Litmus...a must have for any email marketer.
May 11, 2020

Litmus...a must have for any email marketer.

Jonathan Chandler Heida | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Litmus

We use Litmus on a daily basis. Initially we sought their tool out because we needed a way to check how our emails were rendering across various email clients, but it quickly became so much more than that. The tool offers advanced analytics that tell us how long recipients had our email open for, their geolocation at time of open, what type of device they were using and even the version/operating system! The checklist, spam checker, approval tool (currently called Proof) and other features have become staples of our email marketing program and we use Litmus on every. single. email. that we send.
  • They genuinely care. Their account and support team is caring and empathetic, while also letting their personalities shine.
  • They're the absolute leader in the industry. Sure they have the tool you can pay for, but they also have a damn impressive library of help articles, free templates, blog posts and webinars they offer to the entire email community.
  • The conference that they put on is second to none. It is by the people, for the people. They don't have sponsors, so the content from the speakers is truly community sourced and driven.
  • The tool is constantly being updated. New email clients, new versions of email clients (dark mode!), new capabilities, and regular enhancements ensure my team always has the most up to date resources.
  • I don't hear from our Account Exec very much other than when it's time to renew or we ask for some training, but anytime I have questions their support team or CSM's are always ready.
  • Their integration with our ESP (SFMC) is good for rendering tests, but I'd love for the advanced analytics to be available inside the ESP also.
  • We haven't quantified the specific ROI tied to Litmus, but it's substantial. We work much faster and smarter because of this tool.
Our Enterprise plan with Litmus allows for us to integrate directly within the email scheduler in SFMC. This lets us do a quick spot check before sending to ensure that our emails are rendering properly. It's a huge time saver, plus it helps make sure we don't accidentally introduce an older version of the template we tested in SFMC. Version control is huge, and not having to switch in and out of our ESP and Litmus is great!
We use the Litmus analytics on every send we process. The data we gather regarding where our customers open email (both geographically, and by device type) give us the data we need to inform how we email them in the future. Learning how much of certain audiences engage with our content via mobile devices shaped a lot of our content strategy, and drove an internal adoption of mobile friendly content.
We already have an internal collaboration tool to track revisions made to our assets that's tied to our project management tool, and we won't be able to incorporate Litmus Proof until we switch project management systems. Proof is so focused on email, that it solves all of our pain points when reviewing, revising and ultimately approving our content. When we switch project management tools, one thing I'll be sure to introduce alongside the new tool is Litmus Proof.
A few years ago when we were researching tools that could help resolve our rendering issues, I came across Litmus and Email on Acid. We discovered that other vendors we used offered rendering testing, but ultimately discovered that they were all licensing the Litmus tool inside of their system. Upon further investigation, Litmus and EoA both appeared to be the best tools to help meet our rendering test needs but Litmus also included advanced analytics trackable on all opens and as an extra benefit our AE who left the ESP we were using had taken an AE role at Litmus which turned out to be icing on the cake. Ultimately, we went with Litmus because of the additional capabilities and the trust built up with our previous AE.
Litmus should be top of mind of every email marketer. Their tool is second to none, and is continually being updated to ensure it's always exceeding our needs. They have all levels of plans (including free!), and separate from their tool, they have tons of blog posts, webinars, articles and community forum posts where email marketers of all levels can find tips and tricks to execute their email campaigns flawlessly.

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