Robert Peterson III - Chorus Review
Updated December 02, 2020

Robert Peterson III - Chorus Review

Robert Peterson III | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with

  • Call Review
  • Coaching & Skill Development
  • New Hire Onboarding
We are currently utilizing as a tool for the Account Development Representatives globally.

The goal is to help leverage chorus in a way that allows us to accelerate call coaching and how reps handle objections, BANT, and diagnosing use cases. One thing we typically struggled with is finding pain on calls, which Chorus will help alleviate.


  • Analytics are awesome!
  • Call scripts seem pretty accurate when quickly sifting through a call


  • UI could use a little more flexibility and ease of use
  • Increase in 27% more qualified opportunities at the SDR level since we started using Chorus.
Gong has really good analytics, similar to Chorus, but we felt Chorus scorecard and other in-depth coaching functionality gave us a better ability to make an impact with our SDR's.
We have never used a tool like, but we do like that it integrates with slack, and other tools we use to help enable our team.
I didn't realize how many different pieces of analytics were able to be extracted, such as filler words, talk time, monologues... etc.
I haven't had a chance to work with the customer support team yet, but I will be sure to provide feedback once I start to utilize the support team.
Awesome for call coaching and scorecards to help dive into specific areas a rep can improve.


40 - The business functions that our reps represent is the Account Development Department.

Our core function is to create pipeline for account executives to close. We have three segments:

Small Business
Mid Market

2 - We have a tools specialist that is a subject matter expert for all tools that we implement here at Auth0.

We also have our sales enablement team take on admin privileges while learning tools like Chorus so that knowledge can be passed down to new hires that join our sales organization.
  • Call coaching
  • Analytics on how we handle competitor conversations
  • Diagnosing pain and delivering value
  • Depends on the product roadmap for Chorus
  • I'd like to see live functionality that we can take advantage of while on a call
It's hard for me to give anything more than a 5 at this point.

The primary reason is that we have only used it for a few months and I'm still getting a feel for the level of value it provides both to me and the team. In 4 or 5 months I'll have a better understanding of its value long term.

Evaluating and Competitors

  • Implementation support
To my and my leadership, implementation was critical.

We want to make sure Chorus is flexible to our business model, and things that are important to our sales team. Having flexible software makes it easier to have a long-term relationship.
To be honest, I do not think we did a thorough evaluation of Gong. But that being said, I do think that we ended up choosing the correct solution based on what our sales enablement team has noted. Implementation

Like I noted in the other category, it has been smooth for the most part. But we really do enjoy the hard work of our CSM and everything he has been able to provide us in terms of support.
Change management was a minor issue with the implementation - I believe Chorus or call recording tools was something we have talked about for over 2 years. So there wasn't a monumental change or tweak in processes that lead us to Chorus.


Like to use
Relatively simple
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • The analytics are my favorite part by far
  • Scorecard functionality is also very useful
  • The UI feels somewhat outdated and not as intuitive as I'd like
I believe that this could go up as I become a more avid user of the platform. As of now, I am using what I believe to be about 70% of it's overall functionality. So, this is subject to improve as time passes. Support

There are still a couple pots and pans that we're trying to get sorted out, but everything else has been smooth for the most part.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
I haven't had any real engagement with the support team yet, but I will be sure to update once I do.
Thus far, the CSM we have is excellent and I've really enjoyed his help getting up to speed.


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