Better than the biggest whiteboard
Updated April 12, 2024

Better than the biggest whiteboard

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Overall Satisfaction with Miro

When working with remote teams, or with flexible locations, eg. hybrid, work from home, etc, having a shared whiteboard and kanban that is always accessible to everyone on the team is invaluable.
  • Kanban project management
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Shared board for Zoom brainstorming workshops
  • Sticky notes only have two available fonts--please enable more fonts
  • Interface can still be fiddly when trying to select particular items within a frame, instead of selecting the frame.
  • Being able to easily cut and paste boards from one project to another would be very handy
  • reduces the mental load of conveying tasks to be done to a team, and following up
  • allows seeing priorities clearly, and moving them around, thus increasing productivity
Please include more fonts for sticky notes. Please have an option for font size in sticky notes to be fixed i.e. it does not autosize. Please make it easier to copy and paste boards to other projects. Please work with some users and see the specific minor difficulties they have when trying to select multiple items, particularly when they're inside frames. More general note: some users such as me, use Sticky notes a lot: it would be great to be able to Bold, Italicise, and do a lot inside a sticky note
This is not a functionality I have tried to use much, and not something I think about very much.
Miro feels much more flexible than other whiteboard-like products or collaboration tools. Being able to plot things out on a seemingly infinite sized canvas, without being overly constrained in formats, and being able to zoom in and zoom out to specific areas is very useful in being able to conceptualise a whole project, and where specific aspects of the project fit in.
Miro feels so much more expansive than Jamboard, which only seemed to allow a small, fixed area. Miro's features and templates seemed to be on a completely different level. Trello is a rather different product: well suited to a very set format, but it's not nearly as good for flexible and completely freeform brainstorming.

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Miro is well suited to being a whiteboard for online workshops or online classes. It is also extremely well suited to being a Kanban management tool for teams that work in many locations. It is also quite decent as a calendar, surprisingly

Using Miro

  • Brainstorming
  • Project Management
  • Planning
  • Used for presentations: ability to Zoom out to big picture, then individual slides
  • for managing group projects
It is the best collaborative "whiteboard" application that I have used. Allows quite freeform expression and very visual. Great for brainstorming collaboratively, and also later for tracking things to be done. Also, with working in different offices vs home etc — it's great to have a "whiteboard" that is easily accessible from any space.

Evaluating Miro and Competitors

  • Ease of Use
It's very intuitive to use and gives the flexibility to use it in so many different ways.

I often just like being able to lay out post-it notes and move them around with colleagues, but it's also great to be able to embed images and pdfs etc.

Most of us don't have the time to do a training for another software. Nearly every co-worker seems to be able to use Miro basically out of the box.
I don't know that I'd do anything differently.

Miro Implementation

Change management was minimal - Lesson for me personally is that if a tool can provide value immediately without requiring time investment for training etc, then people are much more likely to adopt and use it regularly.
  • minor: coworkers being invited to a different email address to the one they were logged in on. This was very minor and easily fixed.
500 - Management. Research and writing teams. Educators.
I am not aware of in-house staff for the support of Miro, nor would I think it necessary. The appeal is that Miro is very intuitive.

Miro Training

For busy people, I would not recommend any form of compulsory training for Miro. The appeal of Miro is that, for my teams, it immediate saved us time, and is very intuitive to use.

Configuring Miro

Miro has everything that I want. Except perhaps ability to change fonts on post-it notes.
No recommendations other than to explore the templates and community templates. Also google to see if someone is already sharing something they've set up for your use case.
No - we have not done any customization to the interface
No - we have not done any custom code
I did not customise Miro, other than to use templates that other people have shared online and in the community.

Miro Support

I have never required support, so I am unable to comment. Please also disregard all other answers on this. I have never contacted support.
We have not purchased premium support. Budgets at the moment are limited.
I have never contacted support, nor needed to.

Using Miro

I find Miro exceptionally easy to use. The fact that coworkers use it without any explanation or training speaks to this.
The only thing I sometimes find tricky is that when I try to select a group of say post it notes using by selecting a large area, it sometimes pulls background frames etc. I believe this is just because I have not looked into the proper way to handle this in Miro.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Making a freeform Kanban
  • not particularly difficult, but sometimes fiddly to move many post it notes without disturbing the structure of headings or outlines below.

Miro Reliability

For my own personal use cases, I've never had any issues with using it to collaborate with as many people as I needed.
I do not remember any outages that have affected me.
Works remarkably well. I'm able to draw on a whiteboard and course participants can see and interact essentially in real time with very little lag.

Integrating Miro

  • never tried any integration
I have not used any of those
If the functionality to have GPT summarise changes in a report does not already exist, using GPT-4-vision, then that would be very helpful

Relationship with Miro

Everything was very smooth.
No issues at all. It's been very easy.
Academic usage did not need to be negotiated, there is already an academic usage policy.
No, all of the interactions were very good.

Upgrading Miro

  • I am not aware of any upgrade
  • I am not aware of plans for the next upgrades, but look forward to AI summaries if they are not yet available
Yes - My team changed because there is a limit on the number of boards we can have on the free plan.

The change went very well: we already knew we liked using Miro, and the change gave us the ability to create more boards.