KnowBe4 is great!
Updated October 12, 2022

KnowBe4 is great!

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Training Access Level I (Silver)

Modules Used

  • KnowBe4 Cybersecurity Awareness Posters
  • KnowBe4 Training Modules (e.g. Common Threats, Creating Strong Passwords, GDPR, etc.)
  • KnowBe4 Training Micro-modules (e.g. Captain Awareness, Credit Card Security, etc.)

Overall Satisfaction with KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training

We use it to send out phishing email tests to help employees learn what to look for in phishing emails. We also use the phishing hook to report suspicious emails and use online training.
  • Helps to show what to look for in risk emails.
  • More user friendly in the interface.
  • Our risk of information being stolen has went way down.

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The impact is that we are able to better protect ourselves and our employees from phishing attacks. Whether it be spearphishing, tailgating, etc. Our employees are becoming more knowledgeable of threats thanks to this software. Being in public education it is imperative that we take cyber security seriously and this program helps with just that.
We are able to assign users to certain groups and send out various emails to them regarding things they would encounter on a day to day basis. By having different group setups we are able to pick the best scenarios for each group instead of just sending out one mass email.
The most important for our organization would be the phishing threats. We have many employees/teachers/admins in the district that have access to sensitive material. By training them on how to discover if an email is legit or not we are able to protect our organization as well as the information being transferred.
It is very good for showing our employees what to look for when answering work emails. Such as giving our information without verifying the user. We have sent out phishing emails to test our employees and train them on what to look for in suspicious emails. This has proven to help our cyber security tremendously.

KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training Feature Ratings

Training Content Library
Multilingual Training Content
Training Gamification
Industry-Specific Security Training
Individualized Security Training Plans
Phishing Simulations
Security Reporting
Integration with Security Tech Stack
Role-based user permissions
Single sign-on capability

KnowBe4 Compliance Plus

The training content is extremely helpful and easy to understand. It is simple enough that everyone can learn from it and it helps to protect us all.
We have been able to protect our data and employees overall since using this training. It has definitely helped us to be more secure and meet compliance.
Knowbe4 offers amazing product for the price. We are definitely happy with our purchase as it has done everything it was supposed to do for us.
Because we approve of the product and the price.
It is so many levels above other providers. Either they do not offer enough training or it is in a format that most of our employees cannot understand.

KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training New Features

We use active directory and it is getting easier each day as we continue to implement the software.
By being able to send out automated test/emails for our employees it is helping us to keep them on their toes and paying attention to threats without manually having to send out each email.
It is very easy to use and send out the test and get the reports.
We have not started using PhishFlip as of yet, we are mainly using the Phishing hook.

Using KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training

We use the training to protect our sensitive data and our employees/students.
10 - We have our main person, our lead tech, that does most of the training support on our side. We mainly fix issues with not being able to report phishing emails.
  • Sensitive Data
  • Student Information
  • Parental Information
  • Financial Information
  • Using flash drives to see if people plug into a PC
  • Send out customized phishing emails
  • Use automated calls for phishing
  • Custom links in emails
  • Fake calls where we ask for information
  • Fake emails offering gift cards for surverys/info
Knowbe4 does everything we want in a security training and helps to protect our information and our staff. It also keeps our children and personal information safe.

Evaluating KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training and Competitors

  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
The amount of testing/info we are able to give our employees for the great price is very important.
We would first send out phishing emails before doing the training to see how many are effected and then do it again after. To see how big of a difference it makes.

KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training Implementation

It was much easier to implement than I originally thought it was going to be. Normally, when implementing new software it is hiccups and headaches, but we barely had one.
  • Getting it to push out to all devices.

KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training Training

  • Online Training
  • In-Person Training
  • No Training
They were so nice and easy to understand. They helped us with anything we didnt comprehend and made sure we understood each aspect. I would definitely recommend the in-person training for your staff that are going to be over implementing the software.
They explained implementation in detail and were readily available for any questions we had. The training was screen-shared and we could see what the instructor was doing as they were explaining. This really helped us to get a grip on how to handle it. I would use this training for all staff that will be over other staff, such as principles etc.
For the staff that will not administer or implement the product, we did not have them attend training. Just to use it is self explanatory for the most part and if an issue did arise, we were there to assist. If we could not fix the issue, customer support always had our backs.

Configuring KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training

It can be whatever you want it to be. If you want it to be limited no problem, but if you want to configure it you are able to as well.
The only thing I could think of is maybe do a before and after test. To see how big the difference is.
No - we have not done any custom code

KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training Support

Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
To my knowledge, we did not. It may be something we add in the future.
Yes - Some of our employees were not getting the phishing hook on their emails and customer support was able to help us get that resolved.
It took close to an hour one day to get the fix and the customer support never seemed upset and were always kind and helpful. We finally got it working by turning sync on in google.
Because they always help to the best of their ability and are kind and easy to understand.

Using KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training

Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Sending phishing emails
  • Getting the phishing hook to work on all browsers/phone apps

KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training Reliability

You are able to choose how much or how little you want to use it. This is great because as you get more familiar with it you can do more with the product.
The training has always been there when we needed it and whenever we had any issues they were there to help. To this day we have not had any unplanned outages to deal with.
Everyone loaded quickly and did not lag. The video played smoothly, did not stutter or pixelate.

Integrating KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training

As with anything, there is a learning curve. I am sure after we get familiar with the program we will be able to implement new area much easier.
  • Phishing Tool for Email
We used this mainly because most information is shared via email in our district. It was not too difficult to achieve after we found how to push out the tool.
  • Not at this time
We are still in the early implementation stages of the training so we are not ready to integrate with other software yet.
  • File import/export
Do your homework. Read up on how to implement and what each section you are integrating does before you start the integration.

Relationship with KnowBe4

Very helpful and understanding of our needs. Did not try to upsale anything we did not need and helped us to get exactly what we needed for our needs.
Everytime we have called for assistance they have been there to help us and get us the answer or get us to someone that can help us get the answer.
Mainly the standard we are wanting and agreement on pricing and customer support.
Just state up front what you are wanting and they will be glad to work with you. They are easy to work with and will get you what you need based on the price you are wanting to spend.

Upgrading KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training

  • Web Based Training
  • Simulated Phishing Attacks
  • Mock Attacks
  • More resiliency
  • Secure Documents / Files
  • Continuous Assessments