Great for quick design projects without Adobe CC
April 24, 2019

Great for quick design projects without Adobe CC

Scott Walker | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Canva

I use Canva in multiple ways:
  • To create good looking social media posts.
  • Proofs or ideas for branded stationary/business cards.
  • Attractive poster formats.
Typically, Canva is used by myself and others in my organization that aren't graphically talented. We can either use these products directly (which we often do for the social media posts) or send them to the graphics department to make a production-level version. This way, we can take some jobs off the plates of the graphics department and keep all departments more agile.

This helps our business in allowing us to have a shorter production lead time and more agile, independent departments. Our social media posts can go from idea to production in a few minutes while retaining an attractive and professional appearance. Our Graphics Department doesn't get bogged down trying to create a new product or translate the vision of one of the non-design staffers.
  • Social media posts: The gallery of social media posts are great. We usually use the templates to show off reviews and testimonials, sale alerts, or new products.
  • Business Stationary: The gallery has plenty of great templates to create business stationary such as letterhead, internal memos, and business cards.
  • Design ideas: If you need something that looks professional but you aren't a great designer, Canva offers a wide selection of templates and ideas for you to piece together something that looks great. You can then use this as the production item, or send this off to a graphic designer to create and polish.
  • Quick and easy editing: The design editor is pretty simple with a point and click interface. You don't need to be familiar with Photoshop, InDesign, or other programs, Canva makes editing pretty easy.
  • Perhaps it is a function of a higher pay-tier, but the ability to export the finished product into a different filetype would be helpful. Currently, it exports into .jpg, .png, and .pdf. Being able to use .doc, .eps, or .indd would be advantageous.
  • Though Canva features a great font selection, it would a nice to be able to upload a font for use in the product.
  • Takes small jobs off the plate of a graphic designer. That means more time for bigger projects.
  • Speeds graphic design production up by creating a mock-up of the intended project. Our Graphics Department won't need to spend as much time coming up with unique design choices or sending it back and forth for revisions.
  • Keeps your department agile. Especially for social media, Canva's tools can create professional looking graphics in a few minutes, rather than hours.
As I stated earlier, this program doesn't replace a real graphics/design program. Canva is a very simple and quick to use program for those who lack the training to use some of the heavier programs like Adobe Creative Suite. Canva allows the uninitiated the ability to create professional looking products and export them in .jpg, .png, and .pdf formats. For any other file type, you'll need a program that can export additional file types.
Canva is great for quick, easy, and attractive pieces. This is best used by those that have a good eye for what looks good, but not the technical skills in Photoshop or Indesign to create the finished product. This is great for jobs on the go, quick social media shares or document creation.

For larger applications that require the use of a lot of brand-specific assets, use a proper design program and someone trained to use it. Canva does not replace a graphic design department or agency.