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Zapier Pricing Overview


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  • Premium Consulting / Integration Services

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What TrustRadius Research Says

Zapier is an incredibly powerful tool, and you can get massive productivity benefits for a low price. In purchasing Zapier, keep in mind what you will be using it for. This will help you take advantage of this software in the most cost-effective way possible.

Zapier Pricing Cheat Sheet

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What is Zapier?

Zapier is a productivity tool at heart, designed to make your workflow easier. It is an integration platform as a service (IPaaS) software. Zapier works by automating repetitive or simplistic tasks. These automations are called “Zaps”. The automation follows a simple, logic-based structure, abbreviated IFTTT, or “if this, then that.”

These Zaps can take a huge number of different forms. You could create a Zap that shares Google Form responses in a Slack channel. If you had an incomplete task in ToDoist, a Zap could apply that directly to a Google Calendar. Repetitive organizational tasks that would take hours now simply sort themselves out. Zapier will save you time on the kind of busywork most people dislike.

A few of the most common Zaps:

  • Turn Emails into Trello Cards
  • Input email replies into Google Sheets or Excel
  • Auto-reply to Slack Messages
  • Save URL images to Dropbox
  • Create Google Calendar Events from Evernote Notes
  • Create mobile notifications for iOS and Android

Zapier is a Top Rated award winner for the IPaaS category. Reviewers praise its incredible breadth of integrations and time-saving functionality. With a wealth of positive reviews and a 9.0/10 trScore, Zapier will likely help with your automation needs. Check out the review page for more user thoughts on use cases and ROI.

“Zapier saves time. We use it in every functional role from automating emails, invoices, document creation, file creation, notifications, and more. It can be used by almost any department as long as you’re using cloud software that integrates w/ Zapier (most do).”

Dave Seeman, Co-Owner / Mechanical Design Engineer│Fractal Hardware | Consumer Electronics, 1-10 employees

Zapier Pricing Information

Zapier comes at 5 tiers: Free, Starter, Professional, Team, and Company. The Zapier dashboard allows you to keep track of your integrations, Zaps, and Tasks.

Zapier Free Plan

Many people can get the benefits of Zapier without paying at all. The free plan includes 5 Zaps. and a 15-minute update time. The update time is how often Zapier checks your data to see if your Zap needs to run. Free users can have up to 100 tasks per month.

The free version does limit you to single-step Zaps. These involve a single trigger and one action. There is also a limit to the apps you can use. The limits apply mostly to advanced tools, like Salesforce and MySQL. There are 61 premium apps.

The integration apps in the free version include many of the most popular programs in business. Gmail and the rest of Google workplace can be connected for free with Zapier.

Of the 10 most popular apps on Zapier, only one is limited to paid users. Facebook Lead Ads is not included in the free tier. Take advantage of the automation templates as blueprints for how to benefit from Zapier.

The free plan is best for smaller companies or individuals who will not need to use it constantly. More complex workflows are best handled by paid tiers.

Starter: $19.99-39.99/mo

The starter plan includes everything from free and 3 premium apps. The limits increase to 20 Zaps and 750 tasks per month. The number of tasks can be doubled within this tier to 1500. This increases the price from $19.99 to $39.99.

The starter plan also includes filters. These prevent your Zaps from running unless your data meet certain criteria. Filters are useful for those who may be wary of running out of tasks.

Starter also includes more advanced formatting options. Multi-step Zaps are allowed in any paid tier. Trigger events can create as many actions as needed.

For users who want a little more control, the starter plan is a great choice. You will be able to automate far more tasks per month. This is suitable for those who wish to automate more of their team’s workflow. Webhooks support in this tier allows users to build custom integrations.

In summary, this plan offers more customization and greater automation potential. Multi-step workflow automation allows for more intricate timesaving options. For many smaller companies, this will be enough to save employee time and effort.

Professional: $49-3,389/mo

Do not be alarmed by the large price range of this tier. The Professional level allows up to 2,000 tasks per month, with unlimited Zaps. Users can up the task cap all the way to 2 million, which is where the huge price range comes from. While most won’t need this, the option is available.

The professional plan shortens the update time to 2 minutes. A Zap would be run at most 120 seconds after new data is received. Professional also includes unlimited premium integrations. You can run all your favorite apps and business tools through Zapier at the same time. Formatting and filters are also included.

Auto Replay will run the Zap again, working around temporary errors or user downtime. This happens upon a task failure.

Professional is suited to small-to-mid-sized teams with moderate automation needs. More skilled users can take advantage of the custom logic capabilities. Unlimited premium integrations allows for use of many of the less common apps at once.

Team: $299.99-3,499

The base level of Team allows for 50,000 tasks per month and unlimited Zaps. This can scale all the way up to 2 million tasks per month if needed. You will get all of the features of the lower tiers included. The update time is further reduced to 1 minute.

Unlimited users and folder permissions are added at this level. The permissions add security to larger teams, limiting who can edit and access folders. Collaboration is easier with the shared workspace and shared app connections. The latter frees up your team from inputting login information on tools like Dropbox and Trello.

Team-level users will get access to the Zapier Premium Support team. This will mean a faster response to any issues that could arise.

This plan is for larger teams with significant automation needs. This plan has the power to revolutionize high quantities of tasks for many users.

Company: $599-3.599

The highest tier includes 100,000 tasks per month, scalable to 2 million. Everything from lower tiers is included.

More advanced administration tools allow managers greater control. User Provisioning (SCIM) will automate the user permissions process. Leaders can manage who has access to apps, and the system is backed with SAML secure login.

Security policies can be managed and implemented at a company-wide level. Data retention can be altered and scheduled according to user needs. Information history can be sorted and deleted. Finally, the company plan includes a dedicated live training session.

This plan is suitable for those with substantial security needs. It will allow for massive automation on a full-team scale. This is best for large companies with powerful workflows. A skilled operations team is required to get the most out of this level. Such companies can sync data and create the business process automation tailored for their needs.

Getting the Most Out of Zapier

Once you have made your decision on which plan is best for you, it’s time to take advantage of the features. The video below goes over some of the most popular Zaps.

If you don’t like Zapier’s pricing structure, or it doesn’t seem right for you, there are other options. You can view Zapier alternatives on the IPaaS category page.

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