote database in real-time
  • Captures structured or unstructured data from database transactions and applications
  • Makes it easy to schedule all backup jobs
  • Migration to the platform is time consuming
  • Can be expensive for small organizations
This business technology platform has strong analytics and data processing capabilities that has helped reduce data redundancy and data footprint. It has optimized IT operational needs to support business in real-time. Performs advanced data analytics on live transactional data to display actionable information.
It enables processing of large amounts of data while the business is going on thus providing real-time analysis and decision-making capability.
If there is need for individual technical support I browse the SAP ONE Support Launchpad to find solution-specific answers or request support from an expert.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
It's being used across the whole organization to help in data recovery. Also, it's being used in the organization to help in optimizing processes and improving our software quality so that it may be more agile.
  • It's secure and easy data recovering systems.
  • SAP HANA reporting functions are excellent
  • Effective data virtualization
  • Data replication is excellent via SAP HANA functionalities
  • Sometimes it's the User interface is too complicated, but from another side, they deliver all needed data in one place
  • Sometimes customizing is not easy
It has so many powerful features like flexibility, the stability that you can overcome your limitations with complex data landscape with SAP HANA cloud.
SAP HANA enables data operations to be completed in real-time In a matter of seconds or less. It has really helped in-memory optimization such as Data retrieval and high speed when it comes to the memory approach.
I really like it when it comes to memory optimization for retrieving data and it's the speed that it provides when it comes to the memory approach.
November 12, 2021

