Simple to Set Up, Easy to Use, Critical to Success
February 15, 2018

Simple to Set Up, Easy to Use, Critical to Success

Art Taylor | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with AskNicely

Our company used to be rated on customer service by KLAS, but as of 2015, they no longer included our category in their research. We knew we needed a solution to track feedback and engage end users on their overall satisfaction, and AskNicely was one of the first NPS tools we came across. We started with the trial version, and we were very impressed by the results. It automated the outreach process, and it tracked individual users, as well as the overall score. The support department used it primarily, but the results were shared at the company management meetings.
  • AskNicely is very easy to set up and configure. Uploading the contacts was a breeze, and the import went smoothly.
  • Results are clearly and logically displayed for rapid engagement.
  • We reached more users in just one day than we did in one week previously with three people calling daily. And this was just with the trial version, which limited us to only 50 surveys a day!
  • Their customer service was stellar. I never had to wait long for a response from our representative (Nick). He was quick with solid answers as well.
  • The graphical interface is very streamlined and user-friendly. It made an impact with our management team for sure.
  • I did have some trouble loading the CSV list of contacts and porting over certain fields. It was not as configurable as I was led to expect. For instance, I did not see default fields for site, state, zip code, etc.
  • I would like to see more customization with the design of the outreach, specifically in branding, background images, and layout/spacing.
  • I would also be interested to see more customization/options for automating the emails, specifically by time zone or grouping them throughout the day (instead of all queued up at the same time).
  • The first positive impact has been stressing the nearly urgent need for a NPS tracking system. Gathering the first few responses (both positive and negative) was eye-opening.
  • The second positive impact was being able to see a commonality among our detractors, which in turn enabled our management team to shift strategies on prioritizing resources and projects.
  • Lastly, this has filled a niche in customer satisfaction feedback that was not sustainable in the previous methods.
We are still evaluating SurveyMonkey against AskNicely, but initial results would seem to favor the latter. For ease-of-use, flexibility, and easily accessible analytics, AskNicely wins on all counts. Both have robust outreach engines, and there are limitations and pros/cons on each application. It is at least a very competitive match up, and I would hesitate to besmirch one tool over the other. SurveyMonkey users would benefit from giving AskNicely a once-over, though.
I really believe that every company, business, and organization needs some aggregator for NPS scores. Feedback is so critical in the direction of a company, especially in the tight-knit healthcare IT community. The more we know about our strengths and weaknesses, the better suited we will be to keep our current client base happy, while resolving issues that are affecting our detractors. That direction will guide the product, leading to an increase in sales; it's a no-brainer. The question is, what solution do we opt for? The paper-and-pen method (Excel) was not sustainable. Online documents are only really viable for the first few weeks. Having a user-friendly and easily maintainable solution like AskNicely is the key. The interface is simplicity itself, and the results were very surprising (in a good way). I would very strongly recommend this for software companies, but really any group that needs to monitor feedback could benefit from this service. The larger the group, the better suited it would be. I would only say this is not an applicable solution for very small companies with a very local client base (but, even then, I could make the argument).

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Evaluating AskNicely and Competitors

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Usability was the most important factor in deciding on an application for NPS aggregation. We needed something that was automated, customizable, and provided long term tracking from our respondents. This application matched our key criteria. Not only was it incredibly simple to set up, but the configuration and automation were seamless. The results spoke for themselves. We literally gathered more responses on our first outreach than in a week's worth of manual calling.
We might consider looking more into mailer or survey systems that also incorporate an existing NPS tool. Having one purpose built is proving to be far superior, but we also see the benefit to having a more complete package of services in one suite. AskNicely provides an ideal NPS application, but not much beyond that, which is fine in and of itself. We would merely consider more options outside of the niche market in the future, should the need arise.