SAP HANA never disappoint

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
SAP HANA has been used throughout the organization to help us in data storage and management. Also, it has helped us to create payment pathways with our clients.
  • It helps us to store large amount of data
  • Processing time is fast with SAP HANA
  • I like how it support multiple data type to store data
  • [...] it helps in scheduling all backups tasks
  • Saves time and effort while working with it
  • Creating access control sometimes is difficult and complicated it should upgrade in this sector
SAP HANA is well suited in organizations that are focused on Digital transformation with high front cost thus it's not suited in organizations that can't attract resources with high technical calibre.
It has helped us in decision making and analyzing the live transactional data in real-time with [the] simple user interface.
It has the greatest support system that works so well and has a wide [range] of data types which enhances the development of the different databases.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
SAP HANA is used across all the departments in our IT offices, it does directly solve our problems but it is what we use to generate solutions to all problems we encounter in our daily work life. We use SAP HANA to derive streamlined data that can be viewed in one data platform and can be trusted to give us valuable information. SAP HANA gives our departments access to real-time data and analytics that ease my burden with making an exact prediction for unpredictable markets. In our every work process, we use SAP HANA to leverage the intelligence processes by using technologies like Artificial intelligence and Machine language to automate the process efficiently and strategically which eventually finishes into a perfect task and saves more time.
Many times, we use SAP HANA Cloud to help our Company optimize processes, improve our Software quality and be more agile.
  • Real-time data and analytics for accurate general and market forecasts.
  • Collation of streamline data into one platform for the purpose of see valuable information in one place.
  • Uses AI and machine learning for process optimization.
  • Increasing number of SAP Solutions
  • Upgrade in Application Kits
  • Adding more designs and features to the user interface
SAP HANA is well suited for all agencies that use technology in their daily activities; it is especially suitable for mid-sized business owners. While it can help small business owners who use technology improve and update their business, it can help Big business carry on their task efficiently and effectively whilst saving time.
We have benefited from this, using a recent example which was after the pandemic, our company was planning to release an upgraded version of our system, we planned this release in November 2020 but with SAP HANA real-time analytics we moved our release to February 2021 and launched in March 2021, this generated us 12% more profit than we calculated.
I gave this rating because SAP HANA is what we use and it has been more than reliable, it is dependable and I'll call it a company and project saver. SAP HANA serves our company and branches with unrivaled and maximum quality services and packages. With the recent updates in SAP HANA kits it is SAP HANA to the world.
Heather Mckenzie | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I don’t have any idea if SAP HANA is being used across the while enterprise, but we highly rely on it in the IT department to perform vital procedures like data modeling, applications development, among other procedures.
  • Data modeling enables high performance on data with inbuilt graphical models.
  • SAP HANA supports any size and type of data while running multiple assortments of workloads.
  • Optimizing operational cost and storage while analyzing data in the cloud.
  • SAP HANA offers an in-memory database, which extends workloads across the entire enterprise's applications (cloud and on-premise).
  • At the moment I don’t have issues since the vendor support team in collaboration with in-house technical team eradicates errors as soon as they arise.
Ever since we implemented SAP HANA Cloud, we improved innovation in our organization by processing, analyzing, and modeling different assortments of data in a single scalable platform.
Yes, we have relished a lot from real-time analytics on our live transactional data through interactive graphical insights for data visualization, hence making rapid informed determination.
I have been an active member in the SAP community, where we discuss matters including new features and implementation with other SAP users and the SAP support team. SAP also offers other support such as phone calls and email support.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
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We are using SAP HANA at the company level for all our business units, SAP HANA has helped us getting the SAP reporting performance increased by 10 times as compared to the old system. The database has enabled us to reduce the size by 1/2 as compared to previous versions of the Database.
  • With the upgrade to SAP HANA our database size reduced to 1/2
  • The Reports generation time has reduced to minutes from hours
  • The backup windows time has reduced drastically
  • SAP HANA server shut down abruptly at times of heavy data processing
  • Due to frequent SPS releases and updates in the SAP HANA versions Taking shutdown of production servers is an issue as you need to take the complete backup before any upgrade
  • SAP HANA is a costly investment due to hardware and OS compatability
Company's that have a plan to migrate to S/4 Hana for them SAP HANA is well suited as it is the foundation.
If the business does not have an urgent need for migration then it does not give you the benefit unless your hardware is due for a refresh as it needs complete new investment in hardware and old cannot be used even as a standby.
We are still working on the real-time analytics, I feel with the SAP HANA database it should be much faster and easy for running the loads as it is an in-memory database so the IOPs will be less and the results will be fast. SAP HANA needs to give some workaround with old versions of applications for standard functionalities on data analytics.
SAP HANA needs to improve on the SAP HANA support mechanism, as there are instances when one has to wait for solutions and support.
Karlos Dickson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
SAP HANA is being used in our organization as integrated data storage and management of data sources at one single secure solution. We use SAP HANA to streamline and integrate data from multiple sources in a unified platform and further analyze and modify data as per our organizational needs. The multitasking ability of SAP HANA gives us the leverage to free up the multitude of data resources in the organization. Additional AI and machine learning properties keep our work processes and automated workflows running as our backup systems and also provide extra efficiency to all of our processes. Overall SAP HANA has been a great tool in our catalog of applications. As an organization, we have gained a lot of productivity, efficiency, and security for our attended and unattended data resources. We are using SAP HANA across all of our IT-related departments.
  • Artificial Intelligence and machine learning capabilities to keep the overall data optimization and efficiency streamlined.
  • Redundancy of a multitude of data resources through intelligent machine learning systems.
  • Real time data visualization and analysis.
  • Integration with multiple data resources.
  • Price is a bit high.
SAP HANA is capable to handle large databases and can be used as a uniform solution for the integration of different data resources for real-time visualization and analysis. The artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities are wonderful and can easily run preloaded work processes efficiently. It can be a great solution for organizations to handle a multitude of data resources.
Real-time analytics by SAP HANA for in-memory database on live transactional data through its AI capabilities are very efficient and accurate and we get the insights in a detailed and reliable way. We have used and benefited from using this feature of SAP HANA, as it helped a lot in streamlining our data resources and we were able to free up a big amount of our data sources using the analytics.
SAP has one well-managed support system and the people on their support teams are very much knowledgeable about SAP products and mostly provide solutions in real-time. There are multiple support systems offered by SAP and we can use any of the available channels based on the nature of the support needed.
Niloofar Keshvari Nia | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
As a DBS, SAP HANA is used for data storage, logs, and reports at our company. It also facilitates ETL functions, data tiering, content virtualization, and application development through the use of integrated development environments and made it easy to use interface, data hierarchy view, and folders are some of the benefits for grouping separate items. Having the ability to access data by means of views makes it easier for us to have only one database because we need to manage a lot of data, reports, and stats. SAP HANA helps us manage all this information with a single system and this significantly lowers the TCO and significantly reduces time spent on data management.
  • Handle multiple data assets with a single system
  • The in memory DBS allows it to run faster
  • Real-time data processing in just a few seconds
  • It is difficult to migrate and integrate systems and this feature must be more easier
  • The SAP HANA cloud version is much faster than the on-premise Linux version
  • Due to its provision of separate versions for each case, there is a high price difference between versions and licenses
This platform is great for managing Logistics and Finance in great detail. It is easy to implement, is fast for queries, and great for aggregation. It maximizes our stock control, and it improved our visibility inside the warehouse, which further helped improve our profitability. It provides better reporting, and provides better analysis and insights.
Through in-memory processing, faster access speeds enable our projects more reliable and fast retrieval of data, and by extension, enhanced our company and customer's decision-making processes with real-time reporting features. The information is accessed more promptly by users, synced quicker with business intelligence tools, and this speeds up the necessary implementation process.
In recent years, SAP products have become more widespread, and in addition to training documents, the support team responds faster and their support team is very professional.
Score 10 out of 10
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I have used SAP HANA before, but for my current organization, the main purpose was simply day-to-day processes reducing unnecessary maintenance options. Also, as we do have other SAP products in house, integration was smooth, too.
  • Improvement on data visibility
  • Cost management
  • Data management
  • Implementation was a little tough
  • Need to have proper infrastructure plan in place, otherwise cost may go up
  • Different versions of the product sometimes creates confusion
For us, SAP HANA was the best option, as storing digital images was not part of our plan, so bringing it in did simplify our processes for applications. We also do have a large amount of data, so switching to SAP HANA saved time for reporting and analyzing it. I think if you have a better idea about your overall infrastructure, then SAP HANA is a great option because cost becomes the biggest challenge if your design plan for infrastructure is not clear.
I would like to discuss what I observed after reviewing similar products and found SAP HANA is doing better than others:
  • Real-time analytics are great and improving day by day
  • Developed our production processes at least 5x more
  • Improved business applications performance
  • Built-in reporting capability is outstanding, and that is something that is needed for senior management
Support has been amazing so far--any cases they handle, they handle with care, I get a prompt response from them.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
SAP HANA is a powerful and robust application for data management, which we use it to acquire or extract, process, and even report for informative decision making. Besides, SAP HANA has a satisfactory loading speed, which ensures every activity is attained on time. Also, SAP HANA has worked for its in-built memory, making the entire performance outstanding. Finally, SAP HANA allows us consolidate and work with other software, more so the third party one, and this speeds our operations.
  • SAP HANA provides remarkable customer support to us users.
  • The analytical power and speed from SAP HANA is incredible.
  • Finally, SAP HANA has security mechanisms, which ensures no attacks or threats that may limit our data efficiency.
  • SAP HANA is not lightweight, and hence, it hangs when used on systems that have low memories or loading power.
  • Also, SAP HANA prices is a major limiting factor for new subscribers.
  • Finally, SAP HANA documentation requires more improvements for clarity purposes.
SAP HANA is the proficient program for data management, which helps us attract and even process data to reliable information. Eventually, SAP HANA has standard security techniques, which governs any attack or threat in the system. The help from professionals is another benefiting feature that we find fruitful from SAP HANA.
SAP HANA has significantly benefited from SAP HANA transactional analytical capacity, where we attain timely reports, which helps us budget and work towards business growth. Further, SAP HANA has the in-built high memory, which helps in us to process even complex data, which would have costed our company more finances. Finally, the revenues acquired from real time transactional analysis is more stable and profitable.
The entire SAP HANA support is very reliable, and in case a problem is found within the execution process, there is guidance of what ought to be done. Furthermore, SAP HANA provides multiple training sessions, making the entire process more efficient and new users find no challenge using the program. Finally, SAP HANA dashboard, and design is simple and more customizable.
Score 9 out of 10
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SAP HANA is widely used in our unit as a constant database management system for storage, defining, and managing data. The user interface of SAP HANA is very attractive and easy to understand. It provides a data hierarchy view and all the folders for data grouping and visualization. We can easily manage huge data by using this tool and visualization of large data also becomes very useful.
  • Provides good security to data.
  • Amazing data visualization.
  • Real time data analytics.
  • Requires more time to learn the tool.
  • Slows down while processing large data.
  • Costly license.
I am rating this tool 9 out of 10 because this tool is really good to use as a database management system because it provides very good features and high security too. IT has lots of amazing functionalities and features which basically improve efficiency and provide more flexibility to work.
SAP HANA has a great functionality of real-time data collection and real-time data analytics. This amazing capability has provided us with real-time data for instant visualization which basically helps our delivery and marketing team to make decisions and strategies for further enhancements or development of particular products. Real-time analytics provides a good amount of time to make any corrections or enhancements.
I have rated SAP HANA support as 10 out of 10 because they are really good and amazing in terms of resolving the challenges we were facing while using the SAP HANA tool in our units. We are using almost all the features of SAP HANA in our organization in order to get the best of this tool for our projects. The support provided by SAP HANA is commendable.
December 02, 2021

Overall SAP HANA DB uses

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HANA is the future of SAP and all the other Databases. Unlike other databases, HANA uses in-memory technology to store data so it will be faster to fetch all the required information within a fraction of seconds. As hardware gets cheaper day by day it’s a great opportunity to use HANA Database.
  • It’s relational Database management system and it’s build on top of SAP.
  • It handles multiple data processing and brings together the column, row, and object-based data storage.
  • It is used for big data processing and analytics.
  • It’s expensive.
  • Implementation and licensing cost is more.
  • Overall good.
SAP HANA provides real-time analysis and decision-making capability. It enables the processing of large amounts of data while the business is going on. Thus, it provides instant real-time insights. SAP HANA provides real-time analysis and decision-making capability.
Yes, The in-memory database technology makes data processing and transactions very fast as the data stores in RAM. Therefore, data can be directly and quickly processed from there. In traditional databases and the technologies working with it, users can use only one of the transactional processes (OLTP and OLAP) at a time. But, in SAP HANA’s in-memory database, you can access various databases both for transactional (OLTP) and analytical (OLAP) queries parallelly at once.
It’s a hot skill and its futuristic AP HANA allows parallel processing which is the core of efficient data analysis. This is how it works…we know that SAP HANA facilitates Columnar Data Storage in which operations such as searching for specific data or aggregating the data are done in loops over an array in adjacent memory locations. In contrast to this, in the traditional row-oriented approach, such operations tend to be very slow as data belonging to the same column is spread across the memory. Column-based storage also facilitates fast data loading into the CPU cache. As data is already vertically divided in a column-based approach, parallel processing is possible using multiple processing cores. Also, if more than one column is required to be searched or aggregated, each of these tasks can be allocated to a diverse processor core. Further, to quicken the process, operations on one column can be parallelized by dividing the column into various parts, each of which can be processed by different processor cores. This facilitates parallel processing!
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SAP HANA is being used at our organization for our client base [who] are using SAP system in integration with one of our application/modules. It is being mainly used for data retrieval of data by our application. Its capability of running in-memory gives super-fast processing of data which results in data retrieval at a lightning-fast speed. It is easy to integrate SAP HANA with any third-party application.
  • Lightning fast speed of data processing.
  • Runs in-memory.
  • Faster retrieval of data.
  • Integration support.
  • Learning curve involves.
  • Costly Solution.
I recommend SAP HANA as an ultra-fast database having the capability of running in memory for faster retrieval of data. It [processes] data at a very high speed and act as a bridge between SAP and Non SAP applications through integration support enabling [development] cost-effective solution for existing SAP user and [expanding] the utilization of SAP applications by integrating it with in-house applications.
SAP HANA can use memory to quickly process real-time event data and leverage our organization to provide real-time analytics and analysis. Analysis to visualize highly interactive graphical data helps decision-makers and management analyze event data in real-time with a simple user interface.
Their customer support team is very knowledgeable and provides fast and very proactive simultaneous support.
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SAP HANA is used in an organization to store and retrieve on-demand data from applications. It is a database used for real-time analysis and application. It is used by organizations to analyze large business transactions based on data in real-time and at very high speed. It is used to address the challenges of meter manufacturing using all possible options for raw materials, invoices, prices, and exchange rates.
  • If you work with scheduling areas, it has a lot of information you can take advantage of data that you can connect to the APIs.
  • Supports event processing through data analysis and real-time machine analysis.
  • Makes it easy to schedule all backup tasks.
  • The interface is too complex and needs to be picked up by the application team.
  • The installation and configuration is built-in and costs a lot of time.
  • The transaction to the platform is time consuming.
There are two versions of this program: Cloud-based and website. The cloud version offers the best experience. You can choose a local version. The hybrid version works best on both platforms. The SAP HANA platform can handle the device volume over benzyl in memory and report query issues in seconds. But if you withdraw it, it can only be done in critical cases.
SAP HANA has made extensive use of SAP HANA's transaction analysis capabilities, providing us with timely reports that help us budget and work to grow the business. In addition, SAP HANA has a high built-in memory, which allows us to process even complex data, which will cost our company higher financial costs. Finally, the revenue generated by analyzing transactions in real-time is more stable and profitable.
Wouldn't it be easier for you to run your ERP and quickly generate reports from the same solution? All this is possible with the help of SAP HANA, offered by the design agency Innovae.

What is SAP HANA?

The SAP HANA® platform combines a robust database with services for creating innovative applications. According to the vendor, it enables real-time business by converging transactions and analytics on one in-memory platform. Running on premise or in the cloud, SAP HANA aims to untangle IT complexity, bringing huge savings in data management and empowering decision makers everywhere with new insight and predictive power.

SAP HANA Features

  • Supported: In-memory, columnar, massively parallel database processing
  • Supported: Full ACID compliance
  • Supported: Multitenancy


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SAP HANA?

SAP HANA is an application that uses in-memory database technology to process very large amounts of real-time data from relational databases, both SAP and non-SAP, in a very short time. The in-memory computing engine allows HANA to process data stored in RAM as opposed to reading it from a disk which means that the data can be accessed in real time by the applications using HANA. The product is sold both as an appliance and as a cloud-based software solution.

What is SAP HANA's best feature?

Reviewers rate Support Rating highest, with a score of 8.2.

Who uses SAP HANA?

The most common users of SAP HANA are from Enterprises and the Information Technology & Services industry